Sociology/Anthropology Course Options for Spring 2015

Registration is just around the corner! If you are on the 2013-14 catalog or earlier, here are your sociology/anthropology course options for next semester:

-Anthro 304 Family, Kin, and Community (online with adult degree, limited seats open for non-adult degree)

-Anthro 320 Myth, Ritual, Symbol, and Religion (online with adult degree, limited seats open for non-adult degree)

-DJS 325 Law and Society*

-FNS 360 Women and Gender in First Nation Communities*

-Hum Dev 346 Culture, Development, and Health* (wouldn’t be able to doublecount as another Human Development course requirement)

-Socio 303 Race and Ethnic Relations

-Socio 404 Criminology*

*For all of the courses with an asterisk, you would need to complete a course substitution form to get the course to count as your socio/anthro course. To do this, go to the Registrar’s website–>forms–>course substitution form. In the form, you would say that you would like to substitute [give name of course] for the socio/anthro requirement.  You would send this form to me after you have successfully registered for the course.

Please contact me ( if you have any questions about this.

Human Development January Interim Courses

Intro Human Development (Hum Dev 102) and Psychology of Cognitive Processes (Psych 417) will be offered online during the January interim session.  Human Disease and Society (Hum Bio 217) will also be offered if you’re on the 2013-2014 Human Development catalog or earlier. Registration for January interim classes starts October 15th.

If you’re currently enrolled in Psych 300 or Hum Dev 302, you can still take Psych 417 as an interim course.  You’ll need to send a course registration override form (on the Registrar’s website) to Dr. Lanter to be able to do so.

Welcome Professor Muraco

Professor Joel Muraco is our newest faculty member in Human Development.  Here’s some information from him so you can get to know him better.

I was born in Tucson, Arizona, but spent my childhood in Morrisville, Pennsylvania which is directly across the Delaware River from Trenton, New Jersey. When I was 12 my family moved back to Tucson where I have resided since.

After high school I attended the University of Arizona where I earned my B.A. (2008) in English and Creative Writing and a B.S. (2008), M.S. (2012), and Ph.D. (2014) in Family Studies and Human Development. As a researcher I study romantic relationships, the lived experiences of gay and lesbian individuals, and the intersection of the two, which is where most of my scholarly attention focuses.

I am the middle child and one of three boys. My older brother has three beautiful daughters, ages 6, 8, and 9. My partner Eddie and I have been together over 5 years and have a dog and two cats together. He is still in Tucson finishing up pharmacy school at the University of Arizona.

In my spare time I like to take my dog, a Parson Russell Terrier named Kahlan (KK for short), for walks. I also enjoy bike riding, skiing, and good books, movies, and food.

Joel Second

UW-Green Bay