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Housing and Residence Life

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December OTMs

Even with the cold weather, our students continue to do great things! Here are the winning “OTMs” for the month of December!

Educational Program: Loco Hot Coco Door Decs written by Taylor Steele

Executive Board Member: Carly Stumpner written by Taylor Steele

First Year Student: Raymond Stahl written by Ryan Hathaway

Student: Devra Komprood written by Emily Clark

Congratulations to all of our OTM winners for the month of December! Keep up the great work.

Want to become a Resident Assistant?

UW-Green Bay Residence Life is looking for Resident Assistants (RAs) for the 2017-2018 academic year and we want YOU to apply!

The position of RA comes with many benefits. Not only will your housing costs be covered by Residence Life, you can gain some essential skills along the way including programming, public speaking, listening, and a variety of other people skills. The RAs are very important here at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. A Resident Assistant’s duties consist of assisting residents in the development of community, planning and implementing programs to meet the needs and wants of residents, assisting in the administration of an apartment building or residence hall, ensuring safety, and acting as a resource person for residents living in the Residence Life community.

Thinking about applying? Make sure you fit into the following criteria and are ready for some of the following responsibilities:

  • Two semesters experience living on any university campus
  • Semester and cumulative GPA of at least 2.4
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing
  • The capacity to work 13-25 hours in a given week
  • Interest in taking advantage of an amazing and life-changing opportunity

There are a few things that one must do to apply for the RA position. Students interested must first submit an application that can be found on our housing website at Every applicant must have one reference that can speak of your ability to fulfill the requirements of this position. If you’re currently living on campus, your RA would be a great reference! If you meet the criteria and have successfully completed the application, you will contacted to set up an interview for the position!

Now you’re probably wondering, when/how do I apply for this rewarding position? Here is a timeline of what the RA selection process for 2017-2018 looks like.

February 8th: Applications are DUE (you can find the application at this link)

February 8th-10th: Sign up for interviews at the front desk of the Community Center

February 13th-17th: RA interviews are conducted

February 20th: RA reference forms are due

March 6th: Newly hired RAs will be notified

Being a Resident Assistant for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is an extremely rewarding experience that we really hope you take advantage of! For more information on the RA position you can talk to your current Resident Assistant, read more about it on our Student Employment Webpage, or set up a meeting with your Area Coordinator by contacting the Office of Residence Life at (920)465-2040.


November OTMs

Congrats to the “OTMs” for the month of November.

Education Program: Color Me Cupcakes written by Jeff Willems

Executive Board Member: Naomi Semb-Lovejoy written by Michelle McChesney and Katie Werre

First Year Student: Abbigail Wagaman written by Tonie Bear and Fiona Somers

Institution Faculty/Staff: Helen Schaal written by Mia Meyer

Organization: Social Work Club written by Taylor Steele

Residence Life Professional Staff: Nicole Kurth written by Michelle McChesney

Resident Assistant: Holly Umentum written by Michelle McChesney

Student: Cody Von Ruden written by Sam Soda

If you see any of these students or staff on campus, congratulate them on their November OTM!

Building Competition Standings

Have you completed your Resident Satisfaction Survey yet? If your answer was no, you better get on it! Not only can you win individual prizes by completing the survey including bookstore gift cards, Green Bay Gambler’s tickets, and Cheapseats tickets, but you can also win a prize for your ENTIRE BUILDING!

The building with the highest percentage of completed surveys by November 23rd (or the first building with 100% completion) will receive a FREE NIGHT in the Phoenix Club. This will consist of refreshments, FREE access to all the pool tables, Wii, table tennis, and air hockey. Who wouldn’t want an awesome night in the Phoenix Club with all of their friends!? Here are the current standings in the building competition:


So, if you haven’t already taken the Resident Satisfaction Survey, check your school e-mail for a link! It might just result in some cool rewards!

October OTMs

Here are your National Residence Hall Honorary OTMs for the month of October! If you see any of these people around campus, make sure to congratulate them for a job well done!

Education ProgramRocktoberfest written by Anna Yang

Executive Board MemberEmily Clark written by Michelle McChesney

Resident AssistantSierra Miller written by Taylor Steele

SpotlightMichelle McChesney written by Amber Schmitt

StudentKendra Isberner written by Jody Schiess

Congratulations to all of our October OTMs!

Tell Us About Living On-Campus!

We want your feedback!

On November 3rd we will be releasing our annual Resident Satisfaction Survey. This gives you, the students, the opportunity to give us some feedback about your on-campus living experience and help us make improvements for the coming years.

Need an incentive to partake in the survey? The first 25 students to complete the survey will receive an awesome UWGB polo shirt. Along with that, any students finishing the survey by the end date, November 23rd, will be entered in a drawing to win gift cards to the bookstore, Common Grounds coffee shop vouchers, Green Bay Gamblers tickets, and Cheapseats tickets.

Along with the individual prizes, we will be holding a competition between all the buildings. The building with the highest percentage of student completion by the end of the survey, or the first building to achieve 100% completion, will win a FREE night in the Phoenix Club. This would include FREE pizza, FREE soda, and FREE games all night!

So, watch your campus e-mail for the 2016 Resident Satisfaction Survey to be released on November 3rd and the survey must be finished by November 23rd!

Spring 2017 Semester Room Change Event

Our Spring 2017 Semester Room Change Event will take place Wednesday November 16th from 5-8pm in the lower level of the Community Center. Not sure how the Semester Room Change Event works? Well then you’ve come to the right place.

On November 7th, students who are aware of rooms that will be vacant for the Spring 2017 semester may begin reserving those rooms by navigating to this link and filling out the Qualtrics survey. The reservation Qualtrics survey will be available until 11:59pm on November 13th. After Nov 13th, we will not accept any reservations and any student wanting to switch rooms must just show up to the event. Students reserving rooms must understand that just because you fill out the survey, does not necessarily mean you will get that room.

On November 14th, the Office of Residence Life Assignments Coordinator, Dawn Abernathy, will go through the submitted reservations and send out e-mails notifying students if their reservation went through, or if the room they wanted is no longer available. If your reservation is approved, the e-mail will have a reservation form attached which you MUST BRING to the Room Change Event along with your STUDENT ID. If your room is unavailable, you will still receive an e-mail and are still encouraged to come to the Semester Room Change Event and see what rooms are available to you.

The actual Semester Room Change Event will take place on November 16th from 5-8pm. All students attending the event should check-in at the Student Mail room on the lower level of the Community Center. The first hour, 5-6pm, we will serve the students who have an approved room reservation and brought their ROOM CHANGE FORM and STUDENT ID to the lower level of the CC.

After 6pm, any rooms that are previously reserved and not claimed, will be released and may be taken by any other student. Any other students, who did not have a reserved room, can begin the room change process. Priority numbers will be issued beginning at 5pm and are issued on a first come, first served basis. Any students changing rooms at this event will still be charged the $50 room switching fee and any student wanting to change their rooming assignment MUST bring their STUDENT ID to the event, you CANNOT just know your student ID number.

REMINDER: Students who are not attending UWGB next semester or are student teaching outside of Brown County for the Spring 2017 semester should apply to cancel their housing assignment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

If you are unable to attend the room change event, you are not out of luck! On the room change form, there is a section for a proxy. A proxy is someone who you assign that is allowed to change your rooming assignment at the event. The proxy must bring the, already filled out, semester room change form with the proxy portion filled out as well and THEIR STUDENT ID. They are there to pick out the room for you, but they may not be able to call you during their session to ask you if the room they are choosing is alright so you must discuss with them exactly what you want.

Wash Alert!

We at Residence Life know that most students don’t like to haul all their dirty clothes down to the laundry room just for all of the washers to be in use. So, the Office of Residence Life has the perfect resource to prevent that!

Our laundry system has an online resource called “Wash Alert” allowing students to monitor the washers and dryers and even get alerts when the laundry services are available. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and most of all it’s FREE!

To access Wash Alert all a student has to do is navigate to and choose the appropriate res hall/apartment. There, students can monitor how much time is left and enter their e-mail to get an alert sent straight to their inbox when the washers and dryers are available. This screen also allows students to submit a service request on the laundry services if something is not working correctly.

From the main page, before a student selects the correct building, you can also sign up to get text alerts sent straight to your phone by clicking “Get Alerts via Text.” It’s just that easy!

So, no more trips down three flights of stairs to just have to wait another half an hour before a washer is available. Use Wash Alert and know exactly when it’s the perfect time to do laundry!

UWGB On-Campus Parking

As the new academic year rolls around, the Office of Residence Life and the UW-Green Bay Public Safety Officers would like to refresh incoming students on the policies that are in place regarding parking on campus. The following is a brief explanation of UWGB’s on-campus parking policies. We recommend that all students ensure that they are aware of all of the on-campus parking policies before bringing their vehicle to campus.

Residence Life parking lots (includes Studio Arts, East Housing, Main Housing, & Apartment Parking Lots) are enforced by public safety 7 days a week. All vehicles that are parked on campus overnight must have the virtual parking permit or if it is a guest vehicle, must be registered by the UWGB student hosting the visitor through SIS. Failure to register the guest’s vehicle will result in a parking citation. Information on “host responsibility and the guest vehicle registration process can be found online at this link.

We recommend that when registering a guest and their vehicle, students use Internet Explorer as there have been problems with the registration process with alternate browsers. Students should register their guests and vehicles using a computer. Registration using cell phones, tablets, or other mobile devices is not supported by the registration program. If a student has any problems or is unable to register their overnight guest, please contact the Residence Life Community Center for assistance.

