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South Africa Trip Spotlight

“South Africa was truly an amazing experience. I think something that stood out to me was the resilience of the people there, especially the children. We met so many people that have been given challenge after challenge and yet they have overcome their obstacles and have chosen to try and improve the life of the people around them. The people we met were some of the most sincere and genuine people and I was truly inspired by what they do each day, it really made me want to make a difference in everything that I do. They also have a much different concept of time there, they aren’t living to get to the next thing on the list but instead are appreciating each moment for what it’s worth, not letting time control everything. It was difficult for some people on the trip, but I loved it!” Katie Werre (Hum Dev and Psych major)

south africa

Travel Abroad Experiences: South Africa (Hum Dev 499)


“I was very hesitant to study abroad – visiting a place thousands of miles away, so unfamiliar to me. It was the BEST decision I ever made. If you have the opportunity to adventure to an unfamiliar place, I would tell you to 100% do so. You will be blown away by a brand new culture. It was such an unbelievable experience being able to experience beautiful scenery, meeting natives, and exploring the land of Port Elizabeth. I would highly recommend it. If I could go back to my undergrad career, I would definitely try and take part in more study abroad trips. I not only expanded my worldview, but also grew as a person. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could go back. I am forever grateful for being given this opportunity and am so thankful to have gone on a trip of the lifetime.” Kayla Hucke (’15, Hum Dev minor)

Internship Profile: Dani DiCarlo (’16, Hum Dev minor)


Participating in Camp Lloyd has helped me grow as a person. Throughout my internhip, I felt like I really found my place at UWGB and have greatly enjoyed working with the children as well as the Human Development students, faculty, and staff. My favorite parts about Camp Lloyd were getting to know other people that had similar views and interests as myself and also gaining valuable experience working with grieving children ages 7-14.