Every year, 20 million people in the US are diagnosed with an STD.  Anyone who is sexually active can get an STD which sounds alarming, but STDs are preventable and treatable, Here are some ways to prevent contracting and spreading STDs:

  1. Practice abstinence
  • Abstinence is the surest way prevent STDs.
  1. Get vaccinated
  • HPV, the most common STD, can be prevented by vaccine.  This vaccine can help reduce the risk of genital warts and certain types of HPV related cancers.
  1. Use condoms
  • Using a condom correctly can help reduce the spread of STDs by reducing partner to partner skin and body fluid contact
  1. Talk with your partner
  1. Have fewer sexual partners
  • Fewer partners means decreased risk of STDs
  • Start the conversation with each sexual partner to ensure safe and STD free sex
  1. Get tested
  • Some STD’s symptoms do not appear right away, so it is always a good idea to get tested right away (especially after having risky sex!)
  • If your test comes back positive do not worry!  Many STDs are treatable and curable, so be sure to start treatment right away.