Key Points

  • Debby got her period, and didn’t want to tell her grandparents because they’re strict Catholics and didn’t talk about sex openly
  •  Mom gave Debby brown paper bag with pads in it – didn’t want to talk about period – months later, Debby bought her own tampons on her own because she didn’t want to tell her mom
  • Society doesn’t talk about sex – see/treat sex as abnormal – doctors don’t talk to patients/not taught in school
  • 30% women stated pain when they had sex
  •  Individuals who lack sex education have higher rates of STD’s (primarly in the south) (I.e. gonorrhea, chlamydia)
  • To change the way we see sex: openly read sex books for all ages, celebrate sexual diversity, watch movies of realistic sex, communicate about sex with others, sex positive videos, support sex arts, embrace your body and sex
  • Men can buy condoms on their own and no one second guesses it, but when females buy condoms, people don’t understand why.
  • Females have no problem buying their own feminine products, but men are embarrassed to buy them

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