The Pink Flamingo Mailbox

Hugo Drax from San Diego, CA, writes, “Hey Pink Flamingo.  I’m a long-time reader and first-time writer, and I want to know who the authors of The Pink Flamingo are and how they generate their great ideas.

“Those are great questions, Hugo.  Unfortunately, who writes The Pink Flamingo is a closely guarded secret (that everyone seems to know).  We can tell you how we decide what to include, however.  Basically, six weeks before we go to press, a task force is created consisting of two faculty members from HUD/PSYCH, three faculty members from other interdisciplinary units on campus, the Chancellor, a lawyer (to address any legal disputes that might arise), and three members from the community.  This group, known as The Pink Flamingo Task Force for the Generation of Ideas (A.K.A., the PFTFFTGOI), spends the next three weeks brainstorming ideas and exploring the political, social, and economic ramifications of those ideas.  They then submit a formal report with their findings to a second task force, The Pink Flamingo Task Force for the Consideration of Ideas Presented by the Previous Task Force, which holds the enormous responsibility of deciding which ideas end up making it to the Editors’ desks and which ideas do not.  After another three weeks of consideration, they submit a second formal report to the Chief Editor, who passes them on to the eight members of her editorial staff.  Finally, the editorial staff reviews those ideas, laughs at them, and then discards them and writes whatever they please.”

Breaking News: Human Development and Psychology launch websites!!!

This is an important Breaking News Alert just rushed from the AP wires to The Pink Flamingo news desk. The HUD and PSYCH departments have launched their own websites! Okay, so maybe this isn’t breaking news – the websites have been up for at least five years, but reliable sources tell us some students are not aware of them or the great information they contain. To learn about major/minor requirements, internship sites and policies, careers and grad schools, and much more, visit: and  

What to Do with Your Summer “Vacation”

The Pink Flamingo knows you are eagerly anticipating the end of the semester and the beginning of summer (we’re with you!). Before you make too many plans, though, check out the official Pink Flamingo summer to-do list for the savvy student.

  • Obtain some relevant applied experience (job, volunteer) to increase career and grad school marketability.
  • Study for the GRE! (Really, you CAN and SHOULD study for it.)
  • Read all the great career, internship, and graduate school information on the HUD & PSYCH websites and then do additional research on career and graduate school options.
  • Conduct an informational interview or job shadow a professional in a career of interest to you.
  • Read some great books!!!! One of the best ways to improve your writing and critical thinking skills (not to mention your Verbal GRE scores) is to read and build your knowledge base and vocabulary.
  • Review your Degree Progress Report. Note the requirements you need to fulfill and make a plan for your remaining time at UWGB. Consider whether there are classes you wish to re-take or if there are skill areas you want to build before you leave. You should also check the report for accuracy every semester!
  • Make a list of other great opportunities (RAs, TAs, Internships) you want to take advantage of while at UWGB and make plans for when you will apply for/complete them. One thing to consider? Plan to spend part of Summer 2008 as a counselor for Camp Lloyd! (See:
  • Take summer classes!!! These can be fabulous intensive learning experiences. They can also help move up your graduation date! Be careful, though, not to take on too much (e.g., we don’t recommend taking two summer courses in the same session). Also make sure you do not plan vacations or other time away during these courses. If you miss a day of a summer class, it’s like missing a full week of the regular semester!

Have fun, and come back rested and ready for an amazing 2007-08 academic year!

The Legend of the Pink Flamingo Continues (Episode III – “Revenge of the Flamingo”)

When we ended our last installment of The Legend of the Pink Flamingo, Dr. Illene Noppe had just presented the very first departmental flamingo to Twila. Twila grew so fond of it that she didn’t want to give it back, so Dr. Noppe had to buy another one to put outside her own office (that’s when they started to multiply!). Eventually, beginning a trend of marking “special events” with flamingos, that one showed up outside Dr. Vespia’s home with a “get well soon” sign after her knee surgery. That thoughtful gift started a game much like “hot potato” because, well, let’s just say that initially not everyone shared Dr. Noppe’s enthusiasm for the plastic creatures. If you received a flamingo, the only way to get rid of it was to think of another faculty member and special event to “honor” with it (leading to the catchy new term “getting flamingoed”). Dr. Vespia passed hers on to Dr. Gurung, and it became the first fully costumed bird. She and Twila decorated it with a grass skirt, lei, sunglasses, and flip-flops to welcome him back from a conference in Hawaii (admittedly stretching the definition of “special event”). How did these birds become objects of love instead of “hot potatoes”? What’s up with the Packer flamingo by Dr. Martin’s office and the one dressed as “Queen Georjeanna”? You’ll have to wait for the next installment of The Legend of the Pink Flamingo.