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Summer Housing Contracting

Summer housing contracting is now available for students planning to to live on campus this summer. The apartments available are private bedroom apartments with air-conditioning (Liebl, Haevers, Pamperin, Robishaw, and Harden Halls.)

To contract, click here.

If you have already contracted for year-round housing, no further action is required to contract for housing.

If you have additional questions, please contact Housing & Residence Life at (920) 465-2040,, or stop by the Community Center.

Housing & Residence Life Sustainability Efforts

The week of Earth Day is coming to an end, but UW-Green Bay Housing & Residence Life takes measures to practice sustainability all year round. Here are some things that our department have done recently to do our part, as part of the original Eco U:


1.  Replacing heating, air conditioning, and hot water systems with more energy efficient equipment

2.  Replacing toilets, shower heads and faucets with low-flow fixtures

3.  Installing timer controls on bathroom exhaust fans and motion detectors on common area lights

4.  Replacing exterior doors and storm windows with more energy efficient models

5. Replacing parking lot lighting with more energy efficient fixtures

6.  Partnering with the campus to secure a more sustainable-friendly waste management contract

7.  Providing recycling dumpsters by all residential facilities

8.  Donating materials from renovations for reuse purposes (e.g. old carpeting, shingles, furnishing)

9.  Collecting items from students at the end of each semester for reuse purposes (e.g. old clothing, appliances, food items)

10.  Sponsoring student energy conservation building contests

11.  Collaborating on the development of a Sustainability Learning Community on campus

12.  Collaborating on the development of a student Eco-Rep program in Residence Life



Student Employee Appreciation Week

UW-Green Bay student employees will be receiving a week of recognition next week for Student Employee Appreciation Week. Events celebrating student employees campus-wide will span from Monday, April 15 through Friday, April 19.

The following events are free to all UW-Green Bay Student Employees:

Monday, April 15, 1:30 PM, Phoenix Room B: Student Employee of the Year Award Ceremony

Tuesday, April 16, 11 AM – 1PM, University Union Booth: Free Ice Cream, while supplies last

Wednesday, April 17, University Union Booth: Free Root Beer Floats, while supplies last

Thursday, April 18, University Union Booth: Lollipop Pull Game with prizes, while supplies last

Friday, April 19, Phoenix Club: Free Popcorn, while supplies last

In addition to the campus-wide events, Housing & Residence Life will be celebrating their student employees (Resident Assistants, Community Advisors, Maintenance & Facilities staff, Desk Staff, and media interns) with a social in the Ed Thompson first floor lounge on Monday, April 15 from 4:30-5:30 PM. There will be appreciation pins, cupcakes and punch!

It is time to begin thinking about your living arrangements for next year!

Students planning to live on campus next year are able to begin re-contracting online to return to campus for next year. Students may re-contract through Thursday, April 1, 2014. Following Re-contracting, later in April, students will receive their priority number via a Room & Apartment Selection Ticket.  This is will also provide you with the time and date that you may come to the Kress Event Center to request your preference for a particular room or apartment at Room & Apartment Selection.

Step 1: Start brainstorming where you would like to live (check out our interactive 3-D floor plans) and who you would like to live with as well as if you want Year-Round Housing or Academic Year housing.

Step 2: Re-contract online before April 1, 2014.

Step 3: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop for Re-contracting and Room & Apartment Selection and for chances to win prizes.

Step 4: Attend Apartment & Room Selection in the end of April.

Contact Residence Life at (920)465-2040 or if you have any questions! We’re looking forward to seeing you back next year!

Summer Employment

Looking for employment on campus this summer? Housing & Residence Life is looking to hire 50-60 students for custodial and facilities positions! These positions are a great chance to meet new friends and learn new skills. Custodial positions involve cleaning and facilities positions would include painting and light maintenance work. The start date for the positions is May 18, and the employment is full-time (40 hours/week) through August 30. Summer employees will receive $8.50/hour, and some students would also have the opportunity to hold leadership roles for higher pay. Summer housing is available for students as well.

Click here for more information and to apply. All applicants applying by Tuesday, March 12 will receive an interview before Spring Break.

’13 – ’14 RA Applications Available!

Resident Assistant Applications for the next academic year (2013-2014) are currently available! Applications are due by Wednesday, February 13 at 5:00 p.m. via email ( to be considered for a position beginning the 2013 Fall Semester. (If accepted, employment would begin August 2013.) Only completed applications including all three references will be considered.

To be an eligible candidate, students must have and maintain a grade point average of 2.40 or above (semester and cumulative), not be on disciplinary probation, have lived on a campus for at least two semesters (can be a campus other than UW-Green Bay, be a full-time student, and hold at least sophomore status by the employment start date (August 2013).

To learn more about the position: talk to an RA or AC, attend one of the informational meetings listed below, or email

Click here for application & more information!

