Sustainability Masters On-Line Program: Currently serving as the Chair of this program. I attended numerous meetings for this committee, including a two day strategic planning session in Baraboo, Wisconsin, to develop curriculum for this program. Based on these meetings, UW-Green Bay agreed to act as the lead institution for this program.

Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI): Program development activities continue for EMBI, which holds an annual conference in the spring and offers the Certificate in Environmental Management and Business to undergraduate students.

Manufacturing Engineering: Attended several meetings regarding the development of a joint engineering program at UW-Green Bay with UW-Stout. A cooperative program in Manufacturing Engineering has been implemented at Northwest Technical College, in conjunction with UW-Stout and UW-Green Bay.

Environmental Engineering Technology: I chaired a committee on environmental engineering technology, which was tasked with developing a curriculum document for the development of a four-year degree in Environmental Engineering and Technology. The final document from this committee was completed in August of 2012.

Renewable Energy: Efforts were related to the development of renewable energy programming with Northwest Technical College and the potential implementation of the recommendations from the NEW ERA Sustainability Working Group.