Welcome to the February Edition of The Pink Flamingo!

Read on to find out about the news that has accumulated in the last few weeks – hiring a new faculty member, students traveling to national conferences, upcoming P/HD Club events, career-related stories, and much more. One thing regular readers may miss is our monthly trivia contests. Based on the low voter turnout (yes, we know, you’re focused on the Presidential primaries instead), we have been forced to conclude you don’t like our trivia contests. That’s okay; we’re not hurt – really, we’re not. However, if you see any faculty members holding back tears in the classroom, they just might be your anonymous editors! Now, the news: 

  • Breaking News: Human Development and Psychology Hire New Professor!

  • P/HD Club’s First Spring Meeting: Tuesday, February 5th

  • Psi Chi News: Meeting and Induction Ceremony Coming Soon

  • Careers of the Month: February 2008 Edition

  • UWGB Students to Present at National Psychology Conference in Boston!

  • UWGB Student Wins ADEC Scholarship!

  • How Can I Get a Good Job with a HUD or PSYCH Degree?

  • Career/Graduate School Tip of the Month: Develop a High-Quality Resume or Vita

  • The PF Want Ads: Exciting Internship Opportunity Available

  • The Pink Flamingo Legend: Dr. Wilson-Doenges and the Flamingo Queen

  • A Chilling Top 10 List

Breaking News: Human Development and Psychology Hire New Professor!

The PF is happy to be the first media outlet to bring you this important breaking news story. Dr. Chris Smith will be the newest faculty member in the HUD & PSYCH departments this Fall. She is a fantastic teacher and a highly accomplished scholar, and we are simply thrilled that she will be joining us! In our exclusive interview with Dr. Smith, she shared the following message for students:

“I’m very excited to be joining the faculty of UWGB.  I am a Social Psychologist with a strong background and interest in Statistics and Research Methods. I also have a Doctoral Certificate in Women’s Studies.  I will be teaching a number of courses including Introduction to Psychology, Experimental Psychology, and Psychology of Women.  I also have a number of research interests and active research projects.  For several years I have been using personal ads to examine partner preferences.  I am also interested in the stigma associated with being fat, and I currently have a research project examining the relationship between empathy and self-esteem.  All my research includes students as active members of the research team, so I’m looking forward to new students and new research ideas.”

Psi Chi News: Meeting and Induction Ceremony Coming Soon

Psi Chi has a lot of exciting news to share this month.

  • First, they want to welcome their new members-to-be and encourage them to submit their applications and fees as soon as possible.

  • Second, they want to remind everyone that the Induction Ceremony will be held Monday, March 10th from 6-8 p.m. in Phoenix AB. Food will be provided!

  • Finally, Psi Chi will hold its next meeting on Thursday, February 7th at 2 p.m. in the 1965 Room. They will be discussing community service projects, the Induction Ceremony, social activities, and the nomination/election process for next year’s officers. Plan to be there!

Careers of the Month: February 2008 Edition

This month, we shine the spotlight on two careers that relate to assessment – one that requires a graduate degree, and one that does not.

Psychometrist: Think you might like to administer tests for a living? Here’s a career you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree working under the supervision of a psychologist. Read more at the National Association of Psychometrists’ website.

School Psychologist: Ready to take on graduate school for a couple of years? Interested in working with children and also assessing their academic abilities and needs? Think about school psychology and learn more at the National Association of School Psychologists’ website.

UWGB Students to Present at National Psychology Conference in Boston!

Five Human Development and Psychology students will present their research at 116th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in Boston, MA this August. They submitted their work for consideration last semester and just found out in the last couple of weeks that it had been accepted for inclusion in the conference. A big PF congratulations goes out to current students Jaimie Henschel, Stephanie Sabinash, and Janet Weidert and recent graduates Amanda Jeske and Kristen Kratcha. Many of these students will be co-presenters with the faculty members attending the conference: Drs. Gurung, Martin, Vespia, and Wilson-Doenges.

UWGB Student Wins ADEC Scholarship!

UWGB student Erika Linzmeier has won an Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) Student Initiative Committee scholarship to attend that organization’s prestigious research conference in Montreal, Canada this spring. Erika has been doing work on a national study of college student grief with Professors Illene Noppe and Ryan Martin. Congratulations Erika!!

How Can I Get a Good Job with a HUD or PSYCH Degree?

The Career Services Office is a great resource for our students that can help you answer this question. Conveniently located in the newly-remodeled Student Services area, their professionals can assist with everything from resume-reviews and mock interviews to career counseling. Human Development and Psychology students should strongly consider checking out their workshops and events for the semester, which include:

• Creating Dynamic Resumes & Cover Letters:  Feb. 6th, 12:30-1:30 p.m. Heritage Room (Union)
• Thinking About Graduate School?  Feb. 6th, 2-3 p.m., Garden Café B Booth
• Learn to Interview Like a Professional:  Feb. 26th, 12:30-1:30 p.m. 1965 Room (Union)
• Spring Job and Internship Fair:  Feb. 27th, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Phoenix ABC

Finally, Career Services is sponsoring Dining with Professionals:  The Do’s and Don’ts of Etiquette, which will be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at 5:45 p.m. in Fort Howard Hall of the Weidner Center. It is an opportunity for students to mingle with colleagues and business professionals in a fun learning environment.  The basics of etiquette will be covered over a delicious multi-course meal combined with the opportunity to informally meet area professionals.  The evening will be lead and emceed by Deborah Thomas-Nininger who is a national speaker on business and professional etiquette. Space is limited, so if you are interested in this event, you will need to register in advance at the Registration website.

