I am an active member of the Environmental Science and Policy Program at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. We offer M.S. degrees with emphases in Ecosystem Studies, Resource Management, and Environmental Policy & Administration. I have served as major professor for more than 25 students in a wide range of research topics.

Ellie Roark

Ellie Roark

Status: Current M.S. Student


Matthew Christman

Status: Current M.S. Student

Thesis: “Compressed Natural Gas Filling Stations for Transportation Fleets”


Kyle SandmireKyle, Katers, Jake

Status: M.S. 2015

Thesis: “Resource Recovery Methods Feasibility Study for Brown County” [Link]

Current Position: Kyle is currently working as an Environmental Scientist at GEI Consultants in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is responsible for a number of environmental assessments, sampling, and reporting.

Jake Eggert                                                                                      1412 Katers and Eggert Graduation

Status: M.S. 2015

Thesis: “Life cycle impact analysis of the average death in the United States: inputs, residuals, and opinions of primary disposition methods” [Link]

Current Position: Project manager at Proter & Gamble for Veolia North America in Green Bay, WI. 

John Arendt

Status: M.S. 2012arendt

Thesis: “Compact Fluorescent Bulb Recycling” [Abstract]

Current Position: John is the Associate Director for UW-Green Bay’s Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI). He is responsible for managing student interns and coordinating their projects with local organizations, businesses, and industry.

Amanda TuttleA. Tuttle

Status: M.S. 2012

Thesis: “Analysis of Wisconsin Responsible Units for Recycling” [Link]

Current Position: Amanda is currently working in quality assurance and training at Green Bay Plastics.

Adam Snippen

BonneFishDorkStatus: M.S. 2011

Thesis: “Life-cycle inventory of wood pellet manufacturing and utilization in Wisconsin” [Link]

Current Position: Adam is currently manages the Energy Services Department at Central Wisconsin Engineers in Schofield, Wisconsin. He provides environmental support to private and public entities related to the energy sector.

Annette Pelegrinpelegrin

Status: M.S. 2010

Thesis: “Technical and Economic Feasibility of Solid-Liquid Separation for Digested Dairy Manure with Using Polymer Treatment” [Link]

Awards: Earned the “UW-Green Bay Outstanding Thesis Award for 2010″

Adam BaldwinAdam Baldwin

Status: M.S. 2008

Thesis: “Performance Analysis of Anaerobic Digestion Systems at Two Dairy Farms in Northeastern Wisconsin” [Link] 

Current Position: Adam is currently a research specialist at FEECO International, Inc., which is an engineering and equipment manufacturer in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Jeff CasalinaCasalina_3

Status: M.S. 2006

Thesis: “Feasibility of Home-based Hydrogen Generators”

Current Position: Jeff is a physical scientist with the U.S. Department of Energy at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He participates in hazardous waste monitoring and cleanup activities and is the federal representative to the Northern Mexico Citizens Advisory Board.

Jackie BlohowiakJackie B.

Status: M.S. 2007

Thesis: “Improving Environmental Performance with IPM”

Current Position: Jackie is currently working as an Environmental Scientists for By Zoo Corporation in Tokyo, Japan.

Bill Oldenburg

B. Oldenburg

Status: M.S. 2007

Thesis: “Collection system pollutant inventory and service area pollution prevention”

Current Position: Bill is currently working as the NEW Water’s Pretreatment Coordinator in Green Bay. His position works to control the introduction of pollutants into the sewerage system and ultimately our treatment facility.

 Stephanie Schneider

Status: M.S. 2007

Thesis: “Organic Waste Management in Northeast Wisconsin”

Current Position: Stephanie is a member of the Wisconsin DATCP Nutrient Management Program. Nutrient management is a way for Wisconsin farmers to ensure that their crops get the right source of nutrients at the right rate, time and place to match crop needs and minimize nutrient losses from fields. A nutrient management plan accounts for all activities on the farm and in individual fields that affect nutrient needs and losses during one crop rotation.

Josh Kaurich

Josh Kaurich

Status: M.S. 2007

Thesis: “Energy, cost, and carbon dioxide life cycle assessment of Wisconsin residential space heating fuels” [Presentation]

Current Position: Division Manager, H&H Energy Management, Madison, WI


Joe SchultzJoe Schultz

Status: M.S. 2004

Thesis: “Cost Feasibility Model and Manure Management Calculator for the Review of Dairy Manure Handling and Disposal Systems” [Abstract]

Current Position: Joe is currently working as an Energy Analyst at GDS Associates, Inc. As a consultant, his  primary role is as an energy advisor for the Wisconsin Focus on Energy-Ag and Rural Production Sector. Joe oversees energy efficiency auditing, Focus grant acquisition, customer/project handling for qualifying customer, and is the Lead Advisor for Ag Biogas Applications.

Dawn Timm (Walczak)

Dawn Timm 125x163

Status: M.S. 2004

Thesis: “The impacts of a recycling surcharge to increase landfill tipping fees in Wisconsin” [Abstract];

Current Position: Dawn is currently the Director of Environment/Solid Waste management for Niagara County Department of Public Works and Administrator of the Niagara County Refuse Disposal District  in New York. 

Dr. Anne Schauer-Gimenez Anne S.

Status: M.S. 2002

Thesis: “The performance evaluation of a temperature phased anaerobic digestion system at a dairy farm in Wrightstown, Wisconsin”

Current Position: Anne earned her PhD i in Civil Engineering (Environmental emphasis) from Marquette University. She is currently working as the VP of Methane Marketing at Mango Materials in San Diego, California. Mango works to transform waste into ecofriendly, affordable materials while creating a positive environmental impact.