The Importance of Consent  


A couple are sitting in their room watching their usual show and during a commercial break, the couple start kissing. Before the two could go any further, the guy pulls back telling his girlfriend that he didn’t want to have sex that evening.  

While the girl desired to have sex that evening, respecting her partner’s decision, she snuggles next to him, and they continue to watch their show.  

Consent was not given by the man, so the woman had the best interest in the man by not continuing her sexual actions.  

Unfortunately, if consent isn’t given on one end, it isn’t considered and the act is carried out either way. I’m not just referencing to rape, even couples, just to make the other party happy.  

That is not healthy. 

 Healthy relationships are built on consent on both ends, especially on a sexual perspective.  

Trust in a partner falls if sexual consent is ignored.  

But realize:  

All nonconsensual sex is considered sexual assault 

That includes the following:  

Submitting to coercion  

Saying consent was given by someone intoxicated 

Assuming consent, even if married  

Some of the things to do:  

Always ask for consent  

Never assume consent is there  

Learning partner’s verbal and physical cues of consent (such has a verbal yes, or not responding to touch) 

Communicating all desires  

Bottom line:  

Always ask for consent. It’s always more pleasurable when both are equally enthusiastic.