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Kept and Dreamless

The Green Bay Film Society will present the next International Film of the semester on Wednesday, September 17th at 7:00 pm in the auditorium of the Neville Public Museum

Kept and Dreamless
Argentina, 2005

During Argentina’s economic crisis of the 90’s, nine year-old Eugenia and her mother, Florencia, live a seemingly colorful life surrounded by eclectic neighbors and an offbeat collection of family. But for Eugenia, who must deal with her mother’s dysfunctional and drug-addled lifestyle, life is anything but pleasant in this darkly inspiring story of expectation, acceptance and nontraditional family, led by standout performances from director Vera Fogwill and young actress Lucia Snieg.

All are welcome to attend.

More information on the Green bay Film Society may be found here.

On Natural Law

The first Great Books Discussion will be held next Tuesday, September 9, at 6:30 p.m. on the lower level of the Brown Count Library (Central Branch – 515 Pine St., Downtown Green Bay).

Professor Derek Jeffreys will lead a discussion of Thomas Aquinas’ “On Natural Law”.  Why read a medieval theologian in the 21st Century?  Professor Jeffrey’s suggests that Aquinas raises questions that are still relevant today, such as, is there another law beyond man-made law, and that his work provides a basis for considering such topics as faith, love, and war.

Aquinas’ essay is available online at

New Course: Great Works

Professor Coury is offering a special opportunity for Humanistic Studies majors (and minors if they like) to meet one of the requirements for the Humanistic Studies Major.  The requirement is to take either Hum Stud 350: Interdisciplinary Study of Great Works or Hum Stud 351: Interdisciplinary Themes in the Humanities, neither of which is offered very often, unfortunately.  Professor Coury has offered to direct an Independent Study (Hum Stud 498) that will meet the same requirements of Hum Stud 350.

The basic requirement of this opportunity is to attend and participate in the Great Books Discussion Group held once each month at the Brown County Library.  The list of books being discussed this semester and the individuals leading the discussion of those books is available here.

If you are interested, you should contact Professor Coury to work out the details of the Independent Study.  But, you need to do so immediately; the first discussion, with Professor Derek Jeffreys on Thomas Aquinas, will be held Tuesday, September 9.

Opera Jawa – Wednesday, September 3rd

The Green Bay Film Society will present the first International Film of the semester on Wednesday, September 3rd at 7:00 pm in the auditorium of the Neville Public Museum

Opera Jawa
Indonesia, 2006

Filmed in the lush forest and on pristine beaches of Java, director Garin Nugroho’s deeply imagistic and dazzling visual narrative is based on “The Abduction of Sita” from the Hindu epic, Ramayana.  Setyo and Siti live a peaceful life as husband and wife, selling earthenware in their village. But when Setyo is called away on business, a flirtatious butcher, Ludiro takes advantage of Siti’s loneliness to seduce her. Tempted by song and dance, Siti initially refuses his advances but acquiesces in a moment of weakness, setting the stage for an epic battle between two men.

More information on the Green bay Film Society may be found here.

New Book by Ganyard

Artur Mahraun and the Young German Order: An Alternative to National Socialism in Weimar Political Culture
by Clifton Greer Ganyard

Professor Ganyard’s book is the first monograph to devote itself to the ideology of the Young German Order, a right-wing nationalist organization during Germany’s Weimar Republic.  It affords a closer examination of the role ideas played in the development of Weimar political culture as charted through the ideological clash of the Young German Order and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party.

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