Reflections from participants:

“Completing the portfolio for National Board Certification has helped me reflect on instruction and to analyze the validity of what I am teaching. Instead of doing what I’ve always done, I’m questioning the practicality of the information as well as its relevancy to World Language standards. This has resulted in lessons that are more engaging and meaningful for students. I would definitely recommend this process to other educators. Meyer, Paula (NB)2It brings the standards to the forefront of lesson planning and unit design; the focus becomes student learning. Self-reflection and the changes that are made as a result are profound. The UW-Green Bay workshops were very helpful. Useful tips presented to the group as a whole helped me as I wrote my entries. Having time to ask questions in the large group was beneficial, as many times the information applied to all of us. I am certain I would not have been successful without attending these and other workshops. It is an extremely challenging process and without support would be nearly impossible to complete.” – Paula Meyer, NBCT, 2014


“I could not have done this without the workshops from the Institute for Learning Partnership. The workshops helped me stay focused and helped me pace my progress. They were instrumental in helping me interpret the parts of each of the portfolios. The mentors were great at helping me find a way to succeed in this process.” – Michael Aprill, NBCT, 2014



“Although it may be a daunting process and one that takes a firm commitment and sense of resilience, going through the National Board Certification process has positively impacted my teaching, and therefore the learning of the students in my classroom. Marisa Steppe (NB)2I would highly recommend pursuing National Board Certification to other educators, as it truly encourages you to take a hard look at what you already do well, what you can do better, and what you have not yet tried.”–Marissa Steppke, NBCT, 2014