Startup Sheboygan Business Idea Workshop & UW-Green Bay | Sheboygan Campus Student Business Idea Contest

As part of Sheboygan’s Startup Wisconsin Week (, the Startup Sheboygan Business Idea Workshop & UW-Green Bay | Sheboygan Campus Student Business Idea Contest is Thursday, November 8, from 4:30pm – 6pm in the Wombat Room at UW-Green Bay | Sheboygan Campus (1 University Drive, Sheboygan).

The 4:30pm Business Idea Workshop is open to our entire community! Learn in less than half an hour how to take your business idea and structure it into a format where you can communicate it. You can also practice pitching it and be awarded up to $100 cash for pitching your idea!

Then, stay for the first annual UW-Green Bay | Sheboygan Campus Student Business Idea Contest from 5pm-6pm. How do UW-Green Bay | Sheboygan Campus students enter? Keep reading!

  • (Again, this part of the event from 5-6pm is for UW-Green Bay | Sheboygan Campus students only.) Students can apply to the contest by sending an email to by 11:59pm, Friday, November 2.
  • You will be instructed how to create a YouTube video link of a draft of your 90-second business idea pitch by 11:59pm, Monday, November 5.

Those students chosen to be contestants in the pitch contest will earn an automatic $50 if they pitch. Contestants will pitch their business idea to judges who will award up to $500 for first prize, $250 for second prize, and $100 for third prize.

Your business idea does not have to be an existing business. It can just be an idea! We want to hear your good ideas and help you further develop them into your dream business! Don’t judge if your idea is “good” or not. We will help you learn how to find the right “judges” of your idea. They are pretty friendly. :)

Students who pitch are also eligible for the following:

  • a partial scholarship to a 6-credit travel course, the European Innovation Academy in Portugal or Italy or the Asia Pacific Innovation Academy in China, summer 2019 (;
  • represent UWGB at The Pitch on Thursday, April 11, 2019, from 4-6pm at Titletown Tech in Green Bay (;
  • represent UWGB at the Wisconsin Big Idea Tournament on a Saturday in April in Madison (; and
  • apply to represent UWGB at e-Fest in Minneapolis in April (

For questions, please contact Ryan Kauth, Lecturer of Entrepreneurship, at UW-Green Bay at or (920) 465-2004.


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