“Drumming plays a significant role in the education Grant (David)2of students at Monroe Elementary School and one non-verbal fifth-grade boy is an exceptional drummer, so having the drums in the school strongly supports students’ education,” said Bourgeois.

Here are some of the reflections from sixth-graders about drumming:

Carlie Murphy — “My favorite part of drumming is learning about other people from different places and cultures around the world.  We get to play their songs and tell their stories through our music.  There are so many interesting cultures and each song is a different story of that culture.  I love hearing from the people that created the music and came up with the song.”

Emma Sickinger — “I’m glad we have the drums in the music room all year long now.  Mr. Bourgeois can use the drums with all of the kids grades 1-6.  They are used every quarter of the school year.  It makes music fun and you feel like you are in a real life drumming circle from Africa.”

Michael Paltzer  — “I’ve learned that other cultures look at music differently than we do.  I like keeping a really steady beat.  When you put all the drum parts together our class sounds like 100 people playing.”

Daniel Cookle — “I like going home and practicing the drums parts on my lap.  When we play the drums outside the breeze feels so good and it’s great to be a part of nature.  I’ve learned our drums are made out of different materials than other cultures who make them out of natural wood and skins from animals.”

6th grade drumming class

6th grade drumming class