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2012 WRS Annual Statements

Attention:  All Employees Covered under the Wisconsin Retirement System

Your Annual Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Annual Statement of Benefits is now available online in the My UW System portal:  Login to the portal and go to the “Benefit Information” box and click on the “Statements” tab.  Click on “ETF Annual Statement of Benefits (WRS) Issued 2013” to view and print your statement.  Please note that you will not receive a paper copy of the statement.

The WRS Annual Statement of Benefits provides you with information about your Wisconsin Retirement System account as of January 1, 2013. Information on the statement includes 2012 WRS earnings and creditable service; total years of WRS creditable service, and separation and death benefit calculations.  You should review this statement closely for accuracy.

Statement Section 2 – After Act 10 Service

The name of your retirement category is in both Sections 1 and 2 of the Statement.  If you are in a General, Teacher or Protective retirement category, all of your creditable service will be listed in the “Before 2000” and/or “After 1999” columns in Section 2 of the Statement.  Only employees in an Elected or Executive retirement category will have creditable service in the “After Act 10” column.  2011 Wisconsin Act 10 changed the way retirement benefits are calculated for Elected/Executive category employees so service earned after Act 10 must be tracked separately for this group of employees.

Information to Help You Understand Your WRS Statement

Explanation of Annual Statement of Benefits (ET-7333)

Video Explanation of the Statement

Webinars presented by the Department of Employee Trust Funds:

May 20, 2013 – 6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Please note that if you have recently been upgraded to Firefox 19 (with a new built-in PDF viewer) you may find your statement unreadable in the My UW System portal. For workaround instructions visit:

Long Term Care Insurance


Important Insurance Protection for State and University of Wisconsin Employees,
Annuitants and their Family Members is now available

Simply click here to request an information packet

United of Omaha Life Insurance Company is now offering two plans; CASH-First and Assured Solutions Gold policies to eligible State and University of Wisconsin Employees, Annuitants, and their family members. These voluntary purchase long-term care insurance policies are offered at a group-discounted premium.

Long-term care insurance is designed to help protect against the high costs of long-term care if you or a family member can no longer perform activities of daily living without the need of assistance. Medicare and most health insurance will not pay for these services. For many, long-term care insurance is an important part of planning for their long-term financial security. Please consider whether the CASH-First or Assured Solutions Gold policies are right for you and/or your parents. (Spouse, domestic partner, parents and in-laws are all eligible to apply, even if you don’t).

The CASH-First and Assured Solutions Gold policies offer additional built-in benefits that include:

  • If, prior to age 65, you sustain an injury requiring home health care, assisted living facility or nursing home care, your policy will pay up to two times the maximum benefit.
  • CASH-First benefits can be used any way you choose – you simply receive the full monthly cash benefit you select to pay for anything at all… family travel expenses, lost income, housekeeping services or other out-of-pocket expenses – there’s no need to collect or submit bills.
  • CASH-First provides cash beginning with the first day of need – no elimination period to satisfy.
  • Many other additional benefits and features listed in the information packet.

HealthChoice also provides CareOptions services to all State and University of Wisconsin Employees, Annuitants and their family members at no charge and no insurance purchase required. To use this service, request an information packet and it will contain the CareOptions access information.

The CareOptions Program can assist you or family members with issues related to wellness, illness, disability, or aging. As an additional convenience, the CareOptions service can help you and your family members create Living Wills (advance directives for health care) as well as allow you to conduct care provider searches and medical information research seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

We urge you to investigate this plan for you and your family. To receive a complete information packet regarding your long-term care insurance options and access to the new CareOptions resources, simply click here to request an information packet. You may also call HealthChoice toll-free at 1-800-833-5823 or in the Madison area at 833-5823 or email Direct information link; click or paste in your web browsers address line:

Since 1995, State of Wisconsin employees, annuitants, their spouses and parents have had the option of purchasing a long-term care insurance policy through HealthChoice. (Spouse, domestic partner, parents and in-laws are all eligible to apply, even if you don’t).

COOL™ and CareOptions® are registered trademarks of NavGate Technologies®, a division of CareQuest® Inc. The COOL and CareOptions system is owned and operated by NavGate Technologies and provided by HealthChoice Insurance Solutions as a service to its group members. CareOptions is a consumer driven wellness and care planning system – CareOptions is not insurance nor is it owned or operated by any insurance company, HMO or care provider.

This insurance plan has been authorized by the Group Insurance Board for the purpose of offering long term care insurance to eligible State of Wisconsin employees and retirees under authority granted by Wis. Stats. § 40.55 and as set forth in Wis. Admin Code Chapter ETF 41. The criteria the Board uses include, but are not limited to: documentation of financial stability, demonstration of a reasonable ratio of claims paid to the premium level, authority to conduct business in the State of Wisconsin, agreeing to conditions for the rate-making process and other administrative conditions. ETF staff and the Board’s actuary review proposals for participation prior to Board approval. However, the Board does not require competitive bids nor a benefit comparison with similar products from other vendors. Authorization for payroll deduction should not be construed as an endorsement of this plan by either the Group Insurance Board or the Department of Employee Trust Funds. This insurance has exceptions, limitations and reductions. This letter is used as a source of leads in the solicitation of insurance and you may be contacted by an insurance agent.

