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Housing and Residence Life

An Intro to the Re-Contracting Process

It is time to begin thinking about your living arrangements for next year!

Next week Monday, February 22nd, the housing re-contracting process will begin. This means if you are planning to live on campus during the 2016-2017 school year you may begin to re-contract online. Students will be able to re-contract online until March 21st. Following the online re-contracting process, students will be emailed their room selection priority numbers as well as the time they can choose their housing. Housing selection begins on March 29th and runs through the 31st. More details about the room selection process will be sent out as room selection draws closer.

Here are a few steps to take to insure you have the best possible re-contracting process:

Step 1: Talk to your friends and figure out who you’d like to room with. Also discuss where you think you’d like to live. Take a look at our interactive 3D floor plans to get an idea of what each housing option is like.

Step 2: Re-contract online by March 21st .

Step 3: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Be sure to enter the many contests that will be running on our social media pages for a chance to win prizes!

Step 4: Attend room selection on March 29th -31st to choose and secure your housing for next year.

Contact Residence Life at (920)465-2040 or if you have any questions! Thanks for making campus the place students choose to live!

January OTMs

The winning OTMs for the month of January have been announced!  Since it’s #uwgblove week, show some love and congratulate those below!

Advisor: Lucy Arendt nominated by Trevor Copeland

First Year Student: Fontasia Robinson nominated by Nate Fiene

Institution Faculty/Staff: Logan Hendricks nominated by Sami Dannhauser

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Jeff Willems nominated by Kassandra Yunto and Taylor Steele

Resident Assistant: Kassie Yunto nominated by Taylor Steele

Student: Andrew Pfaff nominated by Mack Dunn

November OTMS

Here are the winning OTMs for the month of November! If you see any of these people, please congratulate them on their OTM.

Community Service Program: Giving Thanks Potluck (Ty Bodden) nominated by Parker Baerenwald

Educational Program: Tundra Luau (Adam Novotny) nominated by Abby Frye

Executive Board Member: Sam Soda nominated by Amber Dryer

Institution Faculty/Staff: Kay Voss nominated by Connor Cook

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Adam Novotny nominated by Jody Schiess and Mallory Woloszyk

Resident Assistant: Olivia VerKilen nominated by James Ward

Residential Community: Contemps Staff (Adam Novotny, Abby Frye, Kassie Yunto, et. al.) nominated by Kassie Yunto

Social Program: GB Off Key (Amy Mauk) nominated by Joe Ebert

Student: Pam Parish nominated by Ty Bodden

Enterprise CarShare

Stuck on campus without a car and sick of asking friends to drive you around Green Bay? Check out Enterprise CarShare. Enterprise has two cars located in the main housing parking lot available for students to rent for an hour or more.  Cars can also be rented overnight. To rent a car, sign up on the Enterprise CarShare website.  There is a one-time application fee which is currently only $1 until December 31st.  The annual membership fee is waived for the first year for UW-Green Bay students.  The Enterprise CarShare program is supported by the campus Sustainability Committee.

Resident Satisfaction Survey- Building Contest

During the Resident Satisfaction Survey, buildings compete against each other to win a free night of games and refreshments in the Phoenix Club! Each time a student completes a survey, they help boost the percentage of surveys taken by the each respective building. The standings after the first week are as follows:

1st Place: Josephine Lenfestey
2nd Place: Cletus Vanderperren
3rd: James Temp Hall

The rest of the rankings can be seen below. Make sure you complete the Resident Satisfaction Survey to help your building’s chances of winning the contest!

Week 1 Building Contest Capture

October OTMs

The winning OTMs for October have been announced. If you see them, please congratulate the following:

Advisor: Sara Schmitz nominated by Mack Dunn

Educational Program: Rocktoberfest 2015 (Bryan Konicek) nominated by Jeff Willems

Executive Board Member: Brittany Heinen nominated by Michelle McChesney

First Year Student: Danielle Shea nominated by Mariah Pursley and Katie Werre

Institution Faculty/Staff: Stacie Christian nominated by Deborah Fletcher

Organization: Young Americans for Liberty (Advisor: Matt Geimer) nominated by Vianna Alfaro

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Julianne Crayton nominated by Jody Schiess and Mallory Woloszyk

Resident Assistant: Taylor Steele nominated by Faith VerBruggen

Residential Community: James Temp Hall (Jeff Willems, Bao
Nhia Xiong, Nate Fiene) nominated by Nate Fiene

Social Program: Humans vs. Zombies (Quin Merriweather and Trad Apt. Staff) nominated by James Ward