Overnight guests staying more than 10 days in a semester must purchase a virtual parking permit through the University at the Bursar’s Office in Student Services 1300 and the host must continue to register them for each overnight visit. Overnight guests should not be registered on the student’s virtual permit, they must be registered as a guest. Doing so will result in a permit violation and a citation will be issued to both the student host and the guest.

Students living on campus who plan on bringing a vehicle as well as a motorcycle to be kept on campus at the same time, must purchase a second parking permit since you will be occupying two stalls at the same time.

All vehicles parked on campus must be parked so that the license plate is facing toward the travel portion of the parking lot. This allows license plates to be photographed by the automated license plate reader camera. If a student does not have a license plate facing the travel portion, even if the vehicle does have a virtual parking permit, the student will be issued a citation.

Other places that parking in would result in a citation are yellow end zones, the Visitor Parking Lot, fire zones, sidewalks, restricted areas, or in excess of the time restrictions.

We would like to thank all of our students for reviewing our parking policies and abiding by the rules set in place!

Incoming Freshman FAQs

Going away to college can be pretty stressful. A new place to call home, having to share a room with a complete stranger, brand new professors, and a whole new group of classmates. To make it a little easier, the Office of Residence Life has come up with a collection of Frequently Asked Questions to clear up some confusion before move-in day.

FAQ 1: What can I bring/can’t I bring into my residence hall?

There are quite a few things that we recommend our students bring to college with them. Some examples are personal belongings (clothes, pictures, memories of home, laptop, etc.), toiletries, bedding, school supplies, cleaning supplies, television, mini refrigerator, microwave, and a coffee machine/keurig just to list a few.

Follow this link for a full list of recommended items, as well as items we highly suggest you leave home when moving onto campus.

FAQ 2: I haven’t heard from my roommate, what do I do now?

It is completely normal to not hear from your roommate before move-in. If they haven’t responded through social media or their UWGB e-mail, don’t worry. Make sure that you have everything YOU will need throughout the school year. If you have doubles of things such as microwaves, coffee machines, toasters, etc. they can always be sent home or stored in your dorm as a back-up. Some students don’t check their student e-mails as much as others and that is okay, don’t fret, you will meet them for sure on move-in day!

FAQ 3: My room assignment has changed, what’s going on?

There are quite a few reasons why a student’s room assignment will change. If you have specific questions in regards to why your room assignment changed, feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life at or (920) 465-2040 and they will be able to clear things up.

FAQ 4: My room assignment says that I will be in room 101A, what does the “A” mean?

Having the letter A or B after your room number designates which side of the room you have been assigned to. This is not set in stone as to which side you have to live on, that is completely up to you and your roommate. The letter after your room number matters more when you move into a traditional apartment or contemporary apartment because it signifies which room in the apartment you are assigned to. It is important that if you are moving into a traditional or contemporary apartment that you move into the bed space designated on your room assignment.

FAQ 5: How do I know when I am supposed to move in?

If you have not already done express check-in, we highly suggest you do it NOW! Navigate to this link and click the express check-in button on the right hand column. After logging in, this will allow you to view your room assignment, choose a meal plan, as well as choose one of three check-in appointments that you will be moving in during. If you have already done this, log in to the express check-in page and it will allow you to view your check-in appointment.

FAQ 6: Who are my RAs and what do they do?

You will hear from your Residence Assistants soon enough. Whether it be through Facebook prior to move-in or on the first day of move-in when they come to introduce themselves. Many of our staff are on vacation over the summer or are busy at work, so they may not be able to contact you prior to move-in, but you will meet them very soon!

The RA’s primary duties consist of assisting residents in the development of community, planning and implementing programs to meet the needs and wants of residents, assisting in the administration of an apartment building or residence hall, ensuring safety, and acting as a resource person for residents living in the Residence Life community. For more information on the duties of an RA visit this link.

FAQ 7: I don’t think my roommate and I are going to get along, what can I do?

We ask that all students, who are not getting along with their roommate, first attempt to resolve their situation and preserve their room situations. Some students find it helpful to request the assistance of a third party, which most of the time would mean a Residence Assistant. If the situation escalates and you are unable to work everything out. You may contact the Office of Residence Life at and we will work with you as much as possible so that you have a comfortable living arrangement.

FAQ 8: On move-in, will there be people present to help me unload my stuff and get it into my room?

Yes! Employees from the Office of Residence Life, a variety of student volunteers, UW-Green Bay staff and faculty, alumni, and community leaders will be available on move-in day to help you get everything from your vehicle into your residence hall!


If you have any additional questions that were not covered, please feel free to comment on this post or visit this link and send us a message. You can also contact the Office of Residence Life at or (920) 465-2040.

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