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Housing and Residence Life

Visiting your Student in Housing

In many instances, our students choose to travel home when it’s time to visit family.  However, we want families to know that you are welcome to visit your student on campus.  As you make plans to do so, please follow these practices for parking and visitor registration.

For your convenience, fifteen-minute parking zones are located near most of the residence halls and apartments on campus if you are just IMG_6665 (7)picking up or dropping off.  However if you park in the parking lots near housing, you need to be registered to avoid a parking citation.

Students are required to register their guest’s vehicles on-line. Notification of the guest registration is shared with Public Safety, which alerts officers to which vehicles should not be ticketed. If your student intends to host a visitor in their room or apartment, and that person will be bringing a vehicle to campus, they should follow these steps to register both the visitor and their vehicle:

#1 – Go to
#2 – Click on myResLink
#3 – Scroll down to Guest Registration and click the ‘Login Now’ icon
#4 – Click the ‘Students Login Here’ icon and enter username/password
#5 – Click on ‘Campus Box/Guests’ and again on ‘Register a Guest’
#6 – Enter all requested information

All vehicles must be parked so the license plate can clearly be seen from the driving lane.

For additional questions regarding parking permits, regulations, or citations please visit   or contact the Parking office at 920-465-2301.

More information about guest registration and the Residence Life guest policy can be found at

How Can I Send My Student Mail?

The Student Mailroom located in the Hendrickson Community Center serves the residents at UW-Green Bay year round. On average, studentIMG_4684 employees process over 40,000 packages and mail items in the academic year alone. Each student resident is assigned a campus mailbox that they typically keep throughout their stay in campus housing. All items delivered to the Student Mailroom must be addressed properly to ensure accurate/timely delivery. Want to send a package or letter to your student?  See how to address packages and mail below:

Full Name
Campus Mailbox # (student’s campus box number)
Building Street Address
Green Bay, WI 54311-7070

Campus mailbox numbers are not public information. Full mailing addresses for all student residents are found in SIS, and can be provided to you by your student.

It can mean the world to a homesick student to receive a card or letter from home!  If you have questions, be sure to call our office, (920) 465-2040, so that we can help ensure receipt of your student’s mail and parcels.

Interested in sending a care package?  Our Residence Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA) sponsors care packages from the company On-Campus Marketing (OCM). You can contact OCM directly to inquire about care packages by calling (877-942-7887).

Why Get Involved?!

Students who participate in extracurricular activities in college do better in class and are more satisfied with their overall experience. Taking part in clubs, organizations, intramurals and other events allows students to meet others and create connections. Many of the skills learned though involvement opportunities will transfer into job skills and make students better applicants when entering the job market. Residence Life offers many ways for students to be active on campus. Listed below are some of our most popular Residence Life student groups.

Residence Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA) – RHAA is a student group that plans events and serves as the student government board for Residence Life. Students who join this group have the opportunity to discuss and vote on recommendations to the Office of Residence Life for changes or improvements for the students who live on campus. This group also creates and implements events for students to attend to meet other people, make connections, and have fun for free!

The meetings are every Wednesday starting at 5:15pm in University Union 103

All residential students are welcome – Advised by Gail Sims-Aubert and Julianne Crayton

To find out more information please visit


Event Planning In Communities (EPIC) – EPICs are a group of students who come together to plan events for other students with the help and guidance of a full time professional staff member who serves as an advisor. In the past they have hosted game nights, Halloween events, social gathering and many other fun activities for students living in housing.  Any student living in Residence Life can join one of the four EPICs.

John Robishaw, Donald Harden, Roy Downham Halls – Advised by Jeff Willems Meetings Wednesday nights at 7:30pm in Roy Downham 3rd floor lounge

Donald Long, Bob Schaefer, James Temp, 3326, 3332, 3334 – Advised by James Zarling Meetings Wednesday nights at 7pm in James Temp 1st floor lounge

R.E. Small, Cletus Vanderperren, Robert Warren, 3318, 3322, 3324 – Advised by Nicole Kurth Meetings Tuesday nights at 7pm in Robert Warren 1st floor lounge

Arelene Walter, Byron Walter, Ted Lenfestey, Josephine Lenfestey, 3312, 3314, 3316 – Advised by Amy Mauk Meetings TBA

To find out more information please visit



Flu Vaccine Available

Health & Counseling Logo


Flu Vaccine Available

Vaccination is one of the best ways to protect yourself against the flu.  The Counseling and Health Center is offering Seasonal Influenza Vaccine (quadrivalent) to all students by appointment only.  The cost is $20.00 for students.

