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Housing and Residence Life

Tell Us About Living On-Campus!

We want your feedback!

On November 3rd we will be releasing our annual Resident Satisfaction Survey. This gives you, the students, the opportunity to give us some feedback about your on-campus living experience and help us make improvements for the coming years.

Need an incentive to partake in the survey? The first 25 students to complete the survey will receive an awesome UWGB polo shirt. Along with that, any students finishing the survey by the end date, November 23rd, will be entered in a drawing to win gift cards to the bookstore, Common Grounds coffee shop vouchers, Green Bay Gamblers tickets, and Cheapseats tickets.

Along with the individual prizes, we will be holding a competition between all the buildings. The building with the highest percentage of student completion by the end of the survey, or the first building to achieve 100% completion, will win a FREE night in the Phoenix Club. This would include FREE pizza, FREE soda, and FREE games all night!

So, watch your campus e-mail for the 2016 Resident Satisfaction Survey to be released on November 3rd and the survey must be finished by November 23rd!

Spring 2017 Semester Room Change Event

Our Spring 2017 Semester Room Change Event will take place Wednesday November 16th from 5-8pm in the lower level of the Community Center. Not sure how the Semester Room Change Event works? Well then you’ve come to the right place.

On November 7th, students who are aware of rooms that will be vacant for the Spring 2017 semester may begin reserving those rooms by navigating to this link and filling out the Qualtrics survey. The reservation Qualtrics survey will be available until 11:59pm on November 13th. After Nov 13th, we will not accept any reservations and any student wanting to switch rooms must just show up to the event. Students reserving rooms must understand that just because you fill out the survey, does not necessarily mean you will get that room.

On November 14th, the Office of Residence Life Assignments Coordinator, Dawn Abernathy, will go through the submitted reservations and send out e-mails notifying students if their reservation went through, or if the room they wanted is no longer available. If your reservation is approved, the e-mail will have a reservation form attached which you MUST BRING to the Room Change Event along with your STUDENT ID. If your room is unavailable, you will still receive an e-mail and are still encouraged to come to the Semester Room Change Event and see what rooms are available to you.

The actual Semester Room Change Event will take place on November 16th from 5-8pm. All students attending the event should check-in at the Student Mail room on the lower level of the Community Center. The first hour, 5-6pm, we will serve the students who have an approved room reservation and brought their ROOM CHANGE FORM and STUDENT ID to the lower level of the CC.

After 6pm, any rooms that are previously reserved and not claimed, will be released and may be taken by any other student. Any other students, who did not have a reserved room, can begin the room change process. Priority numbers will be issued beginning at 5pm and are issued on a first come, first served basis. Any students changing rooms at this event will still be charged the $50 room switching fee and any student wanting to change their rooming assignment MUST bring their STUDENT ID to the event, you CANNOT just know your student ID number.

REMINDER: Students who are not attending UWGB next semester or are student teaching outside of Brown County for the Spring 2017 semester should apply to cancel their housing assignment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

If you are unable to attend the room change event, you are not out of luck! On the room change form, there is a section for a proxy. A proxy is someone who you assign that is allowed to change your rooming assignment at the event. The proxy must bring the, already filled out, semester room change form with the proxy portion filled out as well and THEIR STUDENT ID. They are there to pick out the room for you, but they may not be able to call you during their session to ask you if the room they are choosing is alright so you must discuss with them exactly what you want.

What is myResLink?

How do I put in a maintenance request? What is my campus box number and combination? How do I register a guest for the night? The recurring questions received in the beginning of the school year are all answered in one place: myResLink. This is a page of important links for residents. The links include contracting for housing, viewing their current housing/roommate assignment, and much more. A student can submit a maintenance request from the comfort of their own room. It is that easy! myResLink is an important tool that every resident should know about and use. Any questions or needed assistance can be directed to our office by calling (920) 465-2040.

Tips for Student Success – A Family Perspective

In preparing this article, we interviewed several parents or families who have students attending college for the first time and families who have students who have graduated from a four-year university or college. We hope that you will find their collective wisdom helpful.

Get Involved In Campus Life
There are many on-campus events and activities for your student. Resident Assistants (RAs) plan activities in each building and promote student participation in larger campus events. Participation helps promote a sense of belonging, will help your student meet other students, and learn new things.  Students who are involved in campus life report being more satisfied with their college experience. Ask your student if they are attending any events and activities.

Empower Your Student To Use Campus Resources
There are many offices and people who are here to help students. Encourage your student to use campus resources such as the Dean of Students Office, Counseling and Health, Academic Advising, and the Office of Residence Life, just to name a few. Contact information can be found on the University’s web site using the directory.

Help Your Students Develop a Budget
For many students, this may be a “first”. Discuss developing a budget with your student and, if possible, assist them in doing so. Expenses such as food, supplemental educational materials, personal items, entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses were at the top of our list.

