Lavesa’s random blabbing

Well Well Well, a new year has begun and being a fifth year senior i have seen a lot change at the university of Wisconsin Green Bay. First there was a new athletic center the gloriously beautiful Kress events center! then there was the revamping of the Union and the surrounding features that are available for use. But let me say that in all of my years (5 to be exact) I have never seen so many Freshman in my life here on campus! I think its great, but at first its like i accidentally stepped on an ant pile and blam they all come rushing out! As a senior in a intro class (i had overlooked it in my journey to graduate) I find that I will be out numbered.  Although after the shock of it all, I think its great for the university as well as the community to have all these bright new faces at this school! And thank goodness there are not hazing allowed anymore because us seniors would have gone through A LOT of paddles. Lavesa OUT!

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