BSN-LINC student Mark Hunter was a featured speaker at the spring 2012 Canadian Vascular Access Association conference concerning the importance of nursing diagnosis.  After delivering the lecture, he was asked to submit a manuscript.  Mark and his wife, Andrea co-authored a manuscript which is being published in the Canadian Vascular Access Association Journal.  The manuscript, “Reducing the Risk for Infection: Nursing Diagnosis” is an article focusing on the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association International (NANDA I) findings and the critical role nursing diagnosis plays in improving patient safety and saving lives.

Mark also was asked to co-author a chapter in the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) book called “Biofilm Control in Drug Manufacturing”. The Chapter was created to help explain the risk of contamination in drug manufacturing and how it could affect patients.  In the chapter, Mark advocates using the nursing diagnosis of risk for infection.  The book is now available through the PDA association. 

Mark notified professors Susan Gallagher-Lepak and Heather Herdman of his articles as he was in their fall 2010 class “Nursing Diagnosis Across the Globe” and writes, “I have to admit that I’ve sent the information partly because I’m extremely proud of both of these accomplishments, but also just to express my thoughts of the importance of nursing diagnosis and the class that is offered through UWGB!  Thank you!”  Our congratulations to Mark!

BSN Student, Mark Hunter