Sending a Student to College Is An Adjustment for Families
All of the parents we interviewed mentioned this adjustment and many of us under-estimated the sense of “loss” they felt when sending a student to college for the first time. On the positive side, this is a wonderful growth experience for parents and students.

Discuss How Often You Will Talk With Your Student & How You Will Stay In Touch
One of our “parents” suggested using FaceTime or Skype to communicate because you can notice non-verbal as well as verbal cues to how your student is doing. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear from your student as often as you would like. This is most likely a good sign that they are adjusting to college, meeting friends, and getting involved in campus life. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to reach out to your student if you haven’t heard from them in a while.

Anticipate What Coming Back Home Will Be Like For Your Student
Things may not feel the same for your student when they come home. Friends may change, therefore meeting new friends at college is very important.  Several of our parents also recommended leaving their bedroom as is, so they have a comfortable and familiar place to return home.  You may want to discuss which “house rules” apply now that your student is a young adult.

Send a Care Package
Students love getting packages from home. Send a care package with snacks, an encouraging note, and other useful items.roommmates

Ask About Roommates
Having a roommate is most often one of the best and most positive experiences a student can have while away at college. For some students it can also a challenging experience. Ask your student about their roommate relationships. Offer tips and advice about adjusting to a new roommate.

Encourage Your Students To Use Faculty Office Hours
Faculty have scheduled office hours which are available for student visits and questions about assignments, course content, and just establishing a positive relationship with faculty and instructors.

We Are Here To Help!
You may contact the Office of Residence Life, (920) 465-2040, with questions. Although we are not able to share private information, a question you can ask is “If a student is in need of help regarding an issue, what would you recommend they do? You can also use AskGB Housing available on our web site to ask questions and get answers.

Adjusting to Living On-Campus

When it comes to your young adult living on-campus, it can be an overwhelming experience for you and them. Residence Life staff members are aware of the challenges students face when living away from home for the first time, and are trained to help them during their transition. Here are some thoughts that might help you understand what your young adult might be facing:

  • Every facility has Resident Assistants (RAs) living in the building to assist students with the transition of living on campus. RAs groupare Residence Life student employees whose job it is to help residents get to meet other people, attend activities and help them find their ‘niche’ on campus.
  • The first 6-8 weeks are crucial. This is the time when they should be getting out of their room and meeting new people. Encourage them to attend activities and talk with other students in the hallways, in class, and in the cafeteria. We know it can be scary at first, but they will appreciate having new friends.
  • Encourage your young adult to stay on campus for the entire weekend for the first month or two. They won’t feel connected to UWGB if they go home and hang out with their high school friends frequently.
  • Encourage them to ask questions of their RAs or other Residence Life staff. We are here to help. We want them to love it here and we will do what we can to make their on-campus experience wonderful.


Welcome from the Director of Residence Life

UWGB Parents & Family:

It is well known that moving away from home and into an unfamiliar environment can be a life-changing event for all involved. For many of you,gail these last several weeks have more than likely been filled with nervous anticipation and possibly even a few anxious phone calls and text messages to/from your student as they strive to settle into a ‘new normal’ here at UWGB. I hope by now you’re hearing reports of academic success, newly formed friendships and involvement in campus activities. Whether your student is one of those who is charging fast forward into their college experience or one that is being a bit more cautious, please know that the Office of Residence Life is ready to collaborate with you in order to provide the assistance that is most appropriate for your college student.

If your student is someone who believes parents and families should be equipped with answers to all their questions – this e-newsletter is for you! The intent of this publication is to let you know we’re here for you and that we’re going to actively provide you with the information that will allow you to support your student! I have every confidence you will find these updates to be a good source of housing information about what students who choose to live on campus are experiencing. However, if there are questions you aren’t able to answer, all you need to do is send your student our way. There is a Resident Assistant (RA), an Area Coordinator (AC) or an office staff member available to them 24 hours a day. Thank you for the support you give them on a daily basis, and thank you for allowing us to partner with them to create a memorable and educational out-of-classroom experience.



Gail Sims-Aubert
Office of Residence Life

Wash Alert!

We at Residence Life know that most students don’t like to haul all their dirty clothes down to the laundry room just for all of the washers to be in use. So, the Office of Residence Life has the perfect resource to prevent that!

Our laundry system has an online resource called “Wash Alert” allowing students to monitor the washers and dryers and even get alerts when the laundry services are available. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and most of all it’s FREE!

To access Wash Alert all a student has to do is navigate to and choose the appropriate res hall/apartment. There, students can monitor how much time is left and enter their e-mail to get an alert sent straight to their inbox when the washers and dryers are available. This screen also allows students to submit a service request on the laundry services if something is not working correctly.

From the main page, before a student selects the correct building, you can also sign up to get text alerts sent straight to your phone by clicking “Get Alerts via Text.” It’s just that easy!

So, no more trips down three flights of stairs to just have to wait another half an hour before a washer is available. Use Wash Alert and know exactly when it’s the perfect time to do laundry!

Upcoming Events Next Week: 9/12-9/17

Looking for something to do on campus? Here are some great events happening this coming week that will get you out of your room and having fun!

