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Housing and Residence Life

Student Resources for Success

Now that your student has completed their first semester and have begun second semester classes, you may be wondering about what campus resources to assist with your student’s academic success.

Student satisfaction and success research suggests that students who are satisfied with their university experience tend to perform well in college. Factors that contribute to student success include connecting with others, utilizing faculty office hours, getting involved in activities and StudyingStudentevents, staying healthy, and taking advantage of campus resources.

Some examples of important campus resources include Academic Advising which provides personalized developmental advising to first-year, new transfer, and undeclared students. Through one-to-one and group sessions, students receive information and support to help them become good decision-makers and managers of their academic career. Another campus service commonly used by students is Tutoring Services offering one-to-one and group tutoring services for a variety of courses.

The Counseling and Health Center offers on-campus counseling and health services including free counseling services by licensed professional counselors and limited psychiatric services. The center also offers access to nurses for minor illnesses, vaccinations, and much more.

Finally, the Office of Residence Life employs five Area Coordinators (ACs) each supervising an “area” of residence hall and apartment buildings. Our goal is to provide guidance and advisement to students who need a Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator’s assistance, and to make appropriate referrals to campus offices and services. Students may schedule an appointment with their Area Coordinator by contacting the front desk of the Office of Residence Life, (920) 465-2040.

Rock the Resch

UWGB students and the UWGB Alumni Association have been working hard to create a homecoming tradition for students, alumni and university friends.  On Friday, February 24, students are invited to Rock the Resch, a super cool free event, which will serve as the capstone rock-resch-graphicHomecoming activity. Again, the event is free for students and includes bus transportation from UWGB Community Center to and from the Resch Center, which means your student can attend the event even without a car.

The evening will include a tailgate party with food and complimentary beverages, entertainment by the band “Feel Good Kids”, and admittance to the UWGB Phoenix men’s basketball game. There will also be appearances by the UWGB Pep Band, Green Bay Cheer and Dance Teams and Phlash the Phoenix. All students in attendance have an opportunity to be entered into drawings for fantastic prizes and will receive an epically awesome long-sleeve Rock the Resch tee!

Please be sure to tell your student they must register by Thursday, February 23, in order to receive a free Rock the Resch T-shirt. Students can register at

We hope your student will be part of this fun tradition!

Benefits of Student Employment

In the December edition of On Campus Living there was an article titled Applying to be a Resident Assistant that examined why your student should apply to be a Resident Assistant. As we begin a new spring semester, I would like to take a moment and speak to why your student should be a Student Employee.

A quick visit to the Residence Life Student Employment page will reveal that there are a variety of student employment opportunities that are available to students at UW-Green Bay. Each position offers different tasks and experiences which also promote learning outside of the classroom. What a visit to the employment page will not reveal directly are the other invaluable and important reasons that students should apply for a student employment experience in Residence Life.

Academic Focus

Student employees are first and foremost students.  As an employer, we understand this. Our focus is on our student employees’ academic success. This starts at the beginning of the semester by ensuring that a work schedule does not interfere with your student’s class schedule. It occurs during regular conversations, some formal and some casual, where a staff member will ask, “How are you classes going?” Each semester our department also asks students to complete a mid-semester grade check. This encourages the student to connect with their professors to receive an assessment of how they are doing. These connections can often make the difference on the pathway to academic success.


One of the core values that we take very seriously in Residence Life is the mentorship. As a department, we maintain an intentional focus on building relationships with the students that reside on campus but the students that work for us receive this benefit of having that interaction on a daily basis. Our staff, from our custodians all the way up to the director, take the time to ask, “How are you doing today?” We make sure that our student employees know that they have an on-campus resource available to ask questions. We are invested in their success and in building relationships that last through their time at UWGB and often long after.


While teamwork may not always seem like a benefit, learning how to communicate and operate with others to accomplish a task is one of the most important transferable skills that a student employee will master during employment with our department. Nearly all of our student employment positions offer the opportunity to operate as part of a larger team. In some areas, like being a Resident Assistant, your student would work directly with other RAs in their building and area to ensure that their communities remain safe and fun environments to learn and grow.

As we begin this spring semester, Residence Life will be recruiting for summer and 2017-18 student employment positions. More information will be available on the Student Employment Page. Encourage your student to apply today to take advantage of the great experience and benefits that student employment offers!