Insurance products are offered through HealthChoice. HealthChoice is not affiliated with any insurance company or HMO. Long-Term Care Insurance is underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company, Omaha, Nebraska 68175.

Policy form LTC09U-AG-WISE.



583 D’Onofrio Drive 101
Madison, Wisconsin 53719
(800) 833-5823 • Fax (608) 833-7540

TSA Basics Workshop

To all employees interested in learning the basics about saving for the future through the UW Tax-sheltered Annuity 403(b) Program

Terry Lauber, Benefits Specialist with UW System Administration, will be on campus to provide a presentation and to answer questions about the UW Tax-sheltered Annuity 403(b) Program. See the flyer for more information.  No registration is necessary.  The presentation will be offered at the following times. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Wood Hall, Room 328
11:30am-12:30pm and 1:00pm-2:00pm

Health Risk Assessment-Biometric Screening Event

The UW-Green Bay Wellness Committee Presents:

What:                                Health Risk Assessment-Biometric Screening Event
(See below for incentive details!)

When:                               Monday, April 29th
                                          8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Where:                              Phoenix Rooms A & B, University Union

Who can Participate:       Member employees, spouses/domestic partners, and adult�
                                           children enrolled in United HealthCare NE health insurance plan

How to Participate:          Pre-Registration is required!
                                             Register at
                                             (Code St-88021-3)

Deadline to Register:      Friday, April 12, 2013

The State of Wisconsin health insurance plans are all offering Health Risk Assessments this year as a wellness initiative. By completing  a Health Risk Assessment (online questionnaire and a biometric screening) you are given results and tools to help you understand and potentially improve your health.  We can always work to improve the quality of our lives through health and wellness!

For United HealthCare NE, the biometric screening will consist of: 

  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index
  • Glucose (Fingerstick)
  • Cholesterol Level (Fingerstick)

*For best results, it is recommended that the tests are taken under fasting conditions (no food for 12 hours prior to tests).

United HealthCare NE is offering a $75 gift card incentive for completing the Health Risk Assessment.

Details on the Health Risk Assessment and incentive can be found on United HealthCare’s website:

Please see the United Health Care flyer for additional information and direct any questions to Kimberly Danielson (920) 465-2196 or

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation


Scott Schewe, representative from WDC, will be available to meet individually with employees regarding their current WDC enrollment and for those interested in learning more about the program and planning for retirement by investing before tax dollars.  Please see the linksfor more information about WDC’s Program highlights and new options.

When:   Monday, April 1, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Where:   University Union Building, Room 103

You can schedule an individual session with Scott Schewe by emailing him at .

Reminder – TIAA-CREF on March 25th and 26th.

Reminder….  There are still some open appointment times available to meet with TIAA-CREF on March 25th and 26th.


 TIAA CREF is offering individual and confidential counseling sessions (see attachment) where you can discuss your financial situation with a TIAA CREF consultant.  They will be available to help you achieve your financial goals by investing in financial solutions.  

Please see the attached flyer for more information about TIAA CREF sessions at UWGB.   To schedule a consultation with representative Chad Stein, call 1-866-843-5640  Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 8:00pm (EST), or register at .

Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

This message is for Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Employees

The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) has published an Employer Bulletin listing free public presentations in March and April regarding the Wisconsin Retirement System.  Topics include:

  • Calculating retirement benefits
  • Annuity options
  • Separation benefits
  • Taxes
  • Survivor benefits
  • Health and life insurance benefits

Presentations are scheduled for Appleton, Eau Claire, Hayward, Janesville, La Crosse, Marinette, Middleton/Madison, Pewaukee, Racine and Wausau.

Link to Bulletin:

TIAA CREF Individual Counseling Sessions

TIAA CREF is offering individual and confidential counseling sessions on March 25 & 26, 2013 where you can discuss your financial situation with a TIAA CREF consultant.  They will be available to help you achieve your financial goals by investing in financial solutions.    

Please see the attached flyer for more information about TIAA CREF sessions at UWGB.   To schedule a consultation with representative Chad Stein, call 1-866-843-5640  Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 8:00pm (EST), or register at .  



Fidelity Investments Individual Counseling Sessions

Fidelity Investments is offering individual and confidential counseling sessions where you can discuss your financial situation with a Fidelity consultant.  Consultations are meant for participants to review their current retirement plan, investment strategy, or discuss ways in which Fidelity can help along the road to retirement.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
University Union, Heritage Room #232

To schedule a confidential consultation with your Fidelity Investments representative, David Eichler, call 1-800-642-7131 or go to .

T. Rowe Price Webinars

Recordings of the T. Rowe Price live webinars that were available in November, Retirement Investing From Beginning to End and Retirement Milestones are now available.   Information about accessing these webinars can be found at:

Please contact Human Resources at or ext. 2390 if you have any questions.