How to maintain/keep a relationship (L&L notes – “how to write a good love story”) –  

  • Maintaining a relationship is like maintaining your body or a car. You need to put in the work/fuel to keep it going. 
  • Always communicate!  
  • Don’t change who you are for your partner. You are your own person, and you know what you want and need 
  • Don’t take everything so seriously.  
  • It is important to find a partner who has the same common values and interests as you.  
  • If you’re thinking about a long term relationship, find a partner who you see yourself still having things to talk about with in 30 years  
  • Always be supportive of your partner. 
  • Have a “zero tolerance policy” for disrespect – don’t let your partner bring you down, don’t let them make derogatory remarks towards you, don’t put up with their cheating or lying. 
  • Think of love as what people do more than what they feel  

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