GrΣΣk Week is here!

Hello everyone,

This is week is Greek Week at UWGB! Our Kappa’s would love for you guys to join us for this week of events. The events are listed below.

Tuesday, September 20th – Meet the Greeks!
Phoenix Park from 6-8pm

Wednesday, September 21st – Ice Cream Social
Student Services Plaza from 2-4pm

Thursday, September 22nd – DANCE
Phoenix Club – 7pm


Love in Kappa,


Fall 2016 Update

Hi everyone!

We would like to give you the latest update for our sorority! We will not be rushing this fall because we have moved our cross over date to December. We will still be active in Greek Week (September 19th-23rd) and you can meet us at Org Smorg on September 21st! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at! Also check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Kappa Beta Gamma-Alpha Mu

Update 2

Hey Everyone!

We have finished all of our education next week we will have a review and then we plan on becoming a chapter early next fall! We are starting to get our bigs and really getting to know each other! We are also starting some fundraising and really getting established as an org. Thanks to everyone who has supported us!

Kappa Beta Gamma – Alpha Mu


Hi everyone!

Just an update about what had been going on in Kappa Beta Gamma lately! We are continuing our education process and hope to become a full chapter in the fall! We have been doing sister boning events to get to know everyone better including sister dates, group dinners, and a movie night. This is an awesome time for our colony and we can’t wait to share all of our success with you all!


Kappa Beta Gamma – Alpha Mu

Getting Started!

Hi everyone! We are the newest and first national sorority on campus! We have just formed and have only had a couple meetings! We have about 20 founding sisters and cannot wait to expand and to welcome new sisters next fall! Stay tuned for updates about all of our events!

Kappa Beta Gamma – Alpha Mu