Welcome Danielle Bunker!

Danielle Bunker was welcomed by Facilities Planning & Management on January 3, 2017, as a Custodian.

Welcome, Danielle!

Welcome Justin Helm!

Justin Helm was hired on October 19, 2016, as the Assistant Director of Multimedia Services in Athletics.

Welcome, Justin!

Welcome Tyler Kelly!

Tyler Kelly was hired back on September 6, 2016, as the Director of Player Development in Athletics.

Welcome, Tyler!

Welcome Scott Wachholz!

Scott Wachholz was hired back on August 25, 2016, as the Head Women’s Softball Coach in Athletics.

Welcome, Scott!

Welcome Kathleen Jurecki!

Kathleen Jurecki-1On May 1, 2017, Kathleen Jurecki was hired as a Dean Assistant in the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business. Prior to her current role, she worked at Colonna’s Shipyard as an Office Manager for a year and for Wisconsin Public Services as a Plant Administrative Leader for 15 years.

Kathleen received her BBA from Marian University and her MBA from Concordia University.  She is actively involved with the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and St. Anne’s Church (Lena, WI).

Kathleen is from Krakow, Wisconsin.

Welcome, Kathleen!

Welcome Cindy Olson!

Advancement, Cindy Olson-23Cindy Olson was welcomed on October 31, 2016, as an Executive Assistant in University Advancement.  Prior to joining UWGB, she worked at Apple Tree, LLC.  She was also employed by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for several years.

Cindy obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communications from Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois.  She enjoys Zumba at the YMCA and is a volunteer Associate Pastor at Hope Community Church.

Cindy is married to her husband Todd and is from Monticello, Illinois.

Welcome, Cindy!

Performing Arts Coordinator (10-month, 83%)

This position reports to the Department Chairs of the Music Department and Theatre & Dance Department and coordinates, manages, facilitates, and supervises the duties necessary for the production of Performing Arts events.  The Performing Arts Coordinator will work closely with Music and Theatre & Dance faculty to accomplish goals set in their academic units.  This 83% renewable Academic Staff position will work full time from August through May each year, with no expectation of employment during June or July.

For more information and position responsibilities, please see the full position announcement.

To ensure consideration, please submit application materials by Friday, June 30, 2017.

Good Luck on the Bellin Run!


BellinRun2017TshirtLogoThe Bellin Run is this Saturday, June 10th, and 29 UW-Green Bay employees will be walking or running on Saturday morning. Good luck to Christina Baudhuin, Jacob Depas, Bridget Derge, Kate Burns, Sam Goeller, Josh Goldman, Jenell Holstead, Michael Holstead, Mel Jones, Nathan Kraftcheck, James Marker, Ryan Martin, Molly Vandervest, Donna Mleziva, Dan Moore, Sarah Pratt, Darrel Renier, Nate Rusch, Sue Steeno, Bea Yang Thao, Barb Tomashek-Ditter, Lea Truttmann, Erin Van Daalwyk, Kimberly Vlies, Bobbie Webster, Crystal Williams and John Zimonick!


Thank you to UW-Green Bay student, Jenna Bares (picture at right), for designing the team T-shirts this year!  The logo she created, shown at left, was printed on the UW-Green Bay Bellin Run Team T-shirts, which team members received this week.  The T-shirts were available through funding offered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds to support employee wellness and the Well Wisconsin Program. Thank you ETF!

Thank you to Sam Goeller for being the UW-Green Bay Bellin Run Team Captain!  Go team!

5 Steps to Mindfulness

  1. Find a quiet place free from distractions and sit upright in a comfortable position.bench
  2. Decide how many minutes you have.  You may want to set a timer to keep track of the time.  Begin with 5 minutes and ease into 20-30.
  3. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Continue to focus on your natural breathing pattern at a relaxed pace, inhaling and exhaling through the nose.
  4. When your mind wanders from the breath, simply return your attention back to your breath.  Anytime the attention drifts away to a thought or distraction, gently guide focus back to your breathing.
  5. When the time is complete, remain sitting comfortably with your eyes closed.  Take a deep breath as you slowly open your eyes.  Have a restful moment before resuming activity.

Could Mindfulness Help You Control Anxiety?

Inhale, then exhale, focusing on your breath. Place a mint on your tongue, and pay close attention to the taste.

These types of exercises promote mindfulness. This state—in which you observe and accept the present moment—may reduce symptoms of anxiety disorder, among other conditions. Other effective treatments for anxiety disorders include counseling and medication. Mindfulness training may be combined with these approaches to ease stress and worries.

In a recent study, seven weeks of mindfulness training reduced anxiety in women with fibromyalgia, who are prone to developing anxiety disorders. And in a review of 19 studies containing almost 500 participants, researchers noticed similar soothing results.

Mindfulness means learning to focus and stay in the present moment. Especially if you have an anxiety disorder, your thoughts may still scatter or race. But instead of being distracted, you’ll learn to let them exist and take their natural course.

With practice, you’ll start accepting and tolerating your fears and worries, rather than trying to actively push them away. Noticing and stepping back from your thoughts may help you let them go.

Article from The StayWell Company, LLC

2017 Summer Leave Report

As we begin the summer pay periods, please remember that leave-eligible, faculty and instructional academic staff employees will be required to submit a “summer leave report” if working any summer service or summer session appointments.

Similar to last summer, there will be no online entry for the summer session/service leave reports. Click here to find one summer leave report that you will use to keep track of all leave taken during your employment over the entire summer.

Specific notes regarding this process:

  • In the top section, fill in your name and employee ID.
  • Record absences for any leave taken while you are under contract during the summer (including work performed that was paid via a lump sum payment).
  • If you do not use any leave time for a given month, enter zero in the “Total Hours” row.
  • Print and sign the summer leave report.
  • Request an approval signature from your summer department chair/supervisor (if working multiple appointments, you may need to request more than one signature).
  • Any sick leave used during the summer will be charged to your primary appointment.
  • This leave report is due to Human Resources by September 2, 2017 regardless of whether or not leave is used.

Please contact payrollandbenefits@uwgb.edu with any questions.