Fall 2019 Research Assistants for Projects on Motivation, Psychological Skills, and Gender and Racial Biases in Sport

Dr. Alan Chu is recruiting two to three students to serve as research assistants for several research projects in Fall 2019:

1. Four projects are related to sport motivation and physical/psychosocial outcomes (well-being, burnout) in current or former high school athletes. Because most of the data have been collected, the main responsibilities for these projects will be data organization, data analysis, and report writing and formatting. Some planning and hands-on research tasks will also be included for data collection in high schools in the Northeast Wisconsin area.

2. Two projects are related to collegiate and table tennis athletes’ motivation and mental skills profiles. These are nationwide online survey studies. The main responsibilities for these projects will be communicating with athletic staff (e.g., coaches) for participant recruitment, as well as data organization and data analysis.

3. One project is related to gender and racial biases in sport, particularly how they influence referees’ decision-making in soccer. This is a new experimental study, and the main responsibilities will be hands-on data collection and analysis, which include the use of physiological measures such as eye tracking.

4. One project is related to human’s need in novelty and its relationship with motivation based on psychosocial and physiological perspectives. This is a new experimental study, and the main responsibilities will be literature review, participant recruitment and data collection, and potentially some data analysis, which may include the use of physiological measures such as EEG.

Any student who has taken a statistics course can apply. Selected students will attend weekly meetings (most likely as part of a research team) and earn 3 credits in Fall 2019. If students who are senior want to work on only data analysis and writing, there will also be an option of take only 1 or 2 credits. To apply, students should email an unofficial academic transcript and a statement (one page, double-spaced) describing your research experience, projects of interest, and your expectations of the assistantship to Dr. Chu (chua@uwgb.edu). Feel free to email Dr. Chu if you have any questions.

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About Alan Chu

Dr. Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu is an Assistant Professor of Sport Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He recently graduated with his Ph.D from the University of North Texas. His main research interests are on sport and exercise motivation. Dr. Chu has been a sport psychology consultant for athletes from high school to professional levels. While playing many sports throughout his life, Dr. Chu specializes in table tennis as a competitive player and an internationally certified coach.