UW-Green Bay Professional Program in Education awarded 43 pre-service teachers scholarships to attend the 2014 Disproportionality Summit, “Creating Culturally Responsive  Educators and School Communities: Practices for Reaching and Teaching All Students.” With the rapidly changing demographics in schools, it is necessary to prepare pre-service teachers for today’s classrooms so that they become more culturally responsive to be able reach and teach all students.

Pre-service teacher, Jamie Stahl, who attended the summit, said the 2014 Summit provided students with a tool kit.

 “The Summit gives you a chance to talk more about the language choices we make as teachers and how we can be more aware of ourselves and our students.  It drives us to become the best we can be for our students and provides us with a tool kit of language and activities to begin tackling the very real issues we face in the classroom. As a pre-service educator, I consider the Summit an annual requirement because of the large impact it has had each year I have attended.” 

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From left to right, bottom row:  Autumn Beukema, Stephanie Joniaux, Charnae LaLuzerne, Nikita Cantable

Row 2: Dan Panosh, Andrew Enderby, Eva Cruz M

Row 3: Heather Lindahl, Sarah Wendricks, Jared Spude

Row 4: Maggie Clark, Elizabeth Simon, Selena Williams

Row 5: Brooke Ferdon, Jamie Stahl, Melissa Zimmerman

Row 6: Stefanie Ogea, Heather Boeckman, Mariah Monke, Briana Vander Heiden, Morgan Agamaite