Several faculty members from UW-Green Bay recently returned from a visit to the Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago, Chile.  The visit was hosted by Professor Alex Godoy, who was a Visiting Scholar here during fall 2012, where he taught courses in Environmental Science and Spanish.  Professor John Katers of Natural and Applied Sciences was awarded a Fulbright Specialist position for his visit, which was nearly three weeks in length and focused on developing relationships with the Chilean university around topics including sustainability, pollution control and waste management, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Associate Professors Mike Zorn, Natural and Applied Sciences, and Cristina Ortiz, Humanistic Studies, along with Associate Provost Andrew Kersten and International Education Director Brent Blahnik, arrived later to meet with other administrators and staff at Universidad del Desarrollo regarding opportunities for long-term collaboration including faculty exchanges, students exchanges and travel courses.  Faculty also made classroom presentations, toured industrial facilities, and met with faculty from several other universities in Santiago.