Career Tip of the Month: Investigate Career Services

Are you graduating in May? Are you feeling excited, thrilled, on top of the world? Or are you perhaps feeling a bit nervous, uneasy, and maybe even a little nauseous? We at the PF understand that the thought of looking for a job right now is daunting. Even though we teach you about Freudian defense mechanisms in class, though, that doesn’t mean we endorse over-use of them! Denial might seem like a good strategy (Job? What do you mean I need to find a job?) now, but it’s probably not in your long-term best interests. Our Career Tip of the Month, therefore, is to check out the wonderful work done by UW-Green Bay’s Career Services ( They can assist you with your resume, cover letter, interviewing skills, and job search strategies, and most of their services are free to you as a current student. Take advantage of those services now before you graduate, and don’t let fear delay putting you on the path to career success! 

Student News to Celebrate

If you remember our last issue, you know that one of our New Year’s resolutions was to include more student news in the PF. Well, it’s April, and we’re still at it! Of course, this is an easy resolution to keep (who needs exercise and healthy eating, anyway?) with all the wonderful things our students are doing! Kudos to everyone listed below. Please use the electronic suggestion box to submit your own great news.


·             Mike Schachtner became UW-Green Bay’s first three-time Academic All-American this year. He was recently named to ESPN The Magazine/CoSIDA’s second team. Congratulations, Mike, on an amazing and record-breaking academic achievement! 

·             Our chapter of Psi Chi has had a great and active year. They just celebrated a large group of new initiates, as well as the installation of new officers. Much of that success is due to the hard work of the outgoing officers. The PF sends a big “thank you!” and “job well done!” to: Brian Bar (President), Katie Bruni (Vice-President), Becky Miller (Treasurer), and Katie VonHolzen (Secretary – past and future!).

·             Stephanie Busch and Andrea Kaczmarek have each had presentations accepted to the prestigious 23rd National Conference on Undergraduate Research, which will be held this month at UW-LaCrosse. Excellent work!  

·             The following students will be presenting their work at UW-Green Bay’s Academic Excellence Symposium this month: Tracy Beyer, Katie Bruni, Stephanie Busch, Jaimie Henschel, Jessica Hopp, Andrew Johnson, Andrea Kaczmarek, Samuel Seefeld, Kirstin Thompson, Katie VonHolzen, Steven Wicks, and Caitlin Zozakiewicz. Kudos!!

·             Congratulations to all students who have recently accepted jobs or been accepted to graduate school! We hesitated about including specific names because we knew we would end up missing someone, but here’s a sampling of some of the programs that made admission offers to our fabulous students. Human Development and/or Psychology students were offered admission into doctoral programs at Oregon State and the University of Iowa. They also heard great news from many master’s programs. A sampling of those includes: UW-Madison, University of Minnesota, Columbia University, Marquette University, University of Tennessee, Western Michigan University, UW-LaCrosse, UW-Milwaukee, Texas Tech University, College of St. Catherine, and Winona State University. Great work, everyone!!!


Top Ten List: Your Instructors’ Favorite Exam Questions

We know that you’re all feeling a bit stressed in the homestretch of the Spring semester. Papers, exams, group project – the “to-do” list seems endless. The PF is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of instructors’ Top 10 favorite exam questions so you can get a head start of your studying. Enjoy!  


10. What is the meaning of life? Answer the question and give 10 specific examples from historical psychology experiments to support your response.

9. What did I say on the third day of the semester about 15 minutes into my lecture? Be specific.

8.  Design a study to test the hypothesis that all psychological phenomena are measureable. Make sure to label and operationally define your independent and dependent variables.

7. Explain what a “phenomenological theory lacking empirical support” is in three words or less.

6. Create a detailed diagram that pictorially depicts the relationship among memory, Freud, and cognitive dissonance.

5. Write an essay that says exactly what I want you to say in perfect grammar without me having to tell you the question.

4. What is human development? You have 2 minutes to provide a complete answer including citations, and you cannot use the words “human” or “development.”

3. How many words were there in Chapter 7 of your textbook? If you can list word 371, you will receive one point of extra credit.

2. Which of the following is the best answer to this multiple-choice question?




a. and b.

a. and b. or c.

a. or b., but not c.

a. and c., but only b. when the test is read with 3-D glasses

c. and b., but not a., except on alternate Tuesdays with a full moon.


And…your instructors’ #1 favorite exam question:


1. Repeat back every word I’ve said in the last 14 weeks. Make sure there are no spelling errors!