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Housing and Residence Life

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The Top 10 Reasons to Live On Campus

#10 Academic Success: Many students who live on campus earn higher grades and graduate at higher rates than their peers who live elsewhere. Remember, your academic success is our top priority.

#9 Employment Opportunities: Working on campus saves commuting time and expense. Also, your campus employer will be supportive of your academic studies coming first.

#8 Affordability: Living on campus is often cheaper than commuting from off campus. Your on-campus housing cost includes all utilities, cable television service, internet access, security services and more.

#7 Safety and Security: The campus is served around the clock by Public Safety Officers. The officers monitor the academic buildings, housing facilities, parking lots, and grounds to ensure your safety.

#6 Convenience: Living on campus means living right where you study, work and have fun; freeing up time and cutting down on costly commuting expenses.

#5 Around the Clock & Calendar Service: Campus housing is open 365 days a year. Plus staff is available to serve you during the evening, weekend, and holiday hours too.

#4 Community Center: The Residence Life Community Center offers a place to meet other students, study and participate in social activities. It also offers and information desk, student mailroom, and computer service center.

#3 Social and Recreational Activities: There’s always something to do on campus. From concerts, dances and comedians to intramural sports, student government and student organizations; there is something for everyone.

#2 Resident Assistants: One of the best things about living on campus is having an RA. RA’s are student leaders who live on campus and their role is to help you achieve the living and learning experience.

#1 Roommates: Having a roommate is one of the best things about living on campus. Many lifelong friendships have started as roommates at college.

Resident Satisfaction Survey

By now you should have received an e-mail asking you to fill out a resident satisfaction survey.

If you have completed the survey, know that we really value your input.

If you deleted the e-mail, it’s time to start digging through your deleted folder because there are big prizes at stake!

When you complete the survey, you are automatically in the running for several prize drawings.

We will be drawing weekly winners, who will win $25 Phoenix Bookstore vouchers, and one overall winner, who will win a Kindle Fire HDX.

In addition to those drawings, whichever building has the highest return percentage will win an evening of free games and refreshments in the Phoenix Club. The winning building would have access to the pool tables, table tennis, Wii, Xbox1, and air hockey.

RA/CA Spotlight~ Joe Ebert

Today the RA/CA spotlight joe eis on Joe Ebert. Joe is working on a double major in computer science and information science. In his free time, Joe likes to downhill ski and spend time with family and friends.

This is Joe’s second year on staff and his favorite part of the position is helping residents get to know more people on campus. Some of Joe’s biggest accomplishments in this position are winning the community builder of the year award last May and writing a winning Of the Month award. Being an RA has taught Joe how to work on a team, time management, and organizational skills.

Joe shared two favorite memories from his time on staff. First was making pancakes with some of his residents at 1am and second was going to RA camp for the first time and getting to know his fellow staff members.

RA/CA Spotlight~ Laina Wydeven

Today the RA/CA spolainatlight is on Laina Wydeven, a history major. In her free time, Laina enjoys drawing, reading, playing video games, and being in the company of friends and family.

This is Laina’s third year as an RA and her favorite part of this position is helping residents form strong connections to the UWGB community. Laina attributes her biggest accomplishment to running the mural program, which allows residents to paint a mural in their hall.  “Being an RA has taught me to have confidence in myself and confidence in others around me. I can definitely say that over the years of me being an RA I have learned that making mistakes is okay, so long as you learn and develop from them.” Laina said.

Laina also shared her favorite memory from her time on staff. “One of my favorite memory from my time as an RA would have to be when I turned twenty my first year on staff. I thought that I was going to a meeting that was scheduled last minute but the staff members of Phase 3 threw me a surprise birthday party instead. That was one of the best birthdays I ever had, even though I had an exam the very next day.”

Thanks for all you do!

RA/CA Spotlight~ Sarah Alexander

Today the RA/CA spotlight is on Sarah Alexander. Her list of nicknames is vast and includes Bear, Bear Bear, Sare Bear, Boo Bear, Black Bear, Teddy Bear. “If the word ‘bear’ is in it I have been called it.” Sarah said. Sarah is a communication major with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in Spanish. In her free time, SSarah Aarah likes to watch movies and TV. “Mindy Project is my favorite show.” Sarah said. Also, when she has time, Sarah plays the ukulele and volleyball.

This is Sarah’s first year as an RA and her favorite part of the position is getting to know her residents and her fellow staff members. Sarah attributes her biggest accomplishment in the position so far to staying afloat and keeping her building running in tip top shape. Being an RA has given Sarah more self-confidence. “It has taught me that I am a strong person, and that can handle a lot more that I thought I could. Also, it also taught me the importance of taking care of myself, and caring for others.” Sarah said.

