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Housing and Residence Life

Jewelry for Justice

Jewelry for Justice is a jewelry and accessory sale were the profits go to help women who were or are trying to break out of sex trafficking. Come see some beautiful jewelry and support a great cause!

Monday: Noon – 7pm Phoenix Room C
Tuesday: Noon – 7pm Phoenix Room C
Wed: 10AM – 7PM Phoenix Room C
Thursday: 11AM – 4PM Alumni Rooms

RA/CA Spotlight~ Veronica Wierer


Today the veronicaRA/CA spotlight is on Veronica Wierer, a communication major with a design arts minor and an emphasis in photography. Some people call her “V” for short and in her free time, Veronica likes to take photos, look through magazines, and watch movies. “Otherwise I am addicted to Pintrest.” Veronica said.

This is Veronica’s first semester as an RA but she was previously a SHA. Her favorite part of the position is meeting new people and creating awesome bulletin boards. Veronica also has a lot of academic accomplishments. “I have an internship with the Marketing and University Communication Department on campus. I also am a darkroom assistant, which is a great learning experience and I love it.  I will also be running a LinkedIn photo booth during Business Week. So you can get a professional photo taken for your own page.” Veronica said.

Veronica said that being an RA has taught her time management and responsibility. Veronica is looking forward to making many memories as an RA but for right now nothing tops the memory from her summer as a SHA. “All of the SHA’s would get together and play volleyball very late at night when it was cool out.”

Thanks for joining our RA team!

RA/CA Spotlight~ Seenia Thao

Seenia ThaoToday the RA/CA spotlight is on Seenia Thao, a social work major with an emphasis in child welfare and a minor in psychology. Seenia said the best way to remember how to pronounce her name is “Seenia later, alligator!”

“When I am not hanging out with my friends and boyfriend, visiting my baby nephew, or eating good food, I’m catching up on all the shows I am addicted to. I also enjoy creative writing, especially poetry.” Seenia said in regards to her free time.

This is Seenia’s third semester being an RA and her favorite part of the position is being a resource to her residents. “When I see residents comfortable in their housing spaces, with their roommates, and with me as a resource they can depend on.” Seenia said.

Seenia has had a lot of success as an RA, earning a few awards and still being able to stay strong academically. “My biggest accomplishment as an RA was being recognized as the New Resident Assistant of the Year Award after only a semester of being employed in the position. I also was happy to receive recognition from Roy/Phase 3 Communities with Outstanding Door Decorations for my Fat Ninja door decorations last semester.” Seenia said. Seenia has also dramatically improved her GPA and has received two Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Award.

Seenia said that being an RA has taught her the importance of community and teamwork. Seenia said that her favorite memories from being on staff are all the laughs and fun at the weekly staff meetings.

RA/CA Spotlight~ Kaija Long

Today the RA/CA spotlight is on Kaija Long, a Resident Assistant in Arlene Walter Hall. Kaija is a history major, and in her free time, enjoys watching Doctor Who or reading a good book.

This is Kaija’s second year as an RA and her favorite part of this position is helping fellow students find what they love and what they are good at. Kaija credits her biggest accomplishment in this position to making really great friends and helping others get involved in leadership opportunities. Kaija also talked about what this position has taught her.

“This job has taught me so much. I’ve learned that people aren’t as scary as I thought they were, and I have come out of my shell a little bit because of that. The most important skill that I’ve learned in this job is how to communicate with others and become more open.”

Kaija said that her favorite memory from her time on staff so far is learning how to wobble in RA training this past summer.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Desk Staff Spotlight~ Brianna Schwanke

Today the Desk Staff spotlight is shining on Brianna Schwanke, a double major in political science and public administration with an emphasis in public management and policy with a business administration minor. In her free time, Brianna likes to shop online, hang out with friends, do word searches or sudoku, and watch movies.

This is Brianna’s third semester on Desk Staff and her favorite part of this position is forming close relationships with the other desk workers and the professional staff. Brianna said that being on Desk Staff has taught her multi-tasking, time management, organizational and good communication skills.

Brianna also reflected on her favorite staff memory. “One of my favorite memories from my time was the staff Christmas party last year, where we all exchanged white elephant gifts.” Brianna said.  “Another one of my favorite memories was the room selection day last year and playing catch with the res-life stress balls with Nicki Phillips, who has now become one of my best friends.”

Thanks for all you do!

RA/CA Spotlight~ Andrew Haugen

Today the RA/CA spotlight is on Andrew Haugen a Resident Assistant in Ed Thompson Hall. Andrew is an art major with a minor in graphic design. In his free time, Andrew enjoys the art of photography.

This is Andrew’s first year as an RA and his favorite part of this position is communicating with residents and forming a bond with them. Andrew also attributes his biggest accomplishment to bonding with his residents. “One of my biggest goals this year as an RA was just having my residents acknowledge me. Many of them even invite me over and give me treats, which is awesome.” Andrew said. Andrew also had the accomplishment of getting into the 41st Juried Art Exhibition in the Lawton Gallery here on campus and winning the Chancellors Award at that exhibition. Andrew said that this position has taught him a lot about time management skills and networking with people.