Students may set up an appointment by having their campus ID#  available, (it’s the one on their Campus ID card that starts with 6017200… we only need the last 9 digits). Call the Counseling and Health Center to schedule an appointment.

Counseling and Health Center, SS1400

Your College Student Lives On-Campus: Good News…And Bad News

Living on-campus in one of UWGB’s residence halls or apartments is becoming more of a privilege as student demand exceeded the number of beds for the 2017-18 academic year. The fact that your college student already lives on-campus is something for families and students to be happy about. Research shows that students who live on campus have higher grade point averages AND graduate at a higher rate than peers who do not live on campus. There are literally hundreds of Residence Life activities and events that are created specifically for students who live on-campus to attend. There are Resident Assistants (RAs) in every building who are trained to assist them with academic or personal issues. That is good news!

The bad news is that Residence Life has very little flexibility when all of our beds are full. Students who do not want to live with their current roommates may find limited options available to them. The RAs are trained to facilitate discussions between roommates who have disagreements. Often, with the RA’s help, roommates are able to set appropriate boundaries and learn to live with another person and enjoy the space they share. Sometimes, students are able to find another student willing to swap rooms in a two-way trade. Rarely, are there empty rooms that a student can move into… because all of our beds are full!

If your student is struggling with their living situation, they should meet with the Area Coordinator (AC) who works with their building. Encourage them to call the Residence Life Community Center at (920)465-2040 to make an appointment BEFORE things get too complicated. ACs are professional staff members who live on campus to help students adjust to on-campus living. ACs are here to serve students in any way they can help!

Welcome from the Director of Residence Life

The hope is that by now your UWGB student is calling and texting with all kinds of exciting news about their academic success, newly formed friendships and their involvement in campus activities. For some, moving away from home for the first time and into an unfamiliar environment can be overwhelming and life changing for all members of the family. For both you and your student, these first few weeks may have been filledMove-In with anxiety as all strive to settle in to the ‘new normal’. Whether your student is one of those who is charging fast forward into their college experience or one that is being a tad more cautious, please know that the Office of Residence Life is ready to collaborate with you in order to provide the assistance that is most appropriate for your college student.

This e-newsletter is intended to be a resource for you so that you, too, can be equipped with answers to your college student’s questions – there will be a lot of them! This publication will be produced quarterly, and we will actively strive to provide you with information that will directly benefit your student while they reside in campus housing. I have every confidence you will find these updates to be a good source of information about what students who choose to live on campus are experiencing or what they need to know to successfully navigate the academic year. However, if there are questions that this newsletter doesn’t answer, all you need to do is send your student our way. There is a Resident Assistant (RA), and Area Coordinator (AC) or an office staff member available to them 24 hours a day. Thank you for the support you give them every day, and thank you for allowing us to partner with them to create a memorable and educational out-of-classroom experience.



Gail Sims-Aubert
Office of Residence Life, Director

SOA Spotlight – Bryce Kutcher

Even though summer has officially ended and the Fall 2017 semester is underway, we have one more Summer Operations Assistant who deserves some recognition for his hard work all summer! Bryce Kutcher joined us this past summer for the first time as one of our SOAs. Bryce is going into his third year here at UWGB studying Psychology with a minor in Human Development.

Bryce chose to work with us this summer because he thought that staying on campus over the some would provide some unique opportunities. IMG_5849Although he wasn’t quite sure if he would enjoy the SOA position, he was very quickly proved wrong. After starting his work as a SOA he realized how much fun he was going to have all summer. His favorite part about working as a SOA this past summer was befriending the other Summer Operations Assistant. Bryce is glad to say that he made 4 new amazing friends this past summer!

Throughout the school year, Bryce works at the circulation desk in the library. So, next time you stop in to study, make sure you say hi! Thank you Bryce for all of your hard work this past summer. We definitely couldn’t have ran as smoothly as we did without you!

SOA Fun Facts!