Student: Kasia Belanger nominated by Anna Yang and Jessica Murphy

Resident Satisfaction Survey 2015

The annual Resident Satisfaction Survey, conducted by Educational Benchmarking Incorporated (EBI) will be taking place November 5th through November 25th. The purpose of this survey is to obtain resident feedback in regards to housing facilities and services, Resident Assistants, the mail room and community center hours as well as your overall satisfaction with living on campus. Arriving in your campus email inbox tomorrow (11/5) will be a unique link for the survey. Residents that complete the survey will be entered in a drawing to win weekly prizes. The first 25 students to complete the survey will win a Bluetooth Selfie Stick. Be sure to tweet “I completed the @uwgb_housing Resident Survey #ResidentSurvey2015” for a greater chance at winning a prize. Other prizes consist of vouchers to the Common Grounds Coffee House, Green Bay Gamblers tickets, Cheap Seats movie tickets, UW-Green Bay shirts, and more! Two grand prize winners will receive a Kindle Fire tablet.  All survey responses are kept anonymous. Thank you for helping keep our campus the place students chose to live!

Make No Mark Week

The Office of Residence Life is teaming up once again with the Residence Green Life Committee for  the second annual Make No Mark Week. This is a week long event to provide opportunity to learn about sustainability and to get involved in campus and community activities.  Make No Mark Week activities are as follows:

Eat and Travel Sustainably
Monday, October 26th – Community Center at 4:45 pm
Join fellow students for a bus ride to downtown Green Bay and enjoy an evening at sustainability focused Kavarna Coffeehouse. Please bring money for food and expect to return to UWGB around 8:00 pm.

Carbon Footprint: What’s Yours? 
Tuesday, October 27th – 3rd Floor Library at 3:35 – 4:15 pm
Come take part in a creative activity to determine your carbon footprint!

Water Awareness 
Wednesday, October 28th – Community Center MPR at 6:30 pm
70% of the Earth’s surface is water but only 1% is drinkable. Come learn how to conserve water, make an ocean in a bottle, and make the world a better place! FREE water bottle for all who attend.

Reduce > Reuse > Recycle
Thursday, October 29th – Community Center  MPR at 7:00 pm
Join us to learn about sustainable alternatives, compete to make the best animal out of recyclables and go home with some swag! Snacks will be provided, all we ask is that you bring any recyclables you have. We hope to see you there!

Remember, you can make your mark by leaving no mark.

Holiday Decorating Guidelines

As the holiday season nears, the Office of Residence Life has a few guidelines to remind students about regarding holiday decorations. While we encourage students to decorate their residence hall or apartment, we ask that all students abide by the following guidelines:

Guidelines for Decorating Your Room or Apartment

  1. Halloween pumpkins should be colored with markers rather than carved to prevent rotting.
  2. All light cords should be UL approved, safe and free of cracks.
  3. The only extension cords permitted in housing are those that are UL listed 3 wire/3 prong cords of a 16 gauge minimum weight.
  4. The only multi-plug device you may use is a power strip with an on/off switch, 15-20 amp circuit breaker/surge protector with a 3 prong grounded plug.
  5. Unplug all lights when you are not in your room or apartment.
  6. Use poster putty or painters tape when hanging up decorations to walls or doors.
  7. Remove all decorations before you leave for semester break.
  8. Do not place pumpkins in hallways or breeze ways.

Items Not Permitted 

  1. Real leaves, trees or wreaths made from natural materials are not permitted. (This is a fire regulation).
  2. Electrical cords may not be placed under carpeting, on bed frames or over archways. Do not use holiday light strings around metal furnishings such as door frames.
  3. Please do not cover light fixtures and light bulbs with decorations.
  4. Do not use spray on “snow” on your windows, doors, walls or mirrors.
  5. Please do not overload your electrical sockets.
  6. Candles are not permitted in student housing.

OTMs – September

The winning OTMs for September have been announced. If you see any of the following, please congratulate them on their achievement!

Educational Program: Honoring the Fallen – 9/11 Flag Retirement (Nate Fiene) nominated by Jeff Willems

Executive Board Member: Desiree Walton nominated by Adam Novotny

First Year Student: Carlos Zuniga nominated by Naomi Semb-Lovejoy

Institution Faculty/Staff: Marie (MAC Coffee Cart) nominated by Rachel Clift and Karli Peterson

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Traditional Apartment Staff 2015-16 nominated by Connor Cook

Resident Assistant: Trevor Thompson nominated by Joseph Ebert and Michelle McChesney

Residential Community: 3334 A-Side nominated by James Ward

Social Program: Welcome Wars: Race to Central Perk (Faith VerBruggen) nominated by Taylor Steele

Spotlight: Campus Cupboard (PRIDE Center) nominated by Faith Lent

Student: Abbie Hartung nominated by Rachel Clift and Kassie Yunto

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