The April 2009 Edition of The Pink Flamingo

Welcome to our registration-themed issue for Spring 2009. Want to know what new classes are available for fall? Need the final scoop on the new Experimental Psychology/Foundations of Social Research pre-requisite for many upper-level Psychology courses? Looking for an internship, RA, or TA for next semester? How about a $500 scholarship? Well, read on because we have just the stories for you!


·        Breaking News: New Courses for Fall 2009

·        P/HD Club News: Peace Psychologist and New Officers

·        Psi Chi News: Initiation, Rock Band, and Tutoring

·        Summer Classes Still Open!

·        Registration Alert: Research Course Prerequisites for Fall and Waiver Request Procedures

·        Recycling Registration Resources

·        Advisors: Take Time to Meet With Yours

·        The Pink Flamingo Mailbox: How Do I Deal with Post-Spring Break Sadness?

·        The Human Development Diversity Course: Why Isn’t It Showing Up in SIS?

·        Call for Applications: The Fergus & Bonnie Hughes Scholarship for Human Development & Psychology

·        Careers of the Month: April 2009 Edition

·        Career Tip of the Month: Investigate Career Services

·        Graduate School Tip of the Month: Attend our GRE Information Session

·        Student News to Celebrate

·        Top Ten List: Your Instructors’ Favorite Exam Questions

·        Want Ads: RAs, TAs, and Internships

Breaking News: New Courses for Fall 2009

Psychology will offer two new upper-level elective courses this Fall: Psychology of Emotion and Psychology and Culture. Dr. Martin will be teaching Psychology of Emotion, which will study the many ways in which biological, cultural, cognitive and other factors can contribute to our emotions. Psychology and Culture (taught by Dr. Vespia) will explore core areas in psychology, such as cognition, emotion, and social behavior from a cross-cultural (e.g., international) perspective. Both classes will count as upper-level electives for the major and minor, but SIS may not recognize that since they are so new (and did not exist for the “catalog year” in which you declared your major). Psychology and Culture will also count as a World Culture General Education course, but again, SIS may not recognize that at this point. Consult the instructor or your advisor if you have questions.

P/HD Club News: Peace Psychologist and New Officers

The Psychology and Human Development (P/HD) Club has a big week ahead of them, having brought Dr. Linda Woolf, nationally-known expert on peace studies, to campus to deliver her presentation titled, “Psychosocial Roots of Terrorism.” Her presentation will be on Wed., April 1st, at 5:15 p.m. in the 1965 Room.


Additionally, the P/HD Club recently elected new officers for next year.  Congrats to the following students: Tiffany Wilhelm (President), Krista Rougeux (CoVice-President), Kortney Jenks (CoVice-President), Angela Woodward (Treasurer), Renee Buckley (Secretary), and Leanna Strick (Communications Director).


Psi Chi News: Initiation, Rock Band Concert, and Tutoring!

Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, held their 2009 Induction Ceremony last week, and 48 students became members of the society. Congratulations to those new members, as well as the incoming officers of Psi Chi: Amanda Degeneffe (President), Amanda Luedtke (Vice President), Jessica Hopp (Treasurer) and Katie VonHolzen (Secretary)


Psi Chi is also co-sponsoring a very exciting event that is open to all! Rock Band Concert (RBC) is a fund raiser program for the St. Baldrick’s organization, which raises money to help find a cure for childhood cancer. Rock Band Concert is a Rock Band (the video game) competition at which there will be several other opportunities to give money and just have fun.  RBC is being organized by several different organizations (Zeta Omega Tau, Philosophy Forum, National Residence Hall Honorary, PHD Club, and Psi Chi), and we are told that it will be (and we quote) “an absolute blast!” The program itself will be on Monday, April 27th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Phoenix Rooms. 


Finally, Psi Chi will begin to provide tutoring services for students in Psychology and Human Development classes. This will take the form of study tables and, if needed, more individual sessions.  If interested (either in helping or in taking advantage of the service), please contact Stephanie Busch (

Summer Classes Still Open!

Many summer classes remained open at press time. This is a great opportunity to get ahead in your studies. Many classes are available, including: Abnormal Psychology; Adulthood and Aging; Counseling Across the Lifespan; Death, Dying, and Loss; Family Development; Health Psychology; Middle Childhood and Adolescence; Psychology of Cognitive Processes; Social Psychology; and Theories of Personality. You do not need to wait until registration for Fall 2009 opens – you are eligible to register today! 

Registration Alert: Research Course Prerequisites for Fall and Waiver Request Procedures

Long-time readers should remember that starting next Fall (2009), Experimental Psychology (PSYCH 300) or Foundations of Social Research (COMM SCI 301) will be required for most upper-level courses in Psychology.  If you haven’t taken one of these courses, you should plan on doing so as soon as possible (there will be three sections of PSYCH 300 offered in the Fall). We don’t want this new requirement to prevent anyone’s graduation next semester, and we recognize it puts Psychology minors (many of whom are not required to take a research methods course) in a difficult situation. Know that we are working on a procedure to consider waiver requests. If you wish to request a pre-requisite waiver for one of these courses for the Fall, please email the instructor of the course right away with: a) your name; b) your student ID#; c) your class standing (e.g., junior, senior); and d) your rationale for needing a waiver. Note that making a request doesn’t guarantee it will be granted.