Name: Bryce Kutcher

Major/Minor: Psychology Major with a Human Development Minor

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: Beaver Dam, WI

Favorite Part of UWGB: The private bathrooms!

Favorite Class: Musical Theatre History

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Current Show you are binge watching on Netflix: The Office or Skin Wars

If your life were a book, what would the title be: “Is he ok…?”

Best Study Spot on Campus: My bedroom or the library

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic Sport, what would it be: Napping

SOA Spotlight – Adrian Nelson

With only a week left before #gbmovein, we have just enough time to highlight two more of our Summer Operations Assistants! This SOA Spotlight is on UWGB Junior Adrian Nelson! Adrian is finishing up his second summer working with us here at Residence Life. He began last summer as a Summer Housing Assistant, continued throughout the school year working as a Front Desk Assistant, and joined us this summer as one of our amazing SOAs!

Adrian chose to work with us this summer because he loves how relaxed the summers are on campus and his experience as a Summer IMG_5816Housing Assistant last year made him jump at the opportunity to return this summer! His favorite parts about being a SOA are spending time with his amazing coworkers and rounds through every single building. Although it may not seem like fun, it’s basically hanging out with your friends and getting in a little aerobic exercise!

When not in Residence Life, you can find Adrian playing the drums at all Men’s and Women’s basketball games for the Phoenix Pep Band and interning in the Pride Center. Thank you Adrian for yet another amazing summer!

SOA Fun Facts!

Name: Adrian Nelson

Major: Human Development

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: Kingsford, MI

Favorite Part of UWGB: Chris who works in the Garden. He makes the best subs and he is such a ray of sunshine I absolutely adore him!

Favorite Class: Hand Drumming with Bill Sallak and Intro to Women and Gender Studies with Kris Coulter

Favorite Holiday: Does Daylight Saving when it ends count? Like when you fall back an hour? It feels like I get to sleep in a little more so that’s pretty neat.

If your life were a book, what would the title be: Let’s Play it by Ear

Best Study Spot on Campus: Anywhere that’s not a hallway. Preferably somewhere I can take a little snooze without being interrupted.

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic Sport, what would it be: Karaoke

SOA Spotlight – Jazmine Drebenstedt

The SOA Spotlight is on Jazmine Drebenstedt! Jazmine completing her first full year working here at Residence Life as she worked on campus her freshman year as a Front Desk Assistant for the Community Center. She has already secured her position to stay on staff with us next Fall as IMG_5837one of our Desk and Facilities Student Managers!

Jazmine is going into her second year here at UWGB with a major in Human Development with minors in Spanish and Psychology! She chose to work as a SOA this summer not only make a little money, but to continue working in the Residence Life community while trying a different job. Her favorite part of working as a SOA this summer is how well the entire team “clicked.” It definitely makes a job easy and enjoyable when everyone gets along and works well together!

Thank you Jazmine for an amazing summer and we can’t wait to have you back for the Fall semester!

SOA Fun Facts!

Name: Jazmine Drebenstedt

Major/Minor: Human Development with minors in Spanish and Psychology

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: Watertown, WI

Favorite Part of UWGB: Just walking around campus and I look around and feel so happy to be here.

Favorite Class: Intro to Psychology with Dr. Lorenz

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Current show you are binge watching on Netflix: The Fosters, but I am a really dedicated binge-watcher so I have a new show practically every week

SOA Spotlight – Alyssa Yang

IMG_5859Our next Summer Operations Assistant Spotlight is on first year employee Alyssa Yang! Alyssa is going to be a sophomore here at UW-Green Bay studying Psychology. She made the decision to work at Residence Life this summer because she wanted an opportunity to meet new people and interact with more students and this position was perfect for that!

Alyssa loves her job as a SOA and said that her favorite part about working in ResLife is talking to the snowbirds! Not sure what a snowbird is? It is an awesome program that you can learn more about here!

Thank you for an amazing summer Alyssa! We couldn’t have had such a successful summer without your hard work!

SOA Fun Facts!

Name: Alyssa Yang

Major: Psychology

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Favorite Part of UWGB: GPS and Dr. Denise Bartell

Favorite Class: Love and Lust with Dr. Bartell

Favorite Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Current show you are binge watching on Netflix: Real Husbands of Hollywood

Best Study Spot on Campus: Any empty classroom in Wood Hall

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