An Introduction

I once had a strange dream.  In it, I was the winner of America’s Got Talent.  My talent?  Blogging.  This is strange on many levels, but one notable thing was that I had (have) never blogged, much less done it in an award winning-fashion.  And now, here I am…writing a blog.  I’m feeling a little self-imposed pressure….


Anyway, award-winning or not, I’m hoping this blog will provide some useful insights to school counselors.  I’m planning to write about items of interest to you – things that perhaps can be helpful as you work with college-bound students and their parents.  Right now, on my schedule, I have topics like: rigor, timing, the applicant statement, senioritis, things that wait-listed students should know….  The list goes on.  In addition, I’d be glad to hear about topics that you would like covered.  My plan is to blog at least once a week for the whole school year, so there should be plenty of time to cover a lot of territory.  Anything I blog is fair game for you to use in newsletters, programs, etc.  Like I said, I hope it will be useful to you.


I will be covering the UW System School Counselors’ Workshops between September 14 – 25, and will be at all of them.  Please take a moment to say “hi” and chat about any suggestions you might have.  Hope to see you at the workshops!


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