The sexual dilemma women face means that there is a constant push between being a prude and being titled a whore. In other words, insults to women include sex-based remarks such as prude, slut, whore, thot, home-wrecker, etc., whereas stud, Casanova, player, or pimp may all have a positive connotation when directed at men.

Girls are more concerned about the negative outcomes of sex (pregnancy), and boys focus on the positives of sex (pleasure) (from TA’s presentation in Intro to Human Development).

Different societies have different views on sex

  •  Restrictive societies – encourage rite of passage/marriage, sex only when married (I.e. Catholics)
  • Semi restrictive societies – promiscuity is frowned upon but common, move in with someone * Permissive societies – talk about sex openly and continuously

We primarily live in a restrictive society due to the fact many families don’t feel comfortable talking about sex (or even puberty) (think of the abstinence only education.) It’s hard for sex to be normal because of the societies we live in and because of people’s views on sex.

Fun facts:

  • 20% of teenagers do not use contraceptives
  • 1/5 or 1/6 persons have an STD, females are more easily infected
  • There is better STD education and testing occurring!!