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Housing and Residence Life

Roommate Assignment & Notification

Roommate assignment and notification day is almost here! This is one of the most anticipated days of the summer. Freshmen, this means you get to find out who your roommate will be for the upcoming academic year. For students returning to on campus housing, this is a time for you to verify that your roommate is correct and your housing is the housing you chose during housing selection. If you picked a random roommate you will also be able to find out who your roommate will be.

Be sure to keep checking your campus email account to make sure you don’t miss your notification.

Once you receive your roommate assignment, it is best to get in contact with your roommate! In addition to an introduction, you may wish to discuss your future living situation: who is bring what to your residence hall or apartment and discuss other living preferences and get to know each other.

Also in your roommate assignment will be instructions for the online pre-check in which must be done upon arriving on campus on move in day. Remember, completing pre-check in does not mean you don’t need to check in on move in day! If you do not check in upon your arrival your card will not allow you access to your residence hall or apartment.

After you complete pre-check in you will be able to access your roommate assignment via the Express Check-In site. Important information found once logged onto Express Check-In includes:

  • Date and time required to check in
  • Name and address of your check in station
  • Name and address of your building of residence
  • Roommate contact information
  • Mailbox number and combination

Once again, make sure to check your UWGB campus email account to access all housing and roommate assignments.

SHA Spotlight: Katelyn Krajewski

Katelyn Krajewski, today’s SHA spotlight shines on you!Katelyn Krajewsi1

This is Katelyn’s first year as a SHA. Katelyn is enthusiastic about her new position saying “I wanted to become a SHA because I wanted to show our visitors how great the UWGB campus really is!” Being able to interact with the campus visitors is a big part of what Katelyn is looking forward to this summer.

As she is new to the position, Katelyn is learning about the job and Residence Life every day.

“I have learned a lot!” Katelyn said, “The biggest thing I’ve learned is not to worry because the professional staff is looking out for us.”

The staff at UWGB is one of Katelyn’s favorite aspects of the school.

“My favorite part (of campus) by far is the people! The professors and staff really do care about the students and want them to succeed,” Katelyn said.

In addition to working for Residence Life, Katelyn is very stays involved on campus, especially with the Circle K organization. She will be serving as the Bulletin Editor during the upcoming school year.

In her free time, Katelynn likes to travel and explore new areas in Wisconsin, take her dog for a walk and watch shows on Netflix.

Quick FactsKatelyn Krajewski2

Name: Katelyn Krajewski
Major/Minor: History major and Education minor
Hometown: Little Suamico, WI
Favorite candy: Dove chocolate
Favorite book: Just Listen- Sarah Dessen
Favorite Quote: “Time heals almost everything. Make sure you give time, time.”
Favorite TV show: The Fosters and Masterchef
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite class: Studies in Comparative History with Caroline Boswell (By far the hardest class I’ve ever taken but I learned so much!)
If you were auditioning for American Idol, what song would you sing: Ghost- Ella Henderson
If someone were writing your biography, what would the title be: “Never Taking No for an Answer!”
Do you have any pets: one cat and one dog
If you could travel abroad anywhere, where would you go: I would go back to London and then explore South Africa.

Summer Housing Assistant Spotlight: Kellyn Wieland

Kellyn 1

Our first Summer Housing Assistant taking the spotlight is senior Kellyn Wieland.  Although Kellyn has worked within Residence Life for a year, this is her first time in the SHA position.

Kellyn coveted this position as a chance to learn more about working in Residence Life.

“I never knew about the RA aspect of Residence Life, so this was my chance to explore a new opportunity,” Kellyn said.

Working as a SHA, Kellyn gets to experience a little bit of everything that Residence Life has to offer: working the front desk, mailroom and as an RA to all summer residents including all students and guests.

“I am looking forward to talking with the Snowbirds,” Kellyn said, “I feel like I could learn a lot from them!”

Snowbirds are the older guests that live on campus during the summer.

Living on campus during the school year and summer lets Kellyn stay close to her friends, class and work.

“I love being so close to everything. There is always something to do with all the programs that are put on by the many organizations around campus!” Kellyn said.

Welcome to the SHA staff, Kellyn. We are very excited to have you with us!