Career/Graduate School Tip of the Month: Develop a High-Quality Resume or Vita

Want a job as the PF‘s new Senior Investigative Reporter of MAC Hall Flamingo Sightings? Well, first you’ll have to submit an eye-catching resume. In fact, one of the keys to getting your foot in the door when applying for jobs and to making yourself stand out as a graduate school candidate is having a dynamic, polished resume or vita. (Note: A vita or “CV” is similar to a resume, but it is usually longer and focuses on academic-related qualifications. For more, see: CV Information. Realize, however, that for most undergraduates, a resume is going to be the most appropriate document – whether you are applying for a job or for graduate school. Consult with Career Services and/or your advisor if you have questions.)

Our tips for creating and maintaining a great resume or vita include:

  • Do some reading and research! The Career Services site provides great information about how to develop these documents and even provide samples.

  • But…don’t rely too heavily on on-line samples. Your resume or vita should be just that – yours! You do not want employers or schools to view your resume as just another one using a computer program’s template or UWGB’s on-line functional resume sample.

  • Keep a folder of training certificates, honors or accomplishments, major projects for school or work, and other information you might want to include on a resume or vita. Maintain a record of your past employment and volunteer work (e.g., dates, supervisors, responsibilities). Having good records will make the process of developing a resume easier.

  • Don’t be afraid to highlight your accomplishments, but be honest as you represent them.

  • Don’t forget about your skills! A resume should highlight your computer, foreign language, communication, supervisory, research, and other skills.

  • Use action words (e.g., supervised, organized, lead, promoted, implemented) when discussing your qualifications and abilities.

  • Remember that paid employment is not the only way you acquire experience and skills. The transferable skills obtained through volunteer work, internships, and research or teaching assistantships are also valued by employers and graduate schools. These types of experiences can be included with employment information in a “Relevant Experience” category on your resume. They are likely to be a separate category or categories on a vita.

  • Tailor your resume or vita to the specific type of job or graduate program to which you are applying. You may need to have more than one version of this document if, for example, you are applying for human resource positions and jobs in day care centers.

  • Make sure your document is easy to read and visually appealing.

  • Proofread, proofread, proofread!!! Get as many people as possible to look at your resume or vita, and make sure it is perfect. Even one grammatical or spelling error can eliminate you from consideration.

  • Want to learn even more? Attend a “Creating Dynamic Resumes and Cover Letters” workshop (Link to the Career Services Workshop Schedule)!

Faculty Colloquia Series to Continue this Spring: First up, Dr. Illene Noppe

Last semester, four Human Development and Psychology faculty presented their research to over 300 students at presentations over the course of the semester.  This semester, Drs. Noppe, White, Vespia, and Bartell will all present on recent research projects.  On February 21st, Dr. Illene Noppe will present on Palm Pilots in the Hands of Teens: A New Way to Study Adolescent Grief, an exciting study she did that explored the experiences of bereaved teenagers.  The presentation will be from 5:00 to 5:30 in MAC 204.

The PF Want Ads: Exciting Internship Opportunity Available

Here is an internship opportunity that you might be interested in: Eileen Littig of NEWIST has produced an award-winning video on creativity and aging, and she is looking for a student intern to help in doing research in the area of generativity as she develops the curriculum that would accompany the video. The internship would take place on campus, and you could earn up to 3 hours of credit per semester you worked via a Human Development or Psychology Internship.  If you are interested, please contract Dr. VonDras (vondrasd@uwgb.edu).  To learn more about the video project, click on this link: Video Project

The Pink Flamingo Legend: Dr. Wilson-Doenges and the Flamingo Queen

As regular readers know, HUD/PSYCH faculty members like decorating plastic flamingos and leaving them outside their colleagues’ offices (see the PF Legend archive for the story so far). When we last left you, Dr. Martin was being mercilessly teased by his colleagues with a Packer flamingo. However, he persevered, and we at The Pink Flamingo are impressed by his tenacity. In honor of her upcoming February birthday, this month we bring you to the story of Dr. Wilson-Doenges and the Flamingo Queen. 

You see, two years ago, the Chair of the Psychology Department, Dr. Wilson-Doenges, was celebrating an important birthday and expressed an interest in being Queen for the Day.  Never mind that those of us who work for her (i.e., her “underlings”) think of her as the Queen every day.  Her request was granted, as any royal command would be, and she was given the beautiful flamingo displayed here. You will notice that it is complete with a tiara and a sash that reads “Queen Georjeanna.” She was also given a wand that she brandishes when we get out of line, and she has already expressed an interest in being “Empress for the Day” when she hits her next milestone birthday. There’s no need to bow or curtsy the next time you see her, but she may respond if you call her “Your Majesty.”