The UW-Green Bay master’s program is designed for educators who are actively employed in PK-12 classrooms and other educational settings or business/industry. The program, which started in 1998, is based on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and linked to educators’ practices. Educators work together as a community of learners and develop skills as reflective practitioners and in action research.

The cohort includes the following: Sarah Lynn Benjamin, First Nations Studies graduate; Cassandra Lynn Byerly, second-grade dual language teacher, Fort Howard Elementary School; Rebecca Jane Conn, first-grade bilingual teacher, Danz Elementary School; Cherie Kay Elm, Oneida; Francisco Javier Espinosa, second-grade bilingual teacher, Fort Howard Elementary School; Nathaniel Lein Jackson, third-grade bilingual teacher, Danz Elementary School; Emily Kate Krueger, English Language Learner, Froebel Early Learning Center; Joanna Marie Herrmann, bilingual instructional coach, Fort Howard Elementary School; Erika Isabel Nieto, third-grade bilingual teacher, Fort Howard Elementary School; Heidi Linn Pletcher, fifth-grade teacher, McAuliffe Elementary School; William Joseph Recka, third-grade teacher, Luxemburg-Casco Elementary School; Nathan Allen Riehl, instructor, EMT Program, NWTC; Christine Lynn Tipps, writing instructor, NWTC.

Reflections from two of the master’s candidates:

“The Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning master’s program at UW-Green Bay allows me to incorporate and enhance my teaching practice in my everyday work as a bilingual instructional coach. I thoroughly appreciate the collaborative nature of this program and the strong sense of community I feel being a part of it. IMG_5205By having this partnership with my colleagues, I am able to expand my understanding across multiple realms regarding education and our schools today, which directly impacts the teachers and students I support every day.” – Joanna Herrmann, Bilingual Instructional Coach for K-5 teachers and students at Fort Howard Elementary School


“My experience thus far in the Master’s Degree program in Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning has been extremely interesting and rewarding.  My fellow cohort members are a diverse mix of students; some from varying levels in the field of education and the rest from other fields.  Their experiences, both in and out of the realm of education, allow us to participate in lively conversations and debates about education today.  We have all had the opportunity to learn from one another about topics from multi-cultural education and the history of education in our country to the state budget and vouchers. This has given me so much to think about when I come back to my own second-grade students. IMG_5156-Cassandra By sharing this experience with educators not only from the elementary grades, I am able to relate what I am teaching to what my students will need to know and be able to perform by the time they reach the levels that my other cohort members teach.  The conversations with my cohort members have taken me out of the “tunnel vision” of second-grade dual-language curriculum, and allowed me to think about how my student’s learning toward middle, high school and beyond, will progress.  I am so excited to move forward with this cohort throughout the master’s degree program, as I know that we will have many opportunities to continue learning from one another.” — Cassandra Byerly, second-grade –Dual Language Teacher, Fort Howard Elementary School