Kellyn Wieland Quick Facts

Hometown: Howards Grove, WI
Major / Minor: Education/Spanish
Favorite candy: Reese’s trees/Easter egg cups
Favorite book: How to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Favorite Quote: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” –Albus Dumbledore
Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite class: Spanish
If you were auditioning for American Idol, what song would you sing: That would never happen.
If someone were writing your biography, what would the title be: Kellyn Wieland’s Biography
Do you have any pets: A dog (Bichon Frise) named Tucker.
If you could travel abroad anywhere, where would you go:  I actually plan to go to Cuernavaca over the Winter break, but I would love to visit Argentina some day!


End of the Year Closing Information

Apartment End-of-the-Year Closing & Other Important Information – May 2015

Your Housing Contract Ends on Saturday, May 16 at 4:00 p.m.
Students are encouraged to vacate their accommodations within 24 hours of their last final exam and no later than Saturday, May 16 at 4:00 p.m. unless arrangements have been made for summer housing. This means that you must clean, remove your belongings, and vacate your apartment by this time.Please do not check out until you are ready to depart. Door access will be terminated upon check-out.

Cleaning Instructions
In order to avoid cleaning charges make sure to clean your room/apartment thoroughly. We strongly recommend discussing cleaning responsibilities with your roommate(s).

Students do not need to change the current configuration of their beds (bunked, junior lofted, etc.), however, beds must be properly assembled and all furniture provided must be in the room upon check out to avoid damage charges.

Submit your Maintenance Requests Now
If you are aware of items in need of repair in your room or apartment, please submit an online Maintenance Request for these items now. Your room/apartment will be inspected after you move out and you will be charged for any damages, missing items and/or cleaning. Normal wear and tear items will not result in a charge.

Silent Hours are in Effect During Final Exams
As you know, your classmates expect an atmosphere conducive to sleep and study, especially during this time of the year. Silent hours will be posted in your buildings and Resident Assistants are expected to be particularly sensitive to noise levels. Violations of University and Housing policy will result in judicial action which may include your immediate eviction, cancellation of your housing contract, and/or referral of your case to the Dean of Students Office.

Do you have items you no longer need?
If you have personal belongings you no longer need, there will be collection containers in the Community Center where you may discard canned food items, clean clothing, school supplies and household items in good working condition. These items will be donated to charitable organizations in the Green Bay community. We are unable to accept electronics (TV’s, computers, cell phones, etc…). Electronics must be turned over to a registered electronics collector for disposal. E-waste collection locations can be found here:

Do you have a bicycle on campus?
Please remember to take your bike with you! All bikes left behind will be removed and will be turned over for disposal according to Residence Life policy

Mailroom & Address Changes
Please empty your mailbox and pick up all packages prior to your departure. To update your address for mail sent from the University, log into your SIS account and update your mailing address. Be sure to update your address with credit card or cell phone companies, magazines, banks, etc. Cancel any forwarding notices that you requested from your home post office for the academic year.


If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (920) 465-2040,

Of The Year Awards

The winners of the “Of The Year” awards for this academic year have been announced. Congratulations to all the winners!

Educational Program: #loveyourself nominated by Emma Kuhn

Resident Assistant:  Michelle McChesney nominated by Joseph Ebert

Social Program:  Clue Program Series nominated by Michelle McChesney and Joseph Ebert

Student: Mallory Woloszyk nominated by Megan Leonard

Organization: Residence Hall and Apartment Association nominated by Alyssa Lamberton

Executive Board Member: Allie Saxton nominated by Michelle McChesney

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Julianne Crayton nominated by Mariah Pursley

First Year Student: Katie Werre nominated by Brandilyn Kochera

April OTM Winners

The following are the winners of the April “Of The Month” award. If you see any of the winners, please congratulate them on their accomplishment!


Diversity Program: Doppelganger Fest nominated by Abby Frye

Institution Faculty/Staff: Charles Rybak nominated by Emma Kuhn

Resident Assistant:  Faith VerBruggen nominated by Annemarie Schwery

Social Program:  Clue 5.0 nominated by Michelle McChesney and Joseph Ebert

Spotlight: Amanda Judd nominated by Trevor Copeland

Student: Anna Gribova nominated by Chrissy Bartelme, Ashley Dalton, and Skyler Toyne

Show Your School Colors, Go Green and Donate!

As the academic year comes to a close, Residence Life has partnered with the Residence Green Life Committee and St. Vincent de Paul to hold a donations drive. This collection is to gather items that students may not want or need as they move out such as clothing, other textiles, kitchen items, shoes, books or other household items. We are asking that no televisions or electronics are dropped off. Non-perishable food items will also be collected to be donated to Paul’s Pantry of St. Vincent de Paul

Collection stations can be found in the following locations:

Community Center           Multipurpose Room (near mailroom)
Pamperin                            1st Floor Lounge
Thompson                          1st Floor Lobby
Liebl                                     1st Floor Lobby
Haevers                              1st Floor Lobby
Robishaw                           1st Floor Lobby
Harden                                1st Floor Lobby
Downham Hall                   1st Floor Lobby

Thank you in advanced for your participation!

