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Cofrin Library News

New Graphic Novels

Check out these new graphic novels just added to the Cofrin Library collection! Click on the book cover for more information and the call number.











Thousands of Streaming Videos: All at Your Fingertips!

Cofrin Library provides access to Academic Video Online and Films on Demand, two databases of streaming video content. New videos are added regularly. Here are few new selections…

From Academic Video Online:

(A)sexual: A Documentary

A Country Between: The War that Made America

Five Approaches to Working with Adolescents

From Films on Demand:

What is Science Doing for the Future of Food

Regreening the Desert: One Man’s Global Mission

When Will War Crimes Be Punished?

The Taming of the Shrew: Live from Shakespeare’s Globe

For instructors: Videos can be streamed live in classes, or linked to from your D2L course. For instructions on how to do that, just go to our faculty guide for using streaming videos.

System Issues with Search@UW

Our new Search@UW tool is experiencing some system issues. We have several teams of people with various areas of expertise working to get the problems resolved as soon as possible. Most of the issues have to do with finding recently added books, DVDs, and course reserves. Articles and e-books are working properly.

If you do not find what you’re looking for in Search@UW, you may want to use the Cofrin Library Catalog (now featured more prominently in the green search box on our website), while we get these issues resolved.

Win a first day registration!

Complete a library bootcamp session and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a first day registration for spring semester- complements of Academic Advising. Library bootcamp will show you how to:

  • Get the most out of library spaces and collections.
  • Find the research you need to support your projects.
  • Use library resources to format citations.

No registration is needed, just drop by one of the sessions on Wednesday October 30th, sessions will be held from:


3-4 PM

4:30-5:30 PM

All sessions start on the 3rd floor of the Cofrin Library in room CL304.  Questions? Contact Renee Ettigner at .

Shutdown Over: Federal Government Sites Available

The federal government shutdown, which began on October 1, is over. Yesterday, the House and Senate passed the Continuing Appropriation Act, 2014 which was signed into law by President Obama. This legislation funds the government through January 15, 2014 and extends the debt limit to February 7, 2014.

With the federal government re-opened, all government websites should now be available. This includes popular sites used by students and faculty, such as the Census Bureau, USA Trade Online,, and many more.


New Books for October

Looking for something to read?

Check out our list of new books for October. To search for the call number and location, type the book title into the Search@UW box on the library homepage.

Religion without god / Ronald Dworkin.

Furies : war in Europe, 1450-1700 / Lauro Martines.

Fall of tsarism : untold stories of the February 1917 Revolution / Semion Lyandres.

United States and China : a history from the eighteenth century to the present / Dong Wang.

Geomorphic analysis of river systems : an approach to reading the landscape / Kirstie A. Fryirs, Gary J. Brierley.

Returns : becoming indigenous in the twenty-first century / James Clifford.

Energy policy analysis : a conceptual framework / by Michael S. Hamilton.

Mommyblogs and the changing face of motherhood / May Friedman.

Hospice social work / Dona J. Reese.

Political emotions : why love matters for justice / Martha C. Nussbaum.

Originalism and the good constitution / John O. McGinnis, Michael B. Rappaport.

Assessment in perspective : focusing on the reader behind the numbers / Clare Landrigan & Tammy Mulligan ; foreword by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser,

Electronic and computer music / Peter Manning.

Oxford handbook of children’s musical cultures / edited by Patricia Shehan Campbell and Trevor Wiggins.

What are you looking at? : the surprising, shocking, and sometimes strange story of 150 years of modern art / Will Gompertz.

Contemporary art : 1989 to the present / edited by Alexander Dumbadze and Suzanne Hudson.

Virtues of poetry / James Longenbach.

Triumph of reality tv : the revolution in American television / Leigh H. Edwards.

Spike Lee’s America / David Sterritt.

Marvel Comics : the untold story / Sean Howe.

Reading Paradise lost / David Hopkins.

Thoughtbook of F. Scott Fitzgerald : a secret boyhood diary / F. Scott Fitzgerald ; Dave Page, editor.

Understanding microbes : an introduction to a small world / Jeremy W. Dale, University of Surrey, UK.

Multiethnic Books for the Middle-School Curriculum / Cherri Jones and J.B. Petty.

Breakthrough branding : positioning your library to survive and thrive / Suzanne Walters and Kent Jackson.

Short history of the Spanish Civil War / Julián Casanova.

FDR and the Jews / Richard Breitman, Allan J. Lichtman.

Metamorphoses of the city : on the Western dynamic / Pierre Manent ; translated by Marc Lepain.

American children in chronic poverty : complex risks, benefit-cost analyses, and untangling the knot / Cynthia E. Lamy.

