PAID Internship – Fall 2014

During fall 2014, Dr. Jenell Holstead seeks ten Interns to work with the after school programs in the Green Bay Public School district. Students who successfully complete this is internship will be provided a stipend of $300 from the Green Bay Area Public School District at the end of the semester for their work on a semester-long project.

Specifically, interns will work with elementary students after school, at least two days per week (Monday-Friday). Interns will have the unique opportunity to get hands-on experiences working with children in educational settings, developing lesson plans, and working with school personnel.

Students who may apply include juniors and seniors who are majoring in Human Development or Psychology, who have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0, with a GPA in the major of 3.25. Students should be available at least two days per week (Monday through Friday) from 2:30-6 pm to be on-site at the after school program. In addition, students should have availability in their schedule to meet for approximately one hour 4-5 times throughout the semester (based on all interns’ and Professor’s availability). Interns will be responsible for transportation to/from each school. Additionally, prior to acceptance, interns will need to pass a criminal background check, as well as a TB (Tuberculosis) test.

Selected students will enroll in HUM DEV 497: Internship, and will earn 3 credits. Enrollment in HUM DEV 497 does count as an elective for the major, and does count toward the 120 credits required for graduation. Plus, internships provide a unique opportunity to prepare for the workplace and/or graduate school.

Interested students should fill out the Intern Application and email it to Dr. Holstead ( as soon as possible. .