Graphic Design Intern, Neil Ropson, Wins ADDY Award

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay Residence Life graphic design intern Neil Ropson’s work can be seen all over campus. But Ropson’s work has gotten him noticed by more than just UWGB students.

Ropson was the recipient of a student silver ADDY Award which is presented by the American Advertising Awards. A silver ADDY award is “considered outstanding and worthy of recognition.”

The American Advertising Awards is the advertising industry’s largest, most representative competition that consists of two national competitions: one for professionals and one for college students. To be qualified for the competition, the student has to be enrolled in a US educational institution and the work must be created during the student’s duration of schooling before they are working in the advertising industry.

While any student may enter the contest as long as they pay the entry fee, Ropson may not have entered if it was not for a professor recognizing his work.

“My design professor, Toni Damkoehler, always encouraged me to submit my work to competitions so if it hadn’t been for her I would have never won this award,” Ropson said.

Judges are selected at random and use a scoring process to make their decisions. The panel of judges evaluate the most creative entry in each category to see all the creative content of the work.

At the award ceremony, attendees are able to view all the work before ceremony starts. The President of the local AD Fed Club announced the winners. There were six award winners this year from the Fox River AD club, with four recipients coming from UWGB. Three gold awards and two silver awards were presented.

“I really pushed myself this year to aim for the ADDY award specifically,” Ropson said, “It was in my mind a way to prove to myself that I could design and a symbol that all my hard work had paid off.”

Ropson with his ADDY Award

Ropson with his ADDY Award

March OTM Winners

The winning OTMs for the month of March have been announced! If you see any of the following people, please congratulate them on their OTM.

Executive Board Member: Allie Saxton nominated by Michelle McChesney

First Year Student: Jody Schiess nominated by Annemarie Schwery

Institution Faculty/Staff: Kristina Berg nominated by Trevor Copeland

Organization: UWGB Feminists 4 Action nominated by Jeff Willems

Resident Assistant:  Chrissy Bartelme nominated by Taylor Steele

Social Program:  GB Off Key nominated by Kaija Long and Joseph Ebert

Student: Chloe Miller Hansen nominated by Jeff Willems

Feel free to begin submitting OTMs for the month of April. All OTMs are due on the first of every month at 11:59 p.m.

Position Opening: Resident Assistant

Have you ever thought about working in Residence Life? We are still accepting Resident Assistant applications for the 2015-2016 school year. Read more to find out what being an RA entails!

Why Become a Resident Assistant?
As an RA, you work as an on campus leader with the ability to fine tune your leadership skills as well as help develop the leadership skills of others. The role of a RA takes the positions of a resource, a community facilitator, a referral agent, a peer adviser, and a programmer and combines them in one job supervised by a full time professional staff member.  In the Resident Assistant position, RA’s get to improve on their time management and organization skills as well as their confrontation and mediation skills through everyday situations. As a RA, you are part of a select group of trusted, knowledgeable students recognized on campus.

There are a few qualifications that must be met to become an RA. The qualifications are as follows:

  • 40 GPA, semester & cumulative
  • Sophomore status by August 2015
  • Full-time student
  • Must be in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • At least two semesters living in campus housing (one at UW-Green Bay)
  • Willingness to help others for a better community
  • Must be able to attend RA training tentatively scheduled to start August 20, 2015
  • More info will be available upon hiring

The Application Process
RA applications are available on the housing website . All applications and references are due by 4:30 p.m on Friday, April 3rd via email to You will then be emailed to collect availability for an interview.

Individual Interviews
Each applicant will partake in a rotation of interviews covering three topics: community development, diversity & inclusivity and communication & teamwork. Each interview last approximately 50 minutes. Remember, this is a real job interview so dress professionally, remember your manners and take a deep breath and relax!

Helpful Interview Tips

  • Be yourself: you are always “on” in this position
  • Prepare, but don’t have canned answers
  • Think ahead to what you would do in the job
  • Share examples of things in your past as well as things you are excited to do in the RA position

Visit our website, email questions to or call 920-465-2040. You can also talk to your RA or Area Coordinator if you have any questions!

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