Resident Assistant Selection for Fall 2017

The Resident Assistant (RA) position is among the most respected student employee opportunities on the UWGB campus. Being an RA is more than a job for most, it is a self-development opportunity. Residence Life strives to build leaders, not just hire student employees. If your student is ready for a great experience, send them our way! In a few short weeks, the RA selection process will begin for candidates who want to be a RA RAsfor next fall.

RAs work an average of 15-20 hours a week during the academic year and up to 40 hours a week during pre-semester training. RAs’ housing costs (ranging from $4100 – $5200 per academic year) are waived as part of the RA’s earnings. They receive a bi-weekly paycheck of $140-154 – enough for most students to put gas in their car, buy incidentals, and occasionally go out to eat or to a movie. They also receive training, support and mentoring by professional staff unparalleled in the student employment arena.

Successful RA candidates will have a minimum of 2 semesters living on a campus (which includes Spring 2017), a grade point average of 2.4 or better, a passion to learn about themselves and others, and a commitment to serve students. More information, including applications and a job description can be found online. For initial consideration, applications should be submitted by February 8th.

Our RA selection process begins in early February, but we accept applications all year long. This allows Residence Life to select the brightest and most passionate students for these important leadership positions. The benefits of being an RA truly compliment the academic experience and give students transferable skills that are applicable to their new careers after graduation.

Re-Contracting for 2017-18 Housing

With the semester just underway, it’s nearly time for current residential students to contract for housing for the 2017-18 academic year.  Students who return for 2017-18 will have the option to choose their roommates and select from shared bedroom apartments, private bedroom apartments and single and shared room residence halls spaces.

DeanandKellynThe re-contracting process opens on Monday, February 13, at 9:00 a.m. and ends on Tuesday, March 21, at 11:59 p.m. For students who currently live on campus, no additional deposit is required.  On March 29 – 30, students who have contracted will be able to select their roommates and apartment or residence hall room. This room selection process is prioritized based on a student’s number of semesters on campus and academic credits earned.

As you may know, research demonstrates that students who live on campus are more likely to enjoy their University experience, get involved in campus life, earn better grades, and graduate.  We hope that your student has had a positive living experience on campus, and chooses to return to campus housing for another year.  Many of our students remain on campus through graduation due to the variety of living options, and the many opportunities to grow and learn in a residential setting.

Regardless of accommodation type, students enjoy the following amenities: private bathrooms, furnished rooms and apartments, high-speed internet access including Wi-Fi, high definition cable television service, and laundry facilities.

If your student has questions about the re-contracting process, please have them visit the Office of Residence Life, call (920) 465-2040, or email

Welcome from the Director of Residence Life

Happy New Year! My salutation might be a bit late-in-coming, but I really do hope that 2017 is treating you well. January regularly gets off to a slow start for us here in Residence Life, as our students spend most of the month enjoying the remainder of their winter break. However, their absence gives us a lot of opportunity to prepare for what always turns out to be a busy and exciting spring semester. We were happy to welcome everyone back this past week, and officially get things started.gail

In this edition of our newsletter you will find much of the information that your UWGB student will be receiving in the coming weeks. It may seem early, but our residents will soon need to contract for housing for the 2017-2018 academic year. Space is always at a premium, so it’s good to have a conversation with your student now about where they intend to live in the coming year. We will also be looking to fill many summer and fall student employment positions, which is an excellent opportunity for those students who want to both live and work on campus.

Over the winter break period, students also received their fall semester grades. For some, that was a reason to celebrate, but for many others it was likely a time to reflect on an academic performance that could have been better managed. For those of you working with a student in that predicament, there are also resources in this newsletter that will assist you.  I encourage you to read the entirety of this edition, and be sure to reach out to the Office of Residence Life (920-465-2040) if there’s anything we can do to assist you or your student to achieve success this spring!



Gail Sims-Aubert
Office of Residence Life, Director

December OTMs

Even with the cold weather, our students continue to do great things! Here are the winning “OTMs” for the month of December!

Educational Program: Loco Hot Coco Door Decs written by Taylor Steele

Executive Board Member: Carly Stumpner written by Taylor Steele

First Year Student: Raymond Stahl written by Ryan Hathaway

Student: Devra Komprood written by Emily Clark

Congratulations to all of our OTM winners for the month of December! Keep up the great work.

