The grant supplied the necessary equipment for teaching reading with the Daily 5 approach.Daily 5 from Suring (Grants) 8

“With the money we received through the grant we have been able to purchase supplies that we normally would not have been able to get with our regular budget,” said Stegeman.

They purchased support items including an iPad, iTunes gift cards to purchase educational apps, a CD/tape player, books on CD for a listening center, special writing journals, and student-sized whiteboards.

“With the support of the Institute for Learning Partnership grant we have been able to bring our reading lessons to a new level,” said Stegeman. “The impact on our students has been wonderful. They are more independent and self-initiating in all of the language areas.”

The students were able to create stories, listen to each other’s stories, practice spelling and reading, and the teachers are able to use the iPads to administer the STARS test.

These thoughts from students support the impact of the grant in their classroom:

Libby — “I love using the iPad. It is fun to tell stories on it and then listen to them.”

Johnny — “My favorite thing to do in Daily 5 is to listen to the books on CD. We learn how to use   the CD player ourselves.”

Gwen — “It is fun to write and color in our writing journals. I like to write lots of sentences.”

Claire — “It is fun to write on the whiteboards. Sometimes we get to color on them, too.”