In addition to the benefits discussed above, the Steps Walk is uniquely positioned to help students become more engaged, active, caring community members.  Students organizing the event gain leadership, organizational and team-building skills.  They learn about challenges faced by local nonprofit organizations as they work closely with nonprofit leaders during the planning of the walk.  By involving over two dozen student organizations, Steps Walk provides opportunities for over 200 students to “give back” to their community by not only raising donations as walkers/runners, but also learning about the work of the nonprofit organizations during the day of the walk.  Since the walk began, over a dozen students have gone directly into entry-level management positions of nonprofit organizations in the state, but perhaps the best evidence of the ability of the Steps Walk to be a transformative experience for students is the high number of students who note this event as memorable in the alumni survey and who contribute or participate in the event after graduation.

Our long term goal for this project is two-fold.  First, that Steps Walk continues to have a positive impact on the greater Green Bay community as well as the students as UW-Green Bay.  We also hope that one day the Steps Walk will be implemented on other college campuses throughout Wisconsin, as a way for other campuses to respond to the national Make a Difference Day.