We are students at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Our mission is to advocate for and educate the public and our legislators about the need for medically accurate information in our sex education system, as well as promote safe and healthy relationships and sexuality.

This website will provide useful information on sex education and healthy relationships. It was originally created to inform others about what is being taught right now, and why we need to change the Sex Education Law in Wisconsin.

An overview of the information provided includes: teen pregnancy, sex education taught in high schools across Wisconsin, relationship education, and birth control.

Goal of our project:

 Our mission is to promote and advocate for healthy relationships and sexual wellness within our campus and Wisconsin school districts.

We want to raise the bar on the quality of information provided in sex education classes in Wisconsin. Specifically, we seek to revise language in the current state law to strengthen the definition of the term “medically accurate” to include (a) information that is supported by the weight of research conducted in compliance with accepted scientific methods and (b) the information is recognized as accurate by relevant leading professional organizations or agencies, such as the American Medical Association, the American Public Health Association, or the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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