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If you were at the UW System School Counselor Workshops at during September, you may remember that I mentioned I would post a blog entry about some really good ACT research.  ACT has volumes of research, and you may not want to wade through their web site to try to figure out what is most useful to you.  Here are three suggestions that I think you might find really helpful.

  1.  “Crisis at the Core” – In my mind, this is the “gold standard” call to action for education in America.  There’s a lot of data here, and it takes time to really absorb it, but it’s worth doing.  Then, share it with anyone and everyone who will read it.  If you are alarmed and want someone to come speak to your school board, superintendant, teachers, whomever, ACT has been really good about providing these services. 
  2. “College Readiness Benchmarks” – For the class of 2009, only 23% of students who took the ACT met all four benchmark scores indicating readiness for college-level work.  Again, this is alarming (to me, at least).  This sort of information needs to be used to mobilize support for our schools.  
  3. “On Course for Success” – Builds a case for the thesis that preparation for the work force is virtually equivalent to preparation for college.  Rigor and performance are important for both venues.  Do you suppose we might be able to stop differential tracking for college-bound versus non-college-bound students?  Food for thought.

Please, take the time to read and share this research.  It’s too important to ignore.

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