Sarah said that her favorite memory from her time on staff is going on rounds with fellow staff member, Missy, and twerking with her while on rounds.

Thanks for everything you do!

RA/CA Spotlight~ Sarah Londo

TodSarah Lay the RA/CA Spotlight is on Sarah Londo. Sarah is a psychology major with a minor in human biology. In her free time, Sarah likes to run and hang out with friends.

This is Sarah’s second year as an RA and her favorite part of the position is networking and making connections. “I’ve learned so much from so many people in my time as an RA.” Sarah said. One of Sarah’s biggest accomplishments as an RA was helping this year’s mural program, where residents can work together to paint a mural in their residence hall. Sarah was also awarded the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges award this past semester. Being an RA has taught Sarah to be more patient and open minded. “I always thought I had enough patience and open-mindedness, but by developing these qualities through my position as an RA, I have gained so much more insight.” Sarah said.

Sarah also shared her favorite memory from her time on staff. “My favorite memory was during training my first year, when a few of the other new RAs introduced themselves and invited me to walk to the bay with them that evening. I knew at that moment that being an RA was definitely the right thing to do while at UWGB. I’m happy to now call those RAs some of my best friends.” Sarah said.

Thanks for all you do!

RA/CA Spotlight~ Emma Kuhn

Today the RA/CA spotlight is on Emma Kuhn, an english major with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in communication. In her free time, Emma likes to sleep, watch Netfilx, draw, write, andemma K talk about her cows back home.

This is Emma’s second year as an RA and her favorite part of the position is making door decorations and bulletin boards. She also enjoys bonding with her fellow staff members and her residents. Emma said her biggest accomplishment was getting a 4.0 GPA while still being an RA and maintaining a social life. Being an RA has taught Emma to be accepting of all people and to always be friendly.

Emma said that her favorite memories from her time as an RA are chasing rabbits with Jake, a former staff member, and watching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode with 30 other fans in a residence hall lounge.

Thanks for all you do Emma!

Jewelry for Justice

Jewelry for Justice is a jewelry and accessory sale were the profits go to help women who were or are trying to break out of sex trafficking. Come see some beautiful jewelry and support a great cause!

Monday: Noon – 7pm Phoenix Room C
Tuesday: Noon – 7pm Phoenix Room C
Wed: 10AM – 7PM Phoenix Room C
Thursday: 11AM – 4PM Alumni Rooms

RA/CA Spotlight~ Veronica Wierer


Today the veronicaRA/CA spotlight is on Veronica Wierer, a communication major with a design arts minor and an emphasis in photography. Some people call her “V” for short and in her free time, Veronica likes to take photos, look through magazines, and watch movies. “Otherwise I am addicted to Pintrest.” Veronica said.

This is Veronica’s first semester as an RA but she was previously a SHA. Her favorite part of the position is meeting new people and creating awesome bulletin boards. Veronica also has a lot of academic accomplishments. “I have an internship with the Marketing and University Communication Department on campus. I also am a darkroom assistant, which is a great learning experience and I love it.  I will also be running a LinkedIn photo booth during Business Week. So you can get a professional photo taken for your own page.” Veronica said.

Veronica said that being an RA has taught her time management and responsibility. Veronica is looking forward to making many memories as an RA but for right now nothing tops the memory from her summer as a SHA. “All of the SHA’s would get together and play volleyball very late at night when it was cool out.”

Thanks for joining our RA team!

RA/CA Spotlight~ Seenia Thao

Seenia ThaoToday the RA/CA spotlight is on Seenia Thao, a social work major with an emphasis in child welfare and a minor in psychology. Seenia said the best way to remember how to pronounce her name is “Seenia later, alligator!”

“When I am not hanging out with my friends and boyfriend, visiting my baby nephew, or eating good food, I’m catching up on all the shows I am addicted to. I also enjoy creative writing, especially poetry.” Seenia said in regards to her free time.

This is Seenia’s third semester being an RA and her favorite part of the position is being a resource to her residents. “When I see residents comfortable in their housing spaces, with their roommates, and with me as a resource they can depend on.” Seenia said.

Seenia has had a lot of success as an RA, earning a few awards and still being able to stay strong academically. “My biggest accomplishment as an RA was being recognized as the New Resident Assistant of the Year Award after only a semester of being employed in the position. I also was happy to receive recognition from Roy/Phase 3 Communities with Outstanding Door Decorations for my Fat Ninja door decorations last semester.” Seenia said. Seenia has also dramatically improved her GPA and has received two Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Award.

Seenia said that being an RA has taught her the importance of community and teamwork. Seenia said that her favorite memories from being on staff are all the laughs and fun at the weekly staff meetings.

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