Phuture Phoenix Internship

Internship Opportunity: ONLY 1 position available.

Agency: Phuture Phoenix

Topic: Education program that serves underrepresented and disadvantaged students

Duties: Tutor and mentor disadvantaged students in a middle or high school setting, help local high school students learn more about different types of careers by coordinating a program at a local high school called FLITE, and assist with donor\scholarship event. Great for any student interested in “real world” experience with diverse students in our local schools, as well as work in behind-the-scenes aspects of a large education program. See for more details about the program.

Pre-rec: Interest in working with underrepresented and disadvantaged middle or high school students.
This internship will give you an idea of the way a small non-profit works in the community because Phuture Phoenix is a donor funded program with a small staff. Students who are interested in school counseling or school psychology might find the internship particularly helpful, but students with a variety of career goals have benefitted from the experience.
There are prerequisites for completing a Human Development or Psychology internship, including Junior or Senior standing and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. A full list of prerequisites and information about internship requirements (e.g., 100 hours, journal) can be found on the Psychology and Human Development department websites. Please review this information carefully before expressing interest in the internship. A background check and TB test are also required for this experience. The days/times the internship hours are flexible.
If you are interested in applying for this internship opportunity, please contact Stephanie Cataldo-Pabich, Phuture Phoenix Associate Director to learn more about the application and selection process. Her email address is:

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