Careers of the Month (March 2007)

Insurance Professional: Interested in the business side of things? The insurance industry and other businesses often hire students with general liberal arts degrees like Human Development and Psychology and may provide on-the-job training and competitive salaries. Learn more at:

Lawyer: Have you ever thought about becoming a child advocate in Washington, D.C. or working in family law? HUD and PSYCH students often believe they can only pursue graduate degrees in their major areas of study. In fact, you can apply to law school, medical school, and many other graduate programs with a general liberal arts degree. Consider a career as an attorney! Lean more at:

HUD/PSYCH Trivia (March 2007)

HUD/PSYCH Trivia: Which famed psychologist built a crib for his daughter that was labeled by an October, 1945 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal as “Baby in a Box”?

Answer: Elizabeth Lybert knew that B.F. Skinner built his daughter a crib called the Baby Tender, labeled by Ladies’ Home Journal as “Baby in a Box” when they published his article describing it.  Just to do a little myth-busting on this, while there are many rumors about his raising his daughter, Deborah, in a “Skinner-box” (some even going so far as to say that she became psychotic and committed suicide as an adult because of her troubled childhood), Deborah is very much alive, has denounced the rumors, and says that she had a very normal childhood.  However, if you read the LHJ article, you’ll find that his parenting approach was a bit different from what most developmentalists advocate.


Faculty Trivia (March 2007)

Faculty Trivia: Which faculty member owns a James Bond T-shirt that he admits is a little too small for him, but says he still wears it around the house on some weekends? (Hint: This same person also anxiously awaits the March 13th DVD release of the critically acclaimed Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig and Eva Green. Has he seen it before? Yes. Will he watch it again? Yes, many, many times!)

Answer: Knight…Eric Knight was able to correctly identify that Dr. Ryan Martin owns what he describes as “a really cool but slightly too small” James Bond T-shirt.  Dr. Martin asked that we make sure to note that his appreciation/obsession with James Bond is in no way weird or unusual but merely reflects the fact that, if not working here at UWGB, he would most likely be working as an agent for the British Secret Service.  For the record, we at The Pink Flamingo still think it’s weird.

Top 10 Imaginary Comments About the Newsletter

Our editorial board isn’t feeling in the pink right now; in fact, we’re a little blue. You might even say we’re in a fowl mood (get it? “fowl” mood!). We worked our tail-feathers off on our first issue, and no one seemed to notice. In fact, the only comments in our beautiful new Suggestion Box were made by Dr. Martin.  That’s okay – since we didn’t get a lot of feedback from students, we made some up.  Below are the Top 10 comments we imagined having received from you about the first newsletter.

10. Finally, my life-long quest to figure out Pavlov’s middle name is over.  So, what do you think the “B.F.” in “B.F. Skinner” stands for?

9.  My superego kept telling me I should read it, but my id told me to take a nap.  The id won this round. 

8.  I wish it had been data-driven rather than theory-driven.

7.  I was going to say something, but I learned in class that variable-ratio reinforcement schedules were more effective than continuous ones.

6.  Will this material be on the next exam?

5.  I have my spam-blocker set up to keep just this sort of thing out of my inbox.

4.  How come there’s no sports section?

3.  I don’t read anything unless it has the word “interdisciplinary” in the title.

2.  This is not your typical newsletter.  Rather, it’s a breath-taking breakthrough into the suspense-comedy genre that owes as much to Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy as to Dave Barry, molding the two of them into a grand vision that’s as spectacular as it is unique.

1.  I still don’t understand why you have flamingos outside your offices (that’s okay, neither do we).