Andrew said that his favorite staff memory is anytime his residents give him treats.

Thanks for all your hard work!

RA/CA Spotlight~ Mitchell Sabez

Today the RA/CA spotlight is on Mitchell Sabez, a Resident Assistant in Pamperin Hall. Mitchell is a business administration management major and, in his spare time, Mitchell likes to play intramural tennis and ultimate frisbee. Mitchell is also a big fan of movies and good music.

This is Mitchell’s third year as an RA and his favorite part of this position is getting to know people he otherwise would not have met. Mitchell’s biggest accomplishments in his RA position are writing three winning Of The Month awards and receiving an Of The Month award for a staff program last year. Mitchell said that this position has taught him just how necessary the job of the RA is. “We definitely need RAs on campus to assist people with a whole lot of different things.” Mitchell said.

Mitchell also reflected on his favorite memory from his time on staff. “My favorite RA memory is taking pictures with both of my thumbs up in the air and being in the housing pamphlet the last two years.” Mitchell said.

Thanks for all your hard work!

RA/CA Spotlight~ Kelsey McCormick

Today the RA/CA spotlight is on Kelsey McCormick, a Resident Assistant in Roy Downham Hall. Kelsey is an environmental policy and planning major, and in her free time, Kelsey likes to read, run, and spend time with family and friends.

This is Kelsey’s first year as an RA and her favorite part of her position is being able to help people. “. It is important to me that I answer all of my resident’s questions, even if that means doing a little research on my own. This has helped me to form many great bonds with the people I live with.” Kelsey said. Kelsey also notes becoming an RA as one of her biggest accomplishments. Being an RA has taught Kelsey to see things differently. “I have learned to work to others’ strengths along with respect the responsibilities in which they are held accountable. I have become much more confident with my leadership skills/style and can now better communicate my points to others.” Kelsey said.

Kelsey also reflected on her favorite staff memories, saying that she could not pin down just one memory. “I love the goofy moments that I get to share with my fellow staff members. Whether they be during the team builders that we do before every meeting or at Applebee’s for half price apps at 11 at night. I can always count on being surrounded by optimistic people to make it their personal responsibility to make your day great!” Kelsey said.

Thanks for all you do Kelsey!

Desk Staff Spotlight~ Bradley Schetter

Today the Desk Staff spotlight is on Bradley Schetter, a history major with a minor in education and a broad field in social studies. In his free time, Bradley likes to hang out with friends and family, play video games and go to sporting events.

Bradley has been on Desk Staff for a year and a half and his favorite part of the position is interacting with people. Bradley said that his biggest accomplishment on Desk staff was learning all of the challenging programs and systems used for his job and his biggest academic accomplishment was earning a 3.4 GPA. Being on Desk Staff has taught Bradley responsibility and a good work ethic.

Bradley said that his favorite memory from his time on Desk Staff was working move in day for the first time.

Thanks Bradley for everything you do!

Holiday Decorating Policies

With the holiday season upon us, it is important to know and understand The Office of Residence Life Holiday Decorating Policies to avoid policy violation. Many of these policies come from University safety regulations and city/state fire codes. When “decking the halls” of your room or apartment, keep the following in mind:

1. Use light cords that are UL approved, safe, and free of cracks or other signs of wear.

2. Extension cords must be UL listed, 3 wire/3 prong cords, of a 16 gauge minimum weight.

3. Power strips must have an on/off switch and 15-20 amp circuit breaker/surge protector and a 3-prong grounded plug-in.

4. Electrical cords and light strings may not be placed under rugs, on bed frames, around metal furnishings such as door frames, hung from ceilings, over archways or taped to the floor.

5. Always unplug your lights when you are not in your room or apartment.

6. Candles are not permitted.

7. Fire regulations prohibit real leaves, trees or wreaths made from natural material in your room or apartment.

8. Never cover light fixtures, light bulbs, electrical outlets or electrical appliances with decorations.

9. Do not use spray “snow” on your windows, walls, doors, carpet or mirrors.

10. Decorations may not be suspended from the ceiling or across any portion of the ceiling or archway.

11. Tape (except for painter’s tape) is not permitted on walls, doors, frames, floors or covering any exit.

12. Please use poster putty or painter’s tape to adhere decorative items to walls or doors.

13. All of the above guidelines apply for decorations used in lounges or other community/public areas.

14. Decorations in community/public areas may not block building entrances/exits, hallways or room/apartment doorways.

15. Decorations in common areas must be removed immediately following the event.

16. Remove all decorations prior to your departure if you leave for an extended period during the semester break.

For full holiday decorating policies, visit Residence Life’s online Policies and Expectations guide. Contact the Office of Residence Life with any questions on policies.

Happy Holidays!

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