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Housing and Residence Life

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RA Spotlight: Christiana Bartelme

Christiana Barteleme

First time RA Christiana Bartelme, also known as Chrissy, is today’s featured RA!

Chrissy aspired to be an RA because of the leadership opportunities the position offers and the ability to meet new people, knowing she can help make her residents feel at home.

“I enjoy seeing my residents making connections and getting involved on campus,” Chrissy said.

In addition to being an RA, Chrissy has always been involved on campus.

“As one of the four Eco-reps last year, I enjoyed being part of organizations and committees that have helped pave the way to a more sustainable atmosphere in residence life,” Chrissy said.

Being an RA, Chrissy said she has learned “To try new things and step outside of my comfort zone to work towards achieving my goals and to realize my true potential.”

Chrissy is a Biology major with an emphasis in Ecology and Conservation with a minor in Environmental Science.

In her free time Chrissy enjoys drinking coffee while watching her all-time favorite show, The Big Bang Theory.

We’re glad to have you as an RA this year Chrissy, keep up the great work!

Starting Point

This Sunday, Sept. 28, Starting Point will be taking place from 4-8 p.m. in the 1965 Room. Starting Point is a leadership program hosted by Residence Life staff and organized by Area Coordinator Adam Novotny. The main role of Starting Point is to serve as a training session to student leaders involved in the various Residence Life leadership organizations, such as the Residence Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA), National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and Community Councils (CCs). Area Coordinators will be presenting sessions that focus on the student leader’s role in community development, roll in their leadership group, group dynamics, programming and goal setting. The goal of Starting Point is to give all student leaders a similar message about their role in housing and inspire them for what they can accomplish this year. Starting Point also provides students from each group (RHAA, NRHH, CCs) the opportunity to meet other student leaders from a different organization and create working relations that can last throughout the whole year.
If you’re not currently involved in RHAA, NRHH or CCs but wish to attend Starting Point, contact your Area Coordinator.


RA Spotlight: Abigail Frye

Abigail Frye

Abigail Frye is our first RA in the spotlight this year!

This is Abby’s first year as an RA, wanting to become an RA to “gain leadership skills while also being able to help residents have a good on-campus living experience.”

In her short time in the position so far, Abby said that being an RA has taught her important leadership skills. She has also made good memories such as participating in and watching skits at RA camp during RA training.

There are many benefits of being an RA but Abby said that her favorite part is making positive connections with her residents and “really enjoys working with the amazing Res Life staff!”

Abby is an English major with an emphasis in Literature and a minor in Communication.

Her favorite part of being a student at UWGB is how welcoming the campus is, saying “it’s a great feeling knowing that there are a lot of people on campus who really want you to succeed.”

Abby accredits being involved on campus with different departments and organizations as her biggest accomplishment as a UWGB student.

Thank you Abby for all that you do!



SHA Spotlight: Juan Sebastian Garcia Medina

Residence Life would like to welcome back Juan Sebastian Garcia Medina as today’s SHA in the spotlight. This will be Sebastian’s second summer as a Summer Housing Assistant. “I liked the work, the environment, the pace we worked at, and my coworkers,” said Sebastian when asked what made him return to the position for another summer.

His favorite part of being a SHA is working in guest services in general. This summer Sebastian’s goal is to make sure that anyone who decided to live on campus during the summer has a good experience.

Sebastian credits that his time as a SHA gave him the ability to make decent looking bulletin boards.

As a junior here at UWGB, Sebastian is studying Human Biology, health science and cytotechnology. In his free time Sebastian enjoys listening to jazz, hanging with friends and going to concerts.

Want to know a couple fun facts about Sebastian? He is from Columbia and likes to play the Harmonica.

Welcome back Sebastian and thank you for all that you do!

SHA Spotlight: Meet Daniel

Daniel Pfister, today’s SHA spotlight shines on you! This is Pfister’s first year as a Summer Housing Assistant, coveting the position because it “sounded like a challenge, it’s a mixing pot of all jobs so you don’t get bored”.

Working in the mail room is Pfister’s favorite part of being a SHA because it is neat and organized just like he is.

Pfister is a junior majoring in accounting with a minor in business. In his free time Pfister enjoys baseball, reading and biking riding.

We are so excited to have Daniel Pfister with us this summer!




SHA Spotlight: Welcome Back Rosa

The SHA Spotlight welcomes back Rosa Serrano. This is Serrano’s second year as a Summer Housing Assistant returning to the position because of all the fun it entails.

During her time as a SHA Serrano has learned how to work with a lot of different people.

This year as a SHA, one of Serrano goals are to get more people to attend programs.

Serrano is a senior majoring in Spanish with a double minor human development and global studies. In her free time Serrano enjoys read, especially the Heirs series and likes listening to Korean music.

We are so excited to have Rosa Serrano back with us this summer!

SHA Spotlight: Rob Sewell

Today we introduce Robert Sewell or Rob as our featured Summer Housing Assistant in the SHA spotlight. This is Sewell’s second year working as a SHA, returning to the position because “I liked interacting with others, it’s a good atmosphere and great people to work with!”

Sewell’s favorite part of being a SHA? Interacting with snowbirds. “They are fun to be with and their stories are intriguing,” he said.

There is much to learn while being a SHA. The most important lessons Sewell has learned thus far is patience and that sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

Sewell is majoring in human biology with a minor in chemistry and an emphasis in health science. He is also studying for his LSATs which he will take in October.

When not working or studying, Sewell can be found reading, watching Netflix documentaries, running or exploring.

If you see Rob Sewell around campus be sure to say stop and say hello!

SHA Spotlight: Meet Lisa Zeleske

Today Lisa Zeleske is in the SHA Spotlight. With this being her first year as a SHA, Zeleske said “I was really excited to live on campus this summer.”

Working as a SHA provides many opportunities. Zeleske said by working as a SHA she hope to gain some experience that will help in future jobs. So far she has learned about customer service and how things work as it is her first time working for Residence Life.

Zeleske enjoys being a SHA because “working with friends has been really cool.”

As a junior, Zeleske is studying business management with a minor in environmental science.

In her free time you can find Zeleske baking, noting that cake pops are one of her favorite things to bake, or you can find her with her nose in a good book.

Fun Fact: From Fond du Lac, Zeleske grew up on a dairy farm.

Residence Life is happy to have Lisa Zeleske here with us this summer!

SHA Spotlight: Tierney Murphy

Tierney Murphy is today’s SHA in the spotlight! This is Murphy’s second year as a Summer Housing Assistant. It was the fun of the SHA position that helped Murphy decided to come back for another summer.

“My favorite part of being a SHA is helping people and being a SHA has taught me patience” Murphy said.

Murphy is a junior, majoring in human biology with an emphasis in cytotechnology.

In her free time Murphy enjoys watching cartoons and reading and is a big fan of Game of Thrones.

Welcome back Tierney Murphy, we are excited to have you with us for another summer!

Roommate Assignments

One of the most anticipated days of the summer is ahead: roommate assignment and notification day! Be sure to keep checking your campus email to ensure that you don’t miss it.

If you’re an incoming freshman you might be unsure of what this means. Arriving soon will be your roommate assignment which holds detail of your roommate for the upcoming school year as well as your housing assignment.  After receiving your roommate assignment you are going to want to get in contact with your future roommate to begin planning for the school year: get to know each other, who is bringing what for your dorm room, do you want to coordinate dorm decor?

Also in your roommate assignment will be instructions for the online pre-check in which must be done upon arriving on campus on move in day. Remember, completing pre-check in does not mean you don’t need to check in on move in day! If you do not check in upon your arrival your card will not allow you access to your residence hall or apartment.

After you complete pre-check in you will be able to access your roommate assignment via the Express Check-In site. Important information found once logged onto Express Check-In includes:

  • Date and time required to check in
  • Name and address of your check in station
  • Name and address of your building of residence
  • Roommate contact information
  • Mailbox number and combination

Once again, make sure to check your UWGB campus email account to access all housing and roommate assignments.

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