Prepping for the Future

Do your students seem to think that it will be forever before they start a career?  It’s not, really – only a few short years.  The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay can help your students get from here to there, from now to then!  We have academic programs that prepare students for good careers, and that’s what many of them are looking for, isn’t it?

 UW-Green Bay has many features that help graduates get good jobs:

  • Real-world experience – many of our students get professional experience before graduation.  Our students have done marketing with the Green Bay Packers, accounting with Wisconsin Public Service, food science with Schreiber Foods, media relations with the Green Bay Blizzard…just to name a few.
  • Hands-on projects – Lots of classes at UW-Green Bay include projects that help students apply what they learn in class to real-life projects.  They might do a marketing audit of a local company.  Work with a professor to analyze water quality in Green Bay.  Create art for a juried exhibit.  The possibilities are endless. 
  • Opportunities to lead – UW Green Bay is a smaller campus, which means that anyone who wants to get involved can do it.  This includes music, theatre, intramurals, student government, service organizations…you name it.  Did you know that one of our students actually helped make the arrangements when David Cook performed at UW-Green Bay?  That’s great resume material.
  • Travel and exchange programs – Our students can spend a month, semester, or year in another place.  UW-Green Bay has lots of opportunities!  They could go to to Florence, Italy for a semester (I wish I could!), or to Paris for two weeks.  They will have opportunities to experience the world, and come back better prepared to work in a global economy.
  • Professors who know them – This is something that high school students might think is a “no brainer” but it’s really not.  Small classes and professor contacts often happen more at small schools than at large ones.  UW-Green Bay grads talk a lot about how much they appreciate our faculty, and how much our faculty helped them have a great college experience.  A big plus: professors who know them can provide great recommendations when they look for a job.

 UW-Green Bay graduates get good jobs.  We have teachers, doctors, and veterinarians who are UW-Green Bay graduates.  Ditto for sportscasters and weather persons.  And attorneys and judges.  And accountants.  And nurses. And news writers.  And web developers.  And artists.  And musicians….  You get the picture. 

We’re proud of our graduates, and think the the “UW-Green Bay Experience” helps prepare them for success.  See the link for “Graduate Surveys” on the right side of your screen to connect to our alumni survey.  You’ll find a wealth of information there!

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