Dispatches from the Arab spring : understanding the new Middle East / Paul Amar and Vijay Prashad, Editors.

Wetland environments : a global perspective / James Sandusky Aber, Firooza Pavri, Susan Ward Aber.

Invasive plant ecology / edited by Shibu Jose, Harminder Pal Singh, Daizy Rani Batish, Ravinder Kumar Kohli.

Fukushima : impacts and implications / David Elliott.

Silent star : the story of deaf major leaguer William Hoy / by Bill Wise ; pictures by Adam Gustavson.

I see the rhythm / paintings by Michele Wood ; text by Toyomi Igus.

Baby Flo : Florence Mills lights up the stage / by Alan Schroeder ; illustrated by Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu.

Beautiful oops! / Barney Saltzberg.

Stories from Jonestown / Leigh Fondakowski.

Short history of the twentieth century / John Lukacs.

Understanding and teaching the Vietnam War / edited by John Day Tully, Matthew Masur, Brad Austin.

Algerian chronicles / Albert Camus ; translated by Arthur Goldhammer ; with an introduction by Alice Kaplan.

Life of learning : wandering among fields : Charles Homer Haskins prize lecture for 2013 / Robert Alter.

Native American DNA : tribal belonging and the false promise of genetic science / Kim TallBear.

Bark River chronicles : stories from a Wisconsin watershed / Milton J. Bates.

Return to Wake Robin : one cabin in the heyday of Northwoods Resorts / Marnie O. Mamminga.

Future of social movement research : dynamics, mechanisms, and processes / Jacquelien van Stekelenburg, Conny Roggeband, and Bert Klandermans, editors.

Slumbering masses : sleep, medicine, and modern American life / Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer.

Designing the creative child : playthings and places in midcentury America / Amy F. Ogata.

Fragmented politics of urban preservation : Beijing, Chicago, and Paris / Yue Zhang.

Manson : the life and times of Charles Manson / Jeff Guinn.

Worse than the devil : anarchists, Clarence Darrow, and justice in a time of terror / Dean A. Strang.

Corporate sovereignty : law and government under capitalism / Joshua Barkan.

Penumbra : the premier stage for African American drama / Macelle Mahala ; foreword by Lou Bellamy.

Isabel Allende : a literary companion / Mary Ellen Snodgrass.

Sense and sensibility : an annotated edition / edited by Patricia Meyer Spacks.

Doctor Sleep : a novel / Stephen King.

Dreamland : adventures in the strange science of sleep / David K. Randall.

Bioethics : an introduction / Marianne Talbot.

Original intentions : essays on production, reproduction, and interpretation in the arts of China / edited by Nick Pearce and Jason Steuber.

Bugging Out: The Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle (photo from the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity)

It’s that time of year in Wisconsin. We’ve been hearing from students and visitors to the library: What’s up with all those ladybugs hanging out at the library?

So what are they?
“Those” ladybugs are called multicolored Asian lady beetles, otherwise known as Harmonia axyridis. They’re slightly different than the cute red ones we often see, but they belong to the same family of small beetles (Coccinellidae). The multicolored Asian lady beetles are more orange colored: appropriate for their appearance around Halloween. Some people say they bite. Most find them annoying.

In autumn, they often congregate in warm, sunny places near buildings (like the library) as they prepare for hibernation during winter.

How did they get here?
Some researchers state the bugs inadvertently made their way to the United States from Asia via ocean-going vessels and then spread throughout the country. Other researchers point to their repeated use as a biological agent in some parts of the U.S. to help control the aphid population. Multicolored Asian lady beetles have only been reported in large numbers in Wisconsin since the mid 1990s.

Want to find our more? Check these links below:


Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle – Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

University of Wisconsin Garden Facts: Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle – University of Wisconsin Extension

Multi-colored Asian Ladybeetle – The Wisconsin Gardener

The Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle, Harmonia axyridis: A Review of Its Biology, Uses in Biological Control, and Non-Target ImpactsJournal of Insect Science

UPDATE: Federal Government Shutdown: Websites Unavailable

Updated: October 4, 2013 at 4:23pm CDT

Due to the federal government shutdown, many U.S. government websites are unavailable or will not be updated with new information.

The following websites are inaccessible:

Accessing Archived Versions of Government Websites
You can search “archived” versions of some government websites by using the “Wayback Machine.” More information is provided in this post:

Legislative information websites will continue to be updated and accessible. This includes:

Some Websites Available, But Not Updated
Other websites will remain available, but they will not be updated with new information. Although not an exhaustive list, the following websites may not be updated with new information:

In addition, the U.S. Dept. of Defense website is available, with limited updates. The U.S. Dept. of State website is available and appears to be updated as of this writing. The U.S. Dept. of the Treasury website is available and portions of its website will continue to be updated.

