War and Peace Seminar: Human Development Explores the Campus Common Theme

Many of you may know that Human Development is offering a course this semester on the campus common theme (learn more about the common theme at: http://www.uwgb.edu/commontheme). This course brings together experts from campus, the state, and the nation to discuss topics related to developmental implications of war and peace. What you may not have known is that many of these presentations are open to the public. The presentations are every Wednesday at 5:15 p.m. in MAC 219. See below for the list of topics and speakers between now and Spring Break. 

  • Feb. 11 — Regan A. R. Gurung, UW-Green Bay, The Role of Belief, and Dean Von Dras, UW-Green Bay, The Role of Spirituality
  • Feb. 18 — Christine Smith and Kim Nielson, UW-Green Bay, Gender and War
  • Feb. 25 — James Marten, Marquette University, Children and War
  • March 4 — Kate Burns, UW-Green Bay, Stereotyping and Prejudice
  • March 11 — Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, UW-Green Bay, Impact of War on How We Live: The American Dream After WWII

Author! Author! Professor Gurung Publishes Four (Yes, Four) Books!

Have you been complaining about the five-page reaction paper you have to write for a class, or even about the 20 page paper for your internship? Well, you’re not going to get much sympathy here. Dr. Regan Gurung has had four books published within the last couple of months. He is the proud co-author or co-editor of the following texts: Culture and Mental Health, Exploring Signature Pedagogies, Getting Culture, and Optimizing Teaching and Learning. You may or may not know that doing research is actually part of the job of a college or university faculty member, but producing four books in such a short period of time is something most professors will only ever dream of (or, more likely, have nightmares about!). So…if you see Dr. Gurung, please pass on some very well-deserved congratulations!

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Top Ten Reasons We Know Spring Is Coming…Really

Even if it was -5 degrees last week and Jimmy the Groundhog predicted another six weeks of winter, we want you to know that spring is indeed on its way. Thus, here are the top ten reasons we know spring is coming.

10.  History is the best predictor of the future and, as far as we can remember, there was a spring last year.

9.  The temperature has gone up about 35 degrees since last week alone. At that rate, it will be about 240 degrees outside by mid-March.

8. New cases of the flu on campus are down, but new cases of senioritis among the May graduates are up, a sure sign of spring.

7. There’s so much dirt on the snow banks at this point that even though you haven’t seen it in months, you can almost remember what the ground looks like.

6. Your lame newsletter editors have created another Top 10 list about the weather, and that only happens every spring and fall – not in the winter!

5.  Dr. Martin only slipped on the ice three times on his walk in from the parking lot this morning. That is well below his winter average of six times per walk.   

4.  Brett Favre is planning on making his annual decision about retirement in the next couple of weeks.  That only happens in the spring…or summer…or sometimes in the fall…but never in the middle of winter.

3. The crews are hard at work on Highway 172, and you know what they say – there are only two seasons in Wisconsin: winter and road construction. If it’s road construction, then it can’t be winter, right?

2. It feels like the air conditioning has been turned on in the MAC Hall classrooms, so maybe it’s not almost spring…maybe we’re already heading to summer.

And, the #1 reason we know spring is coming…

1.  Spring break is only 768 hours away (not that we’re counting).