Introducing the New and Improved Pink Flamingo

First, welcome to a new semester!!  We hope you have had a nice summer and are relaxed and ready to kick off another year.  Second, we are excited to announce that The Pink Flamingo has an all-new look.  That’s right, with the help of our crack-team of engineers, physicists, legal consultants, graphic artists, and animal trainers, The Pink Flamingo has gotten itself on-line and moved into the 21st century.  OK, seriously, special thanks to Paula Ganyard and the rest of CIT for helping us put this together. Without them, we would be carving this thing on stone tablets. 

For those of you who are unsure of what The Pink Flamingo is, it’s a blog/newsletter sponsored by the Human Development and Psychology Departments.  Here you will find important information about careers, graduate school, classes, and advising, along with a trivia contest (with prizes!) and a healthy dose of our own special brand of humor. It won’t usually be this long, but we’ve been saving this stuff up all summer! Read on because this issue includes:

  • PHD Club: Visit OrgSmorg on Sept. 19th!
  • Psi Chi News: Also OrgSmorg-ing on the 19th!
  • Breaking News: Gurung and Hughes Honored
  • This Just In…Musical Chairs in Human Development & Psychology
  • Welcome Dr. Zapf!
  • Extra Extra…Read all about it…Flamingo caught in airport turnstile???
  • It’s Name is ERLP
  • Curious about Faculty Research? Attend a Faculty Research Presentation
  • Helped Wanted: Research Assistants Please Apply!
  • September Trivia Contest: Introducing On-Line Submissions
  • Careers of the Month: September 2007 Edition
  • Career/Grad School Tip of the Month
  • Applying to Graduate School this Year? Start Now!!!
  • The Top Twelve List
  • Comments/Questions/Suggestions for the PF: Submit those on-line, too

PHD Club: Visit OrgSmorg on Sept. 19th!

One great option for any psychology or human development student is to join the Psychology & Human Development Club.  The club provides opportunities to learn more about the majors, develop friendships, meet the professors, prepare for the future, help the community, and HAVE FUN!  This fall, their special events include guest speakers, study nights, movie nights, social gatherings, meet-the-professors night, and much more!  Take a look at their website at:

You can chat with members of the club by visiting their booth at ORGSMORG, which we at The Pink Flamingo have learned will be 80′s-themed, so be there or be square!

Psi Chi News: Also OrgSmorg-ing on the 19th!

Psi Chi, the National Honor Society for Psychology and related fields (including Human Development), is a great student organization that sponsors exciting events throughout the year. Those events, like the popular “Graduate School Night” are open to all, so please come check them out! Students are invited to join Psi Chi based on their academic records and the criteria set out by the national organization. Membership invitations will go out near the end of September, so be sure to watch your email and to fill out and submit the application! Psi Chi will also have a booth at Org Smorg on Sept. 19th from 11-2 in the Phoenix Rooms. Look for the pink flamingos and find out what Psi Chi is all about. (Yep, that’s right, they stole the flamingo idea from us – and they call themselves an honor society! Just kidding…Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all!)

To learn more about Psi Chi, visit their website:

Breaking News: Gurung and Hughes Honored

Associate Professor Regan Gurung and Emeritus Professor Fergus Hughes were both honored recently with prestigious UWGB Founder’s Awards. Although you are probably most familiar with their wonderful teaching, they were honored for their excellence in other important elements of work as a faculty member. Gurung, author of one book and more than 40 articles (with another four books in preparation), received the award for Scholarship. Hughes, who retired recently after 35 years of service to the University, earned the award for Institutional Development. He was one of the original architects of the Human Development program, served as its unit Chair three times, worked as the Interim Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences for three years and served on more institutional committees than we even want to think about! Congratulations to both honorees!!!

This Just In…Musical Chairs in Human Development & Psychology

No – we aren’t planning to play the favorite children’s game at the next PHD Club meeting. Instead, we wanted to let you know to whom to direct your Chair-related concerns! Beginning his first term as Chair of the Human Development Department this year is Prof. Regan Gurung. Back from sabbatical is Prof. Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, who resumes her position at Chair of Psychology. We want to extend great thanks to Prof. Dennis Lorenz, who stepped in as Interim Chair of Psychology for Spring 2007. A big PF standing ovation (A point to ponder: Can flamingos actually clap?) goes to Prof. Lloyd Noppe who, over his time at UWGB, has been HUD Chair so many times we’ve actually lost count!!

Welcome Dr. Zapf!

Human Development and Psychology welcome Professor Jennifer Zapf, our newest faculty member. Dr. Zapf is teaching Psychology of Cognitive Processes and Experimental Psychology this semester.  She earned her Ph.D. from Indiana University this summer, and her research interests include cognitive development and language acquisition in young children. She’s an outstanding teacher and researcher, and we are thrilled to have her join us. 

Extra Extra…Read all about it…Flamingo caught in airport turnstile???

It’s hard to believe that one day before we go to press, a flamingo-related story comes over the wire.  It seemed too good not to include so, in order to enhance your avian awareness, we introduce a new feature: Flamingos in the News.

We want to express our great joy that the flamingo survived unscathed, though it’s hard to measure the sort of trauma that comes with being trapped inside a cage inside a turnstile. Our lead investigator reported the flamingo may attempt to sue airport officials, but The Pink Flamingo legal expert says he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

It’s Name is ERLP

Last spring, the Human Development and Psychology departments launched the Experiential Research Learning Program (ERLP), which is designed to expose introductory students to HUD/Psych research in a way that is interactive and fun. Students enrolled in Intro classes need to earn research points by attending research presentations or panel discussions, serving as a research participant, or reviewing research articles.  After a successful first semester, the program is up and running again this fall.  To learn more about the ERLP, including the results from our assessment of the program, go to:

Curious about Faculty Research? Attend a Faculty Research Presentation

Speaking of research, the Human Development and Psychology Departments are excited to introduce the Faculty Colloquia Series.  Each month a different faculty member will do a presentation on one of their research projects.  These presentations are open to anyone who would like to attend and will serve as a good way to get to know your professors’ research areas (hint: these will be especially valuable if you are thinking about being a research assistant, as you will learn more about the kinds of research we do).  To see the Colloquia Series Fall Schedule, go to  The first presentation will be on Monday, September 24th, from 5:00-5:30 in MAC 107. Dr. Ryan Martin will present on Knowledge and Attitude Changes during a Course on Mental Illness. 

September Trivia Contest: Introducing On-Line Submissions

As some of you know, each issue has two trivia questions: Faculty Trivia and HUD/PSYCH Trivia.  Students can enter each of these contests for a chance at various prizes worth up to 100 cents.  This month, however, we introduce our brand new on-line trivia answer submission form.  That’s right, students no longer have to make the long walk up to the C-Wing of MAC Hall because Fame and Glory is literally one click away (but if you want to make the long walk, please do, as we would love to see you).

  • Faculty Trivia: Which faculty member has been driving his/her colleagues “pipistrello-í” (translation: “batty”) by practicing newly-acquired skills in conversational Italian language?

  • HUD/PSYCH Trivia: What are the 5 elements that need to be in balance to promote positive “chi” according to Feng Shui philosophy?

To enter the trivia contest, just click the link provided and submit your answers.

Submit Trivia Answers 

Careers of the Month: September 2007 Edition

Two regular Pink Flamingo features are our Careers of the Month and Career/Grad School Tip of the Month. Just think of them as our small contribution to your future.

Personnel Recruiter: Like meeting and working with new people? Good at assessing others’ strengths? Learn about this career at:  

Social Worker: Want to help people? Interested in facilitating adoptions or even doing mental health counseling? Human Development and Psychology students can pursue graduate degrees in Social Work. Learn more at: