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Housing and Residence Life

Unused Electronic Donation

UWGB Residence Life is accepting unused electronics in an effort to Go Green. The following electronics will be accepted:

  • TVs
  • Computers (desktops, laptops, & tablets)
  • Desktop Printers
  • Computer Monitors
  • Computer Accessories (mice, keyboards, & speakers)
  • DVD Players, VCRs, & DVRs
  • Gaming Devices
  • Fax Machines
  • Cell Phones
  • Microwave Ovens

If you have any of the above electronics and are willing to donate them, please bring these items to the lower level of the Community Center. Items will be accepted from May 2-May 16.

Show Your School Colors, Go Green and Donate!

As you begin to pack up your belongings to return home for the summer, you may notice that you have some unwanted items that won’t be making the trip home. Lucky for you, Residence Life has partnered with the Campus Cupboard and St. Vincent de Paul to hold a donations drive.

Students may donate all unwanted items such as non-perishable food items, clothing, other textiles, kitchen items, shoes, books or other household items.

Collection stations can be found in the following locations:

  • Community Center – Lower Level
  • Pamperin – 1st Floor Lounge
  • Thompson – 1st Floor Lounge
  • Liebl – 1st Floor Lobby
  • Haevers – 1st Floor Lobby
  • Robishaw – 1st Floor Lobby
  • Harden 1st Floor Lobby
  • Downham – 1st Floor Lobby

Electronics may also be donated but only at the Community Center.

Thank you for your support of this important initiative.  If you have any questions, please contact us by email, or by phone (920) 465-2040.

RoomSync Facebook App for New Freshmen

As a freshman, the first, sometimes stressful, task of being a college student is selecting a roommate. Luckily for the class of 2020, your roommate search just got easier! UW-Green Bay has launched the RoomSync app that operates through Facebook which revolutionizes the freshman roommate selection process.

RoomSync, which opened on April 4th, allows new freshmen who are contracted with UWGB Housing to connect through their Facebook account to find a roommate. The app will close on June17th

The RoomSync Process is as follows:

  1. Freshmen who have contracted to live on campus received a link to use the app via email, which contains a Community Network name and a Room Sync ID number.
  2. After clicking the link, the user will be prompted to “Come on in” by clicking the large, orange button.
  3. Facebook will then verify the user as it signs into the app through the user’s Facebook account. User should click “Okay” to verify.
  4. After agreeing to the terms of service, the user then enters the Community Network name, “UW Green Bay”, then selects a sub-network, “First Year Freshmen” followed by the provided RoomSync ID number, which is unique for each user. Lastly, select a room type.
  5. The next page will ask you for your personal information such as name, sex, email, Twitter handle and Instagram username
  6. The next screen allows you to select your lifestyle preferences such as the time you go to sleep, the amount of noise you generate with video games/T.V./computer, or how often you anticipate having guests over as well as other related questions.
  7. The user then fills out a form, “My Ideal Roommate” where the user fills in information on what their ideal roommate would be like.
  8. The user then selects their smoking preferences.
  9. The next screen asks the user to describe themselves with information about their major, interesting facts, etc. The user can also describe, in detail, their ideal roommate.
  10. The app then interacts with your Facebook “likes”, having you authorize that other users can search you based off of your “likes”.
  11. After completion, the user receives a welcome email from RoomSync. At the bottom of the email there is a “Find Roommates” button. Once the button is clicked, you are taken to RoomSync where you can begin to find roommates.

If you have any questions about using the app, please contact RoomSync at If you have any other questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life, (920) 465-2040,

March OTM Winners

The winning OTM’s for March have been announced. If you see any of the people below, please congratulate them on their accomplishment!

Advisor: Aaron Weinschenk nominated by Mikayla Becherer

Educational Program: Flippin’ Under the Stars (Allison LeMahieu) nominated by Abby Frye

Executive Board Member: Amber Dryer nominated by Skyler Toyne

First Year Student: Emily Clark nominated by Naomi Semb-Lovejoy

Institution Faculty/Staff: Dr. David Helpap nominated by Sami Dannhauser

Organization: Green Life Committee nominated by James Ward

Resident Assistant: Anna Yang nominated by Jeff Willems

Spotlight: Dining Contract Committee (Rick Warpinski)
nominated by Allison LeMahieu

Student: Annemarie Schwery nominated by Michelle McChesney

Summer Employment Opportunities – Summer Housing Assistant

The Office of Residence Life is currently hiring for the Residence Life Business Operations Team. There are openings in the Summer Housing Assistant position. This position offers the following benefits:

  • Earn $360 per week
  • Housing in a private bedroom, air-conditioned apartment
  • A flexible schedule and the ability to take vacation time
  • The chance to work as part of a great team
  • Gain valuable business, customer service and leadership experience

Still not sure if this position is the right fit for you? Check out what some of our former Summer Housing Assistants have to say!

“I seriously loved everything about it! It was such a good experience and the people I met were pretty chill. Great team. Everything that we did as a team helped me develop my interpersonal relations and teamwork skills.”                                 -Rissel Peguero, Junior

“I was given many opportunities to grow as a leader in a fun, and challenging way. It was a great way to spend a summer while experiencing living on campus in a whole new light. I also really enjoyed working with the people on staff, and I ended the summer with new friends I will have for years to come.”                                                       -Emily Brown, Senior


“What I enjoyed the most was the variety it provided because even though I worked as a Summer Housing Assistant for several summers, each one offered new opportunities and experiences. It helped strengthen my time management skills and helped prepare me for the future.”                                                                     -Rosa Serrano, UW-Green Bay Graduate

More information regarding this position can be found on our website

To apply: Send completed applications by email to:  or bring your application to the Community Center/Office of Residence Life.  Applications are due by Monday, February 29th, however applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.  Download position description and application materials by visiting the following web page

Questions: Contact Kelly Steffes (920) 465-2040

Summer Employment Opportunities – Facilities Custodial & Maintenance Positions

The Office of Residence Life is currently hiring for the 2016 Summer Facilities Operations Team. There are openings in the Facilities Custodial & Maintenance positions. These positions offer the following benefits:

  • Earn $9.00 per hour, 40 hours during most weeks
  • 50% qualified employee discount on UWGB summer student housing, air conditioned, private bedroom
  • Vacation time during designated periods of employment
  • The chance to work as part of a great team
  • Gain valuable leadership, teamwork and guest services experience

More information regarding this position can be found on our website

To apply: Send completed applications by email to:  or bring your application to the Community Center/Office of Residence Life.  Applications are due by Monday, February 29th, however applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.  Download position description and application materials by visiting the following web page  

Questions: Contact Sharon  or Terry or call (920) 465-2483

GB Coolest Cribs Contest

Do you think you have the coolest res hall or apartment on campus?! As part of the re-contracting process, we want to see! Students can tweet or message us a photo of their residence hall or apartment with the hashtag ‪#‎GBCoolestCribs‬ to enter our Re-Contracting Coolest Cribs contest. For the remainder of the re-contracting process, photos  will be on Facebook, in our “Coolest Cribs 2016” album.The picture with that receives the  most “likes” will win a Kindle Fire!

Below are some entries from the contest last year.


An Intro to the Re-Contracting Process

It is time to begin thinking about your living arrangements for next year!

Next week Monday, February 22nd, the housing re-contracting process will begin. This means if you are planning to live on campus during the 2016-2017 school year you may begin to re-contract online. Students will be able to re-contract online until March 21st. Following the online re-contracting process, students will be emailed their room selection priority numbers as well as the time they can choose their housing. Housing selection begins on March 29th and runs through the 31st. More details about the room selection process will be sent out as room selection draws closer.

Here are a few steps to take to insure you have the best possible re-contracting process:

Step 1: Talk to your friends and figure out who you’d like to room with. Also discuss where you think you’d like to live. Take a look at our interactive 3D floor plans to get an idea of what each housing option is like.

Step 2: Re-contract online by March 21st .

Step 3: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Be sure to enter the many contests that will be running on our social media pages for a chance to win prizes!

Step 4: Attend room selection on March 29th -31st to choose and secure your housing for next year.

Contact Residence Life at (920)465-2040 or if you have any questions! Thanks for making campus the place students choose to live!

January OTMs

The winning OTMs for the month of January have been announced!  Since it’s #uwgblove week, show some love and congratulate those below!

Advisor: Lucy Arendt nominated by Trevor Copeland

First Year Student: Fontasia Robinson nominated by Nate Fiene

Institution Faculty/Staff: Logan Hendricks nominated by Sami Dannhauser

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Jeff Willems nominated by Kassandra Yunto and Taylor Steele

Resident Assistant: Kassie Yunto nominated by Taylor Steele

Student: Andrew Pfaff nominated by Mack Dunn

November OTMS

Here are the winning OTMs for the month of November! If you see any of these people, please congratulate them on their OTM.

Community Service Program: Giving Thanks Potluck (Ty Bodden) nominated by Parker Baerenwald

Educational Program: Tundra Luau (Adam Novotny) nominated by Abby Frye

Executive Board Member: Sam Soda nominated by Amber Dryer

Institution Faculty/Staff: Kay Voss nominated by Connor Cook

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Adam Novotny nominated by Jody Schiess and Mallory Woloszyk

Resident Assistant: Olivia VerKilen nominated by James Ward

Residential Community: Contemps Staff (Adam Novotny, Abby Frye, Kassie Yunto, et. al.) nominated by Kassie Yunto

Social Program: GB Off Key (Amy Mauk) nominated by Joe Ebert

Student: Pam Parish nominated by Ty Bodden

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