Sport Psychology Research Assistantship Fall 2019 – Life Skills Through Sport: Deadline April 12th

Dr. Fogaça is looking for 4 RAs for fall 2019. She will be conducting a study at the YMCA Fergusson, where the RAs will help her teach life skills (e.g., emotional management, growth mindset) through sports activities (e.g., soccer drills) to 9-10 years old children. Previous experiences in sports is not a requirement. Candidates should enjoy working with children and be available in the fall on Tuesday evenings 4-6pm. In addition, RAs will participate in weekly meetings to develop the program and be trained to deliver it. Meeting times will be defined after the RAs are chosen. Candidates are also expected to have completed the research methods course and have at least a 3.0 GPA, although a lower GPA could be acceptable depending on other qualities that the candidate has.

Interested candidates, please email Dr. Fogaça ( by April 12th a paragraph describing why you are interested in this opportunity. In addition, list previous coursework that is relevant to the position (e.g., sport psychology, counseling, infancy and early childhood development, cultural psychology). Please also email Dr. Fogaça questions you may have about the position.