Healthy LGBTQ+ Relationships

LGBTQ+ dating couples experience the same rate of abuse as cisgender-heterosexual couples.  However, LGBTQ+ couples experiences obstacles unique to the LGBTQ+ community.  In addition, there are certain characteristics specific to the LGBTQ+ community that are necessary for a happy and healthy relationship.

Obstacles unique to the LGBTQ+ community include:

  • Same -sex partners or transgender partners may have the additional threat and fear of being “outed” by their partner
  • Lacking self esteem due to harassment, rejection, bulling, homophobia, transphobia
  • Lack of access to models of healthy adult same-sex relationships.
  • Additionally, youth may struggle with accessing help because:
  • Shame or embarrassment – USA is a heterogeneous society which leads to homophobia and transphobia
  • Fear of not being taken serously
  • Fear of harassment, rejection or bullying.
  • Less legal protection for the LGBTQ+ community


Characteristics of a healthy LGBTQ+ relationship:

  • Respects your chosen gender pronouns or name
  • Does not deny your gender or sexuality
  • Respects your boundaries and uses consent
  • Never tells you you’re not a real lesbian, gay man, trans person or whatever you identify as because you don’t have sex the way that they want you to/are attracted to a certain individual
  • Never threatens to out you to people
  • Uses open and proper communication
  • Has a foundation of trust– gives you space to hang out with friends and family without thinking you’re cheating