Career Tip of the Month: Use the PRO System

We hope most of you already know about the PRO System that is run through the Career Services Office on campus. If not, let the PF be the first to tell you that it’s a great system that allows you to search for available internships and part-time and full-time jobs. Many of you may be thinking it will only be of use when you graduate, but that’s not true! You can access PRO and look for an internship or summer job that helps build your resume. In addition, once you are ready to head onto the job market full-time, it is a great resource for finding that first job. For example, two recent posts to the system were for a full-time Victim Advocate at Golden House and for a Volunteer Coordinator at Harbor House, both domestic violence shelters in the area. To learn more about and access PRO, click here:

Graduate School Tip of the Month: Carefully Investigate Graduate Programs

One of the first steps to take if you are interested in graduate school is to decide what type of program (e.g. Social Psychology, Counseling) you hope to pursue and then investigate specific schools (e.g., UW-Madison, Northwestern) that offer training in that area. You should attempt to identify the type of program you want to pursue as early as you can because, for example, you will want to take different classes and experiences (e.g., volunteer, internship, research) to be competitive for a Social Psychology program versus one in Counseling Psychology. Students who plan to apply for graduate study should be identifying specific schools to apply to in the Spring of their junior year (that’s now for many of you!). You will need time to investigate the schools and to decide on which ones are the best “fit” for you. There will be more in a future issue of the PF about how to identify the “right” program for you. Meanwhile, check out the great lists below that include information about specific fields of graduate study and even links to lists of accredited programs.

General Information about Graduate Fields of Study:
Clinical Psychology-
Counseling Psychology-
Developmental Psychology-
Industrial/Organizational Psychology-
Marriage & Family Therapy-
Relationship Studies-
School Counseling-
School Psychology-
Social/Personality Psychology-
Social Work-
Graduate Programs Across Fields-

Lists of Accredited Programs
Applied programs (e.g., those that involve providing counseling or therapy services) are often accredited by a national organization, such as the American Psychological Association. More information about accreditation and links to lists of accredited programs in Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Social Work can be found on Dr. Vespia’s website.

Graduate Study Books in MAC C311:
Graduate and Undergraduate Study in Marriage and Family.
APA’s Graduate Study in Psychology
Insider’s Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Two Upcoming Presentations from Dr. Jill White

There will be two presentations from Dr. White in the next month.  First,  she will be speaking at a presentation titled Derogatory Terms: Past, Present, and Future, which will take place on March 27th from 2:00-3:30 p.m. in the Christie TheaterSecond, as part of the Human Development and Psychology Faculty Colloquia Series, she will be presenting her research on the topic of Mexican Teens, Identity and Education.  This second presentation will be on April 3rd from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. in Rose Hall 250.

Join an Upcoming Teleconference on “Living With Grief: Children and Adolescents”

Students interested in learning more about the grieving process in children have a unique opportunity to take part in a teleconference on campus scheduled for April 16th from 1:30-4:00 p.m. The program features a panel of experts, and it will be moderated by Frank Sesno, who is a Professor of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University and a Special Correspondent with CNN. You will be able to join the conference in our very own MAC Hall via the Video-Conferencing Room. If you would like to attend and/or want more information, please contact Professor Illene Noppe (