For more information on the status of government services, please consult:


New Books for September

Take a look at our new books for September. Go to the library website and search for the book title using the Search@UW box. Then you can get the book’s call number and location.


Citizens of Asian America : democracy and race during the Cold War / Cindy I-Fen Cheng.

Indian nations of Wisconsin : histories of endurance and renewal / Patty Loew ; with forewords by Paul DeMain and J P Leary.

Gypsy “menace” : populism and the new anti-Gypsy politics / Michael Stewart, editor.

Quiet season : remembering country winters / Jerry Apps.

Old farm : a history / Jerry Apps ; with photographs by Steve Apps.

Degraded work : the struggle at the bottom of the labor market / Marc Doussard.

Lifeblood : oil, freedom, and the forces of capital / Matthew T. Huber.

Superlative city : Dubai and the urban condition in the early twenty-first century / edited by Ahmed Kanna.

Lynching beyond Dixie : American mob violence outside the South / edited by Michael J. Pfeifer.

Redefining rape : sexual violence in the era of suffrage and segregation / Estelle B. Freedman.

Solitary confinement : social death and its afterlives / Lisa Guenther.

New perspectives on public services : place and technology / Christopher Pollitt.

Cheating lessons : learning from academic dishonesty / James M. Lang.

Logobook / by Ludovic Houplin ; editor, Julius Wiedemann.

One small farm : photographs of a Wisconsin way of life / Craig Schreiner.

Art made from books : altered, sculpted, carved, transformed / compiled by Laura Heyenga ; Preface by Brian Dettmer ; Introduction by Alyson Kuhn.

Information graphics / Sandra Rendgen ; ed., Julius Wiedemann ; [with essays by Paolo Ciuccarelli, Richard Saul Wurman, Simon Rogers ; including a poster by Nigel Holmes].

Native American drinking : life styles, alcohol use, drunken comportment, problem drinking, and the Peyote religion / Thomas W Hill.

Human rights and transnational solidarity in Cold War Latin America / edited by Jessica Stites Mor.

Making civics count : citizenship education for a new generation / edited by David E. Campbell, Meira Levinson, and Frederick M. Hess.

Pets, people, and pragmatism / Erin McKenna.

Psychology of personhood : philosophical, historical, social-developmental, and narrative perspectives / edited by Jack Martin and Mark H. Bickhard.

American girls, beer, and Glenn Miller : GI morale in World War II / James J. Cooke.

Contested water : the struggle against water privatization in the United States and Canada / Joanna L. Robinson.

Contagious : why things catch on / Jonah Berger.

Trams or tailfins? : public and private prosperity in postwar West Germany and the United States / Jan L. Logemann.

My dog always eats first : homeless people and their animals / Leslie Irvine.

Last refuge : Yemen, al-Qaeda, and America’s war in Arabia / Gregory D. Johnsen.

How nonprofits work : case studies in nonprofit organizations / Grace Budrys.

Neoconservative politics and the Supreme Court : law, power, and democracy / Stephen M. Feldman.

Everything a new elementary school teacher really needs to know : (but didn’t learn in college) / Otis Kriegel, M.S. Ed.

School discipline and safety / volume editors, Suzanne E. Eckes, Charles J. Russo.

Resistant students : reach me before you teach me / Mary Skvorak.

Before Elvis : the prehistory of rock ‘n’ roll / Larry Birnbaum.

Dinner Party : Judy Chicago and the power of popular feminism, 1970-2007 / Jane F. Gerhard.

Native Americans on film : conversations, teaching, and theory / edited by M. Elise Marubbio and Eric L. Buffalohead.

George Eliot and the gothic novel : genres, gender, feeling / Royce Mahawatte.

Naked statistics : stripping the dread from the data / Charles Wheelan.

Gravity : how the weakest force in the universe shaped our lives / Brian Clegg.

Environmental flows : saving rivers in the third millennium / Angela Helen Arthington.

Population fluctuations in rodents / Charles J. Krebs.

Autism spectrum disorders through the life span / Digby Tantam.

One billion hungry : can we feed the world? / Gordon Conway with Katy Wilson ; foreword by Rajiv Shah.

Modern American military / edited by David M. Kennedy.

NoodleTools workshops

NoodleTools is a resource you can use to gather citations to sources you are using for papers and projects.

You can make annotations and enter notes about these sources. Then you can format your sources into bibliographies using citation styles such as APA, MLA, and Chicago.

Sign up for a workshop to help you get the most of of this amazing product.  Workshop registration can be found here: