We’re moving for a little while.

With the remodeling of Rose Hall complete, attention now turns to Wood Hall. In mid-January the Institute for Learning Partnership, the Professional Program in Education and Phuture Phoenix will vacate our offices in Wood Hall and move to a suite on the seventh floor of Cofrin Library.

While our location will change, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will not be affected.

Here’s our tentative schedule during the move:

 We will be open Jan. 10 and 11, but we’ll be in the final stages of packing and sorting and storing and shredding.

 On Jan. 12-13 we will be transitioning to our new offices in CL 750. We’ll be closed Jan. 14 for a state-mandated furlough day, and on Jan. 17 to observe the Martin Luther King holiday.

 On Tuesday, Jan. 18 we will be in our new temporary home in Cofrin Library. We expect to remain there until the remodeling is completed in early summer.

 We hope you’ll bear with us if we seem a bit out of sorts. Moving does that. Doesn’t it?