Monday 9/12

11am-1pm: Schmooze Fest (Phoenix Rooms ABC)

Come learn all of the great things that your Student ID allows you to do including laundry, bookstore purchases, and even a few off campus vendors!

Tuesday 9/13

12:30pm-1:30pm: Interviewing Basics – Make a Great Impression (University Union 103)

Looking to ace that job interview and get the career of your dreams? Attend this cool event put on by Career Services to learn the basics of a good interview and get some tips on how you can blow that employer away!

7pm-9pm: Open Mic Night (Common Grounds Coffeehouse)

It’s the first open mic night of the year! Come and how off your talents, whether it be singing, dancing, poetry, etc. or just watch your fellow classmates show off theirs. You do not need to sign up if you want to perform, just show up and they will get you up on stage!

Wednesday 9/14

9am-3pm: Clothing Swap (Phoenix Rooms AB)

FREE clothes, household items, books, decorations, etc. available to UWGB students and faculty. What wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this great event!?

2pm-3pm: Creating a Resume 101 (University Union Manistique Room)

You are a pro at interviewing, but feel as though your resume could use a little help. Attend this event and get some great tips on how to write the perfect resume!

Thursday 9/15

7pm-10pm: Bash in the Stacks (Cofrin Library)

On a normal day, the library is quiet and students are studying, but for this event we’re gonna change that! The library is hosting their annual interactive open house with free games, music, food, and fun to be had!

Friday 9/16

10:30pm-1am: After Hours (Phoenix Club)

Come listen to some awesome music and dance with friends! After Hours is the perfect time to show off some new moves and dance the night away!

Playing at CheapSeats this week is The Shallows. Come enjoy this movie for only $2 in the Christie Theatre!

SHA Spotlight – Robert Mooers

Our final SHA Spotlight of the summer is on UWGB Senior Robert Mooers. Robert, although this is his first year working as a Summer Housing Assistant, has worked the past three summers with Residence Life. He chose to take on the position as a SHA because it was a great opportunity for him to gain valuable social and life skills that he can apply to a future career.Robert

Robert’s favorite part about working as a Summer Housing Assistant was working in the mail room. He liked how the position kept him on his feet and kept him busy.

Intramural volleyball is one of Robert’s favorite things to do on campus, so you if you’re looking for him, you could probably find him in the Kress Events Center!

Thank you for all your hard work this year! We really appreciate all you have done for Residence Life over the years!

Roberts’s Fun Facts

Name: Robert Mooers

Year in School: Senior

Major/Minor: History with a minor in Education

Hometown: Lancaster, CA

Favorite part of UWGB: I like that no matter where you go, there is always a quiet spot to relax and reflect

Favorite Class: Ancient Greece

Favorite Movie: The Sandlot

Favorite Color: Green

Dream Job: Lego Builder/Designer

If there were to be a movie made of your life, who would play you? Jake Abel

SHA Spotlight – Brea Nelson

It’s time to spotlight another one of our Summer Housing Assistants. This spotlight is on UWGB Sophomore Brea Nelson. As this is only going to be his second year attending UW-Green Bay, this is his first time being employed with the Office of Residence Life, but is sure that he Brea Bearwill take advantage of every employment opportunity that ResLife has to offer because he loves it so much.

Brea chose to work with ResLife because he loved the idea of staying on campus over the summer. It was also really cool that this one position has so many different jobs and responsibilities. This being his first summer attending UWGB, he really wanted to get a feel for how summers were on campus and it makes him want to do it all over again!

When asked what is favorite part of being a SHA is, Brea responded, “Getting to work and meet with so many different people is the best. Even if it’s a call at three in the morning, I’m still happy to help. One of my favorite parts was working with all of my coworkers and bosses (especially Kelly!)”.

Outside of being a SHA, Brea’s favorite group that he is involved with on campus is the Phoenix Pep Band. He is one of three drummers and loves the atmosphere of UWGB sporting events and getting the crowd fired up! So, if you plan on attending a basketball game this school year, you can definitely bet you will see Brea there!

Thank you for all of your hard work this summer! We are glad that you had such an amazing experience and hope to see you back working for ResLife really soon!

Brea’s Fun Facts

Name: Brea Nelson

Year in School: Sophomore

Major/Minor: Business Management with a minor in Human Biology

Hometown: Kingsford, MI

Favorite part of UWGB: The size and location of the campus

Favorite Class: Any class with Dr. Hanna or Dr. Nelson!

Favorite Movie: Kung Pow: Enter the First, Birdemic, or Master of Disguise

Favorite Color: Purple

Dream Job: Any kind of job that involves working with people by day and a drummer at small town bars by night

Favorite Song Currently: My Type by Saint Motel or Bone Digger by Bear Hands

If there were to be a movie made of your life, who would play you? Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, or the Grandpa from UP

EXTRA FUN FACT: In the picture, that’s my Bear, Regi. He was homecoming king 2013.

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