Upcoming WRS Public Presentations: Understanding the WRS and Related Benefits

The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) will offer free public presentations on Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) benefits in September, October, and November.  These WRS workshops are valuable opportunities for WRS members, spouses, and other individuals seeking general information on retirement issues and ETF-administered benefit programs. Those considering or planning retirement in the near future are encouraged to attend.

Topics covered during the WRS presentations include:

• Requesting a retirement estimate

• Survivor benefits

• Calculating retirement benefits

• Health and life insurance benefits

• Annuity options

• Beneficiary designations

• Separation benefits

• Statement of benefits

• Taxes

• Additional contributions

 To see available dates and times, please follow this link to the schedule: http://etf.wi.gov/news/public_presentations.pdf

Please e-mail benefits@uwgb.edu or call 465-2390 if you have any questions.