GB Nites – September 23rd

Untitled-1_0006_laser-tagLaser Tag

Untitled-1_0002_rock_em_sock_em_joustInflatable Joust

Use to Create Blog Pictures_0000_Group Singing April 2014Karaoke

Untitled-1_0007_BB-8 RCBB-8 Obstacle Course

Untitled-1_0000_Google CardboardGoogle Cardboard

Untitled-1_0001_SABRE-LASER-570x365Build Your Own Lightsaber

Untitled-1_0005_Perler BeadsPerler Beads

Untitled-1_0003_Darth Vader CardboardPhoto Op with Star Wars Characters

Untitled-1_0004_Pretzel LightsabersPretzel Lightsabers and Lemonade

gb nites pics._0008_ice-cream-sundaeIce Cream at 11PM

Untitled-1_0000_Chips and SalsaChewbacca Chips and Han Salsa

Use to Create Blog Pictures_0000_Star Wars TriviaStar Wars Trivia (10:30pm & 11:30pm)

Use to Create Blog Pictures_0001_Large JengaLarge Board Games

Untitled-1_0002_Death Star Bag TossDeath Star Bag Toss

Untitled-1_0001_Stormtrooper Nerf ChallengeStormtrooper Nerf Challenge

Use to Create Blog Pictures_0000_phoenix-clubFree Games in the Phoenix Club