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Housing and Residence Life

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Resident Satisfaction Survey 2015

The annual Resident Satisfaction Survey, conducted by Educational Benchmarking Incorporated (EBI) will be taking place November 5th through November 25th. The purpose of this survey is to obtain resident feedback in regards to housing facilities and services, Resident Assistants, the mail room and community center hours as well as your overall satisfaction with living on campus. Arriving in your campus email inbox tomorrow (11/5) will be a unique link for the survey. Residents that complete the survey will be entered in a drawing to win weekly prizes. The first 25 students to complete the survey will win a Bluetooth Selfie Stick. Be sure to tweet “I completed the @uwgb_housing Resident Survey #ResidentSurvey2015” for a greater chance at winning a prize. Other prizes consist of vouchers to the Common Grounds Coffee House, Green Bay Gamblers tickets, Cheap Seats movie tickets, UW-Green Bay shirts, and more! Two grand prize winners will receive a Kindle Fire tablet.  All survey responses are kept anonymous. Thank you for helping keep our campus the place students chose to live!

Wash Alert

Wash Alert is a new feature to campus housing used to make doing laundry easier! By visiting the Wash Alert website , students can see which washers or dryers are being used. Through the notification system, students can receive emails notifying them when their laundry is finished or when a machine becomes available.

August OTMs

The winning OTMs for the month of August have been announced. If you see any of these people on campus, please congratulate them on their OTM!

Resident Assistant: Naomi Semb-Lovejoy nominated by Michelle McChesney

Student: Asti (AyyMartt) Martin nominated by Jeff Willems and Nora Kanzenbach


What To Expect – #GBMoveIn 2015

The day is finally here: move-in day! By some miracle you’ve managed to pack everything in your car and you’re on your way to campus to get your year at started at UW-Green Bay and we can’t wait to have you here! Filled with excitement, and many other emotions, move-in day can be a stressful time. We at Residence Life are here to let you know what to expect on move-in day as well as provide some tips and guidance.

Freshmen move-in day is Sunday, August 30th from 8:30 am to 12 pm.

You should arrive on campus during your scheduled check in time. You’ll want to park near your new home (assigned building of residence) but before you can access your room you must check in at your assigned check in station. You will want to make sure you have your ID card with you during the check in process. While you check in, it is suggested that your friends and family begin to unload your car so you’re all ready to move in once you have finished the check in process. Once your car has been unloaded, move it the nearest parking lot before getting started on getting your room organized. There will be lots of help available to assist you in unpacking and taking things to your room as well as opportunities to meet members of the campus community.

Within 72 hours of moving in you will need to fill out a Room Condition Report after inspecting your room. On the Room Condition Report you will need to make note of:

  • Missing items
  • Normal wear and tear and minor damages that don’t require a timely repair
  • Cleaning requests for rooms or apartments that were not in a move in ready condition
  • Repair requests for items that need repair as soon as possible.

We are so excited to have you on campus. See you very soon!

#GBMoveIn: What To Pack For College

With less than a month until move-in day, it is time to start thinking about what you’ll need to bring to campus. Here is a list to get you started when determining what to take with you to UW-Green Bay!

  • Linens for an extra-long twin sized bed
  • Towels/Wash cloths
  • Entryway and Bathroom Rugs/Mats
  • Cellphones and chargers or Calling Card
  • Alarm Clock (with Battery Back-Up)
  • Computer with Wi-Fi and/or CAT-5E or CAT-6 hook up
  • 3-Prong Grounded Power Strip with Circuit Breaker
  • Small Lockbox
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Television with cable connectors
  • Games and Recreation Equipment
  • 2-4 cubic foot Energy Star refrigerator
  • Small Energy Star Microwave
  • Dishes, Pots/Pans, utensils
  • Small Shovel for trunk of car


Anything we forgot or that you recommend to be added to the list? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave suggestions in the comments below.

SHA Spotlight: Rosa Serrano

Rosa Serrano is today’s Summer Housing Assistant in the spotlight! Rosa is not new to the position as this is her third summer working as a SHA. Meeting new people and talking to the snowbirds on campus are Rosa’s favorite parts of the job and keep her returning to the position each year.

“After three summers here I enjoy seeing people summer after summer. It’s always nice to have a good conversation Rosawith them,” Rosa said.

Being a SHA allows students to keep busy by holding multiple positions within the office which is a big factor in what makes the job fun.

“I really enjoy the job and I feel like there’s always something going on,” Rosa said. “There’s never a dull day since we do a lot of different things and take on a number of roles during the summer.”

During her three years as a SHA, Rosa said organization was one big thing she has learned.

“I have learned to keep myself organized to keep a balance between being a SHA and my personal life,” Rosa said.

With three year of on-campus living under her belt, Rosa said her favorite part of living on campus is “the ease of being close to everything and just the sense of community we have here.”

Thank you, Rosa, for all the hard work you do for Residence Life!

Quick Facts

Name: Rosa Serrano
Year in School:
Spanish and Human Development
Carlsville, WI
Favorite Candy:
Reese’s sticks
Favorite Book:
The Heirs Chronicles
Favorite Quote:
“Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.”
Favorite TV Show:
Pretty Little Liars
Favorite Color:
Blue, green, and pink
Favorite class:
My favorite class in college so far has been Human Disease and Society.
If you were auditioning for American Idol, what song would you sing:
Dear No One by Torri Kelly
If someone were writing your biography, what would the title be:
A clumsy, awkward turtle?
Do you have any pets?
No but I would like a puppy or a parakeet
If you could travel abroad anywhere, where would you go?
South Korea or Thailand or both!


SHA Spotlight: Rissel Peguero Almonte

Today’s featured Summer Housing Assistant is Rissel Peguero Almonte. This is Rissel’s first year as a SHA. Rissel learned about the SHA position after being referred by a co-worker.

“It really just was announced to me probably four weeks before the start date from my boss, the Dean of Students,” Rissel said, “She was like ‘hey, you might like this for the summer’ and I was like ‘Okay!’”

As a first time SHA,Rissel is excited to live on her own this summer and spend time at the Kress Center. Rissel said she loves every aspect of living on campus. “I’m on my own schedule,” she said.

When it comes to UWGB in general, Rissel enjoys the scenery around campus.

If Rissel is not at work, she can be found exercising, practicing piano, reading or listening to music.

Thanks for all you do, Rissel!


Quick Facts

Name: Rissel Peguero Almonte
Year in school: Junior
Major/Minor: BA- Individualized Studies; minor in Human Dev and Psych
Hometown: Born in Dominican Republic….moved here (Green Bay) when I was five
Favorite Candy: Snickers
Favorite Book: Can’t decide!!!
Favorite Quote: “And whatever you do, do it for God and not for men” Colossians 3:23
Favorite TV show: Don’t really watch TV
Favorite Color: Green or red!!!
Favorite Class: Piano lessons and psychology classes
If you were auditioning for American Idol, what song would you sing?: Misty by Ella Fitzgerald
If someone were writing your biography, what would the title be?: Rizzle fo Shizzle iz da Dizzle
Do you have any pets?: Cat (tibby), Chihuahua (Tito)
If you could travel abroad anywhere, where would you go?: Portugal


SHA Spotlight: Emily Brown

Emily Brown is today’s featured Summer Housing Assistant in the spotlight. Emily Brown1

Although this is Emily’s first time as a SHA, she has worked in Residence Life previously as an RA as well as being involved in RHAA for the past three years. Emily wished to become a SHA so she could work in Residence Life over the summer. The position may be new to her but Emily is enthusiastic about the job.

“I’m looking forward to get to know all the ins and outs of the Community Center and the way Residence Life operates,” Emily said, “I love learning new things!”

There is still much of the summer left but so far Emily’s learned how to be a functional and organized office person.

“I never saw myself working in an office setting but I really enjoy it!,” Emily said.

When not working, Emily enjoys cooking and baking.

“I’m known for experimenting with recipes and putting in my own twist,”she said.

She also likes to explore the walking trails, ride her bike, and go camping.

“If I had time, I would go camping every week” she said.

Thank you Emily for all that you do, we are very glad to have you working with us this summer!

Quick Facts

Emily Brown 3Year in school: Senior
Major/Minor: Human Biology, Nutritional Science emphasis
Hometown: Milton, WI
Favorite candy: Almond Joy
Favorite book: Toss-up between The Fault in our Stars (John Green) and Elsewhere (Gabrielle Zevin)
Favorite Quote: “You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” -Unknown
Favorite TV show: Toss-up between Spongebob Squarepants and The Big Bang Theory
Favorite color: Greens and Blues
Favorite class: Nutrition Classes
If you were auditioning for American Idol, what song would you sing: Separate Ways by Journey
If someone were writing your biography, what would the title be: Here, There, and Everywhere
Do you have any pets: I have a cat (Katie) and a black lab (Sadie), and they are the loves of my life.
If you could travel abroad anywhere, where would you go: I would love to travel around the Northern Hemisphere. I love the cold weather and I want to see the tundra’s ecosystems in all their glory!


Freshmen FAQ’s

Between receiving your housing assignment to packing up all your belongings for move-in day, it is natural to have plenty of questions. We took questions we’ve received on social media as well as some of our frequently asked questions and gave them to a panel of students to provide a unique perspective to on campus living and UWGB in general.

Meet The Panel

Cody VonRuden   
Cashton, WI
Theatre-Technical & Design

Kellyn Wieland  
Howards Grove, WI

Brandon Hall  
O’Fallon, IL
Business Administration, Communication minor

Katelyn Krajewski
Little Suamico, WI

Connor Ford  
Clintonville, WI
Biology, Health Science emphasis

Anna Katner  
Stevens Point WI

Freshmen FAQ’s 

What should I bring to campus?

Cody VonRuden: Fans, a few. It gets hot the first few weeks in the dorms. Also storage units so you can store things.

Katelyn Krajewski: Twin Extra long bedding, storage containers to put things in, lots of fans (it tends to be hot in the residence halls for the first couple of weeks), bathroom supplies (rugs, shelving etc), plenty of command hooks and strips to hang stuff on the walls

Anna Katner: Bring whatever you may need to make you feel at home. Make a list of all of the things you use/need in this last month of summer. Don’t worry! There are stores in Green Bay, if you forget something, it will be all alright. 

Move In Day 2014

There’s a lot of stuff you need to bring to campus! Make sure you will have room for all of it in your car!

Connor Ford:  When I moved in I brought all of my clothes except a few for at home, school supplies such as notebooks, pens and pencils, laptop, backpack etc., all of my bathroom stuff, and stuff to personalize my room such as posters and pictures. I would for sure bring a fan because the freshman dorms are hot and do not have air conditioning in each room.  I would also bring one TV, microwave, and mini-fridge between you and your roommate. Also, some basic cooking utensils such as bowls and silverware in case you want a snack and don’t want to go to the union.

Brandon Hall: Microwave, TV, toaster, cups, silverware, stereo, things to do outside (sports balls, Frisbees, etc.), some type of video game consul, shelves to organize your stuff, household cleaners.

What are some packing tips for when I pack all my things to take to campus? 

Kellyn Wieland: Personally, I put everything in my reusable shopping bags, so it was easier to carry things in. I was going to bring them anyway, so it was convenient.

Storage bins are great for move-in!

AK: Tubs and garbage bags will help your move-in process go smoothly! Before you leave home hang the clothes you plan to have in your closet, tie the hangers with rubber bands and place the clothing into a few big garbage bags. This will look something like a dress bag. You won’t have to hang your clothing when you get to your dorm and will not be short on hangers! With your tubs, just organize a different one for each area or category (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, desk, dresser).

CVR: Suitcases hold a lot of stuff if you pack right. A laundry basket can as well. Also bring some reusable grocery bags to pack things. Those will come in handy later when you need to go grocery shopping. You get a discount at Festival per bag you bring in. AND they accept pass points!

CF: 20 gallon storage bins work the best I think because if you go up stairs they are easy to carry.

KK: Make sure you coordinate with your roommate who is going to bring what that way you don’t have doubles of items. Only bring things that you are going to use for sure. Put smaller items that you’re going to use into your storage containers that way you’ll have less to carry.

What advice do you have regarding move-in day. 

AK: Move-in day is full of emotions, more often good ones than bad. Take everything one step at a time. Throughout the day remind yourself of the exciting things surrounding you but don’t forget to take deep breathes and a few moments to relax. Lay in your new bed. Get a feel for your desk space. Keep water and snacks with you at all times, extra energy will help you through the day!

CF:  There will be RAs to help you move most of your stuff so don’t be too nervous about getting everything into your room. Also, everything will probably end up getting moved around as you get used to living on campus, so don’t be too worried about where everything goes.

CVR: Be early. Let things happen. It’s a whole lot of craziness that day and everyone on campus already is going to help you out in whatever way they can. Don’t forget to breathe and hydrate!

KK: My biggest advice would be to be patient. There’s going to be lots of people going in and out while moving in which can sometimes create frustration. Also, enjoy the day and take time to take it all in. Move-in day is a big day for new freshmen. You only get to do it once!

BH: The earlier you and/or your family get to move-in day, the better.  It gets pretty hectic once everyone is moving in all over campus and with all the traffic.

KW: Don’t arrive right away if you can help it. Typically, most people get there at the beginning of the time frame of move-in day, so if you wait a few hours after, it may be less crazy with everyone arriving all at one time.

What is it like living in a Residence Hall? 

CF: I think that living in a freshman residence hall was like moving into a new house with a bunch of strangers at first, but if you actually go around and meet most of the people in your building it’s a great time.

Res Hall

Living on campus is a great way to make friends.

AK: Living in a Res Hall in Geebs is a mixture between living in a hotel and an apartment complex. The best part is that you are surrounded by people  who are in the same situation as you! Everyone does their own thing but if you ever need anything people are  everywhere just outside your door. The buildings are great, however, there isn’t much you can do about walking  and getting out of bed noises. If you are a light sleeper bring some earplugs to help you get through the first few  weeks.

 KK: It’s like living in a small community. Many residents keep their doors open the first couple of weeks that  way everybody gets to know each other. The RAs will put on different programs to help residents get to know  each other.

CVR: It’s like an apartment, but smaller. Again a great way to get connected with the community of UWGB. It was one of my favorite styles of living!

How can my roommate and I get off to a good start? 


Having a roommate is one of the best parts of living on campus!

KW: Definitely talk about your interests, when you study, when you sleep, and certainly make a cleaning schedule. Don’t assume you will figure it out as you go throughout the semester. The roommate agreement form you receive from your RA at the beginning of the year is a great resource for you to use to figure all that stuff out.

CVR: Set ground rules and make sure that you are able to communicate well with each other. Don’t be afraid to be good friends, but also don’t be afraid if you’re not best friends. Sometimes it works out great that you aren’t best friends but you happen to live together really well.

AK: Get off to a good start by being respectful! If you are respectful of your set of rules, each other’s space and belongings everything is sure to go well.

BH: Create casual conversation with your roommate to figure out the type of person they are.  Make sure to give them their space and not invade all over the room you two live in.

KK: Get to know each other and set boundaries right away. If you have a concern, be sure to address the issue right away.

CF: Talk about what you have in common, find out everything about them, be friendly, go places together and split up responsibilities as soon as possible.

I’m having trouble getting in contact with my roommate, what should  I do?

KK: Try as best as you can to get in contact with him/her. Try using social media to get into contact with your roommate. Leave Facebook messages for him/her introducing yourself that way the person knows who you are and why you are trying to get in contact with them. If there are any concerns be sure you address them either prior to the school year starting or right when the school year starts. Setting that strong foundation right away will help the rest of the school year go smoothly. Make sure when both of you set the boundaries you both agree with what they are.

I don’t have a car. How does this effect living on campus/in Green Bay? 

KK: Not having a car on campus doesn’t affect campus living. Campus offers events that are low cost or free to students at night as well as during the weekends. UWGB also offers a variety of different services (ex. Health Service and Tutoring Services) as well. If you do need to go into town, Green Bay Public Transit offers free bus rides to all university students.

CF: Everything you could possibly need is within walking distance. If you need to go grocery shopping, find someone with a car and go as a big group.

Where do  I do laundry on campus? 

There is a laundry room located in each residence hall.

There is a laundry room located in each residence hall.

 CVR: There is conveniently a laundry room located in your residence hall. It’s probably on the first floor. Head down there and take a look!

 KW: Each residence hall and apartment has a laundry room within the building. It costs $1.25 to wash, and $1.00 to dry, so you want to make sure you have pass points loaded onto your student ID if you plan to do laundry on campus since dining points do not work for laundry.

 AKAll residence halls and apartment buildings on campus have laundry machines. Be sure to bring your own detergent. Energy and money can be saved by air drying your clothes. Purchase a small drying rack if you plan to do that!

 What is it like adjusting to campus life? 

 KK: Everything will feel overwhelming at first. It will take some time to adjust. For many freshman it’s their first time living away from home.  Don’t be afraid to get involved on campus and get to know your resources on campus. Everybody is friendly on campus and they want you to succeed.

BH: Living on campus and being in college in general, you must learn how to manage your time.  You must learn to live on your own without your parents holding your hand.  Always stay on top of your classes, because if you fall behind academically it is very tough to achieve the grade you want.

AK: I’m not going to lie, adjusting to campus life was tough for me. I missed my mom’s wisdom and the comfort of my childhood home. Ignoring those thoughts, I started to make friends and find things around campus that I enjoy! These activities and friends helped to make Green Bay my new exciting home. I wouldn’t have wanted to get used to campus life anywhere else.

CF: It’s very different at first, not having parents around to check in with, but over time you’ll learn to become fairly independent. You’ll learn to make everything fit around your class schedule and when to do what. Just remember to budget your time well and don’t think that you have to everything by yourself, friends are good!

CVR: The first couple weeks can be scary. Just be open minded and don’t be afraid to try new things. You can meet some of the greatest people that way.

KW: I was nervous to live on my own and have to fend for myself for food, but it is a great stepping stone to moving out of the house. You gain a lot of independence living on campus, but you have roommates, so you are not totally on your own.

What are some ways I can get involved on campus? 

CF: Either attend Orgsmorg and learn about different organizations on campus, or go on the UWGB website and research some. Join an organization, go to workout classes at the Kress, go to sporting events, join study groups, and go to events that the university puts on.

OrgSmorg is a great way to learn about on campus organizations!

OrgSmorg is a great way to learn about on campus organizations!

KW: Go to the free events with some friends! There are always programs being advertised, from comedians, to bands, to magicians, and much more. Plus a lot of times, you can get free food, especially programs from housing. 

BH: A lot of students I know participate in intramural sports which I’ve heard is a fun way to get involved on campus. Become a student manager for one of athletic teams on campus.  That looks good on a job resume, and you meet more people on campus by interacting with the members of that team.

CVR: Join an org. Apply for an On-Campus job. Go to OrgSmorg and visit PRO!

AK: There are millions of ways to get involved on campus! The most important part in getting involved is making the effort to. So, get out of your dorm and start your search as soon as possible!

KK: Student organizations are a great way to get involved on campus. UWGB has a variety of different student organizations. You can learn about all of the different student organizations at Orgsmorg on September 16th.

What is your favorite part of living on campus? 

CVR: The community feel that is created. It really feels like a place you can call home.

