Underrepresented Minority Students in Psychology Event

Northwestern University’s Psychology Department is hosting a program on Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd for students who are members of groups that are traditionally underrepresented in academia (including first-generation college students), and who are potentially interested in pursuing graduate study in psychology. Activities will include workshops designed to help with the graduate school application process and opportunities to meet psychology department faculty members and graduate students to learn what graduate school is like and how they might fit into the various psychology graduate programs (e.g., clinical, social, cognitive neuroscience, etc.). Travel and accommodation costs associated with participation will be covered, and the application process will be fast and free (applications are due by April 2nd @ 5 PM CST).  For more information, please see the program website and access the online application here.

Summer Research Opportunity: UVA


Interns will work on an ongoing research project(s) with UVA faculty mentor(s) and a graduate student co-mentor(s).

Internship work may include:

  • reading background literature
  • collecting, coding, and analyzing data
  • writing a section of a paper
  • participating in research meetings
  • presenting on research

Please note that due to the nature of research in the education sciences and the time needed to conduct a full research study, students will not develop an independent research project.  Instead, they will join an existing research team made up of faculty and students, led by their mentor.  Descriptions of research projects and the mentors are shared below. Continue reading

Summer Research Opportunity: Child’s Play Learning and Development Lab

The Child’s Play, Learning and Development Lab, under the direction of Dr. Roberta Golinkoff, invites graduating seniors and undergraduate students to apply for an unpaid summer internship. Our laboratory, funded by federal grants and foundations, focuses on how children acquire language, develop early spatial concepts, encounter and learn from media, and learn through play. We value our research assistants and their names often appear on our submissions. This is an ideal way to gain research experience for students Continue reading