As a reminder, the following Fall 2009 offerings now have a research methods pre-requisite: Psychology of Cognitive Processes, Social Psychology, Theories of Personality, Counseling Across the Lifespan, Psychology and Culture, Psychology of Emotion, Tests and Measurements, and Health Psychology.

Recycling Registration Resources

In what has become a semi-annual tradition, we bring back some of our favorite old Registration stories for your reading pleasure. Yes, you could say we’re just too lazy to write something new, but we prefer to think of it as exposing new readers to classics in the field. It’s not A Tale of Two Cities or War and Peace – it’s even better – it’s vintage Pink Flamingo.


FAQs About Registration and Advising


This Just In…New Procedure for Declaring a HUM DEV or PSYCH Major or Minor


Research Assistantships: A Student Perspective


Teaching Assistantships: A Student Perspective


Internships: A Student Perspective

Advisors: Take Time to Meet with Yours

Before you register, you may want to take time to meet with your Human Development and/or Psychology advisor.  He or she can help you with course selection appropriate to your goals, make sure you are on track to graduate, give you career/graduate school information, and more. For those of you who are not entirely sure who your advisor is, you should be able to find his or her name in Student Information System (SIS) by looking in the lower right corner of the “Student Center” page.

The Pink Flamingo Mailbox: How Do I Deal with Post-Spring Break Sadness?

As always, we welcome letters from our devoted readers. Here’s a sample of recent bit of mail.


Dear Pink Flamingo,


Every year, I have problems feeling motivated at school after Spring Break.  I don’t really know what to do.  I am supposed to come back all refreshed from my time away from classes, but it never feels that way.  How am I supposed to get through the final six weeks? 



Apathetic in Appleton  


Editors’ Note: At press time there were actually five weeks and four days left in the semester (i.e., 936 hours). 


Dear Apathetic,


Yes, this is a common problem following spring break. Whether you spent your break on the beaches of Honolulu or behind your desk at your full-time job, chances are you didn’t come back refreshed and ready to go but, rather, you are counting the weeks, days, and hours until this semester is over.

We would love to tell you that there is a complex psychobiological explanation for what you are feeling (e.g., some sort of post-vacation hormone imbalance associated with too much sun or too much sleep) but, chances are, it’s pretty simple…you got a taste of the good life, and now you want some more. I also wish I could give you a simple solution but, alas, there isn’t one. You might try what some veteran professors do. They just continue to go to class and give lectures throughout the week (we’re not sure if they notice the changes in class participation) so they don’t feel let down at the end of “break.” You could try something similar. Get up and go to class each day; raise your hand to ask a question (just don’t hurt yourself by keeping it up in the air too long – and don’t expect anyone to answer); make up an extra term paper assignment and pull an all-nighter to get it done in time; then collapse and enjoy your weekend. You’ll come back from “Spring Break” feeling like you do every Monday morning! Of course, maybe that wasn’t what you had in mind…if not, just put on your happy face, grin and bear it, and wait a mere 935 hours and 55 minutes. I bet you’ll feel much better then!  

The Human Development Diversity Course: Why Isn’t It Showing Up in SIS?

Attention all Human Development majors! Those of you who declared your major under the 2007-08 catalog or later have to complete a “diversity course.” Essentially, that means that you have to complete an additional class from the Ethnic Studies or World Culture General Education lists (beyond those you took to complete Gen Ed and not including PSYCH 440). Confused? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, SIS hasn’t quite figured this one out, either. In fact, it can’t. So…even if you have completed your additional diversity course, that slot will show up on your Degree Progress Report as unfulfilled. If you believe you have finished the requirement, please talk to your Human Development advisor. Then, either you or your advisor can contact the Registrar’s Office and ask them to manually enter the course into that slot. Please be patient, though. There are a lot of Human Development students – and that makes for quite a bit of work for an already-busy Registrar’s Office!

Call for Applications: The Fergus & Bonnie Hughes Scholarship for Human Development & Psychology

Two $500.00 scholarships are available for the next academic year. We welcome applications from students with majors in either Human Development or Psychology. Please send in a one page application to Dr. Gurung by April 30th. Your application should include your graduation date, GPA in the major and overall GPA, volunteer work and service to the community and university, and a short statement describing: a) your future plans, including what you will do with the knowledge you gained from your education and major, and b) your merits that make you a good candidate for this scholarship.

Careers of the Month: April 2009 Edition

Looking for a career in a business-related field? Explore these two interesting options!


Human Resource Specialist: This may be a great option for students who want to work in a business environment, have significant contact with people, and help them to understand and succeed in the workplace. An advanced degree is often necessary, as is training/experience in business. A human resource internship is also increasingly important. For more, see  


Retail Salesperson: Although a college degree is not required for these jobs, the Occupational Outlook Handbook indicates that having a degree can be helpful as individuals look to advance to management-level positions. Read more at: