Congratulations to Nursing graduate, Crystalmichelle Malakar who participated in the “Posters in the Rotunda” annual event on April 6 at the Wisconsin State Capital.  Students from University of Wisconsin campuses annually participate by showcasing examples of scholarship and interacting with legislators.  Crystal conducted research along with the team of Drs. Mimi Kubsch, Derryl Block, Susan Gallagher-Lepak and Chris Vandenhouten.  Crystal’s research project originated in Dr. Kubsch’s Nursing Research Course and developed into a survey of 500 plus RN’s, principally from Wisconsin, to document the level of political participation and the factors which influence political involvement.  Higher levels of psychological engagement (political interest, efficacy, and information) followed by greater resources (time and money & civic skills) were most predictive of political participation.  Dr. Vandenhouten served as the Principal Investigator for the research and accompanied Crystal to the capital.