KW: I love how close you are to the academic buildings. I transferred from a 2 year college about 20 minutes from where I lived, and it is so nice not having to go outside and warming your car up and scraping all the ice off. Plus, it saves a lot of money on gas.

BH: My favorite part about living on campus is that I can walk to my classes as oppose to having to wake up earlier to drive.  In addition, the access to the Kress Events Center is great since so many activities go on at that facility.

KK: My favorite part is only being a walk away from all the buildings on campus.

AK: The Kress! Nothing beats a good workout surrounded by a great facility and great people.

CF: My favorite part about living on campus is the campus itself. I love the outdoors so the outdoor walking trails, golf course, and the scenery are my favorite. There aren’t many campuses that have deer, turkeys, and geese everywhere.

The panel’s last advice for #uwgb2019

Cody: This is your time to discover who you are. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Do something risky, make a change. EXPLORE! Try something new every day. Ok, maybe every other day! JUST BE YOU!

Brandon: Don’t be afraid to go out and meet new people.  You’ll learn that the friends you make in college will most likely last a lifetime as opposed to your high school friends.


  • Take advantage of all of the different resources there are on campus-they are there for a reason.
  • Don’t be afraid to interact with your professors-remember they’re people too and they want you to succeed.

    We can't wait to welcome you to campus on August 30th!

    We can’t wait to welcome you to campus on August 30th!

  • Don’t be afraid to get involved. Getting involved is the best way to meet new people.
  • Enjoy your time on campus because the next four years are going to fly by!

Connor: Don’t think that college is all about the schooling, make some time for yourself now and then to relax and have fun.

Anna: Get out, have fun, express yourself and take this opportunity to learn about you. Don’t forget to take one step at a time and keep a smile on your face! 

Our panel is involved all over campus. If you are looking for more information regarding the following, please ask us or one of the panel members.

Cody: Student Ambassadors, Coffeehouse Barista, Alternate Theatre Org
Kellyn: I work in Residence Life as an Office Assistant, I am a member of SWEA (Student Wisconsin Educators of America), and I go to many of the programs on campus.
Brandon: Member of the Men’s Soccer Team 
I’m Bulletin Editor of the UWGB Circle K organization on campus and I’m also a member of Student WEA (Wisconsin Education Association) student organization on campus.
Connor:Was on the cheer team for two years, pre-med club, attending a lot of sporting events, at the Kress almost daily
Member of the UWGB Cheerleading team, Kress Event Center Fitness Instructor

Roommate To-Do-List

Roommate assignments have been sent out and you know who your roommate for the upcoming year will be – now what?


  1. Creep on your new roommate’s social media
    Don’t be ashamed, everyone’s done it. A quick search on Facebook shows you a visual of who your new roomie is and allows you to send them that quick “Hi my name is ______ and it looks like I am going to be your roommate” message. Take the time to message them and get to know them a little better.
  2. Discuss living preferences
    There are certain topics that you and your roommate are going to want to discuss. This can range from policy on visitors, sleeping with a light on versus in complete darkness or the fact that you’re an early riser but your roomie likes to sleep in. On move-in day your RA will also provide you with a roommate agreement form to fill out and create boundaries.
  3. Decide who is bringing what
    Nothing is worse than arriving on move-in day and realizing that you have two microwaves but no mini fridge. You and your roommate need to decide who will bring what to your residence hall. It’s best to compromise – if your roommate brings the TV, microwave and fridge maybe you could bring the futon and bathroom things.
  4. Room set up and coordination
    Your room in the Residence Halls can be set up in many variations. Discuss how you want your room set up, if you choose to bunk your beds then maybe you’ll want to bring a futon. Some students want to coordinate their things with their roommates. This is also a great thing to talk about.
  5. Exchange contact information
    It’s a good idea to give your new roommate your phone number. This way if they are out shopping and see something you just *have* to get for your room they can shoot you a text. It also might be a good idea to get together with your new roomie before move-in day, if they live close, so you can get to know each other better.

Department Info