Want to become a Resident Assistant?

UW-Green Bay Residence Life is looking for Resident Assistants (RAs) for the 2017-2018 academic year and we want YOU to apply!

The position of RA comes with many benefits. Not only will your housing costs be covered by Residence Life, you can gain some essential skills along the way including programming, public speaking, listening, and a variety of other people skills. The RAs are very important here at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. A Resident Assistant’s duties consist of assisting residents in the development of community, planning and implementing programs to meet the needs and wants of residents, assisting in the administration of an apartment building or residence hall, ensuring safety, and acting as a resource person for residents living in the Residence Life community.

Thinking about applying? Make sure you fit into the following criteria and are ready for some of the following responsibilities:

  • Two semesters experience living on any university campus
  • Semester and cumulative GPA of at least 2.4
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing
  • The capacity to work 13-25 hours in a given week
  • Interest in taking advantage of an amazing and life-changing opportunity

There are a few things that one must do to apply for the RA position. Students interested must first submit an application that can be found on our housing website at Every applicant must have one reference that can speak of your ability to fulfill the requirements of this position. If you’re currently living on campus, your RA would be a great reference! If you meet the criteria and have successfully completed the application, you will contacted to set up an interview for the position!

Now you’re probably wondering, when/how do I apply for this rewarding position? Here is a timeline of what the RA selection process for 2017-2018 looks like.

February 8th: Applications are DUE (you can find the application at this link)

February 8th-10th: Sign up for interviews at the front desk of the Community Center

February 13th-17th: RA interviews are conducted

February 20th: RA reference forms are due

March 6th: Newly hired RAs will be notified

Being a Resident Assistant for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is an extremely rewarding experience that we really hope you take advantage of! For more information on the RA position you can talk to your current Resident Assistant, read more about it on our Student Employment Webpage, or set up a meeting with your Area Coordinator by contacting the Office of Residence Life at (920)465-2040.


November OTMs

Congrats to the “OTMs” for the month of November.

Education Program: Color Me Cupcakes written by Jeff Willems

Executive Board Member: Naomi Semb-Lovejoy written by Michelle McChesney and Katie Werre

First Year Student: Abbigail Wagaman written by Tonie Bear and Fiona Somers

Institution Faculty/Staff: Helen Schaal written by Mia Meyer

Organization: Social Work Club written by Taylor Steele

Residence Life Professional Staff: Nicole Kurth written by Michelle McChesney

Resident Assistant: Holly Umentum written by Michelle McChesney

Student: Cody Von Ruden written by Sam Soda

If you see any of these students or staff on campus, congratulate them on their November OTM!

I’m Bored, What is There to Do?

“Hey Mom and Dad, can I come home this weekend? There’s NOTHING to do here and I’m bored.” Sound familiar, or have your heard something close to it? College is often quoted as being the time in many people’s lives where they have the most time but the least amount of money. Fortunately, UW-Green Bay and Residence Life specifically provide hundreds of activities, programs, and ways for your student to get involved and be entertained every year.021

The fall 2016 academic semester saw 118 programs put on for residents and not a single program cost students any money to attend. In total there were 4,129 residents who attended these programs and engaged with each other and our campus community. Some highlights of these programs include: Haunted Halls, Rocktoberfest, and Hillside Harvest Ramble. Haunted Halls was a haunted house designed and implemented on campus for students, which included multiple scares, frights, and fun. Rocktoberfest is an alcohol education program which featured education on alcohol, working with campus police, and conversations on responsible consumption. Hillside Harvest Ramble was an apple picking program where students were bused to a nearby apple orchard and had the opportunity to spend some time outdoors and enjoying the fall season. For pictures of these events please view the Residence Life Flickr account at this link.

How do you respond when you get the call that your student is bored and wants to come home? You can ask if they have checked the posters in there building. Every single residence hall and apartment building on campus has posters continually updated and posted by the elevator, entrance, or laundry room that highlights numerous things for students to do. Not only does Residence Life program for students but the greater campus, student organizations and the Office of Student Life do as well. Students can also view the Student Life webpage at:   The campus Master Calendar also contains many other events:

Hopefully, the next time your student calls home and says they are bored, you can ask them if they plan on going to any of the numerous free programming activities.

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