RA Selection Timeline:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 @ Noon (in AIC)  Informational Meeting for Potential Candidates
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 (after RHAA meeting (6:00 p.m.), same location – room TBA)  Informational Meeting for Potential Candidates
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 before 5:00 p.m.  Applications are due to
February 11-15, 2013 Sign-up for interview at the CC front desk 
Sunday, February 17, 2013 @ 3:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m.  Group Process
February 18-22, 2013  RA Candidate Interviews

Donate Unwanted Food & Clothing

Each semester, Residence Life provides students departing housing with the option of donating unwanted clothing and food items. The bins for collection of these items are located outside of the mailroom in the Community Center. When donating please bag all items. Plastic bags are provided near the bins. Items will be locally donated to Paul’s Pantry and St. Vincent DePaul after December 19.


Semester Break Checklist

All residence halls and apartments are open during the semester break period. Final exams end on Wednesday, December 19.  Students not returning to housing for Spring 2013 must clean and vacate their room/apartment by 2:00 p.m. on this date. Students who plan to be gone for part or all of the break period should prepare their rooms and apartments accordingly using the following checklist:

1. Shut and latch all windows and closet all curtains or blinds.

2. Unplug items not needed or not being used.

3. Clean our refrigerators. We strongly recommend you defrost/clean unit if all residents will be leaving for break.

4. For students in 3312-3334, to prevent a pipe from freezing and causing costly water damage, please turn heat down to 2 or 3, but do not turn off the heat completely.

5. Remove all holiday decorations from your room or apartment.

6. If you have or will have a vacancy in your room or apartment, please prepare for a new roommate prior to leaving for the break.  The vacant space should be clean, clear of personal belongings and welcoming to a new resident. Shared areas such as kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms should also be clean and free of clutter.

7. Remove trash and recyclables from your room or apartment.

8. Submit a Maintenance Request for any items in your room or apartment which are in need of repair. There will be not be a charge for normal wear and tear.

9. Flush toilets and make sure all facets are turned off.

10. Make sure ovens, stoves, exhaust fans, and other appliances are turned off.

11. Take valuable items with you.

12. Park in the East Housing Parking Lot (near James Temp Hall) if you are planning to leave a vehicle on campus while you are away on break.


Please contact the Office of Residence Life via email: or telephone: (920) 465-2040 if you have any questions. Have a great semester break!

End of the Semester FAQ

Can I stay on campus over break?

Yes, all residence halls and apartment-style buildings will remain open during the semester break.

If I am leaving campus for break, what should I do before leaving?

If you plan to be gone during part or all of the break period, please shut and latch all windows, close curtains, unplug non-essential items, remove trash, flush toilets, take valuable items with you and make sure ovens, stoves, exhaust fans, and other appliances are turned off. Please park in the East Housing Lot near Temp Hall if you are planning to leave a vehicle on campus while you are away on break.

What should I do if there is a vacant space in my room or apartment?

If you have or will have a vacancy in your room or apartment, please prepare for a new roommate prior to leaving for the break.  The vacant space should be clean, clear of personal belongings and welcoming to a new resident. Shared areas such as kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms should also be clean and free of clutter.

If I am not returning for spring semester, what do I do?

Students who have been permanently released from their University housing contract must clean and vacate their room or apartment and complete the check-out process on-line by Wednesday, December 19 at 2:00 p.m. Failure to check-out will result in a $50 improper check-out charge.  Do not check-out until you are ready to leave as your door access will terminate at 10:00 p.m. on the day of check-out. It is recommended that you update your permanent address in SIS if it has changed. Residence Hall closet doors that were removed MUST be properly re-installed prior to your check-out, or damage charges will result. Dressers placed in closets must be removed and placed back into the main part of the room as well.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

If you are aware of items in need of repair in your room or apartment, please submit an online Maintenance Request for these items now to avoid damage charges.  Normal wear and tear items will not result in a charge.

Can my I swap rooms with another roommate in my apartment?

It is very important that students in apartment accommodations actually stay in the bedroom to which they were assigned. This is for reasons of safety and security, assignment purposes, and to avoid potential charges for damages caused by another student. If you and your roommates are not staying in the bedrooms as assigned, please stop by the Community Center front desk by Friday, December 7 at 4:00 p.m. There is a short form that all roommates must fill out and sign to ensure that our bedroom assignment records are accurate, and that students are not held liable for damages in a bedroom they did not stay in.

When will safety inspections occur?

Your Resident Assistant will inspect your room or apartment at the end of the semester to ensure that it has been properly prepared for the semester break period.  Residence Life facilities maintenance staff will conduct safety inspections of each room or apartment on January 2nd and 3rd.

Can I leave items in community kitchens over break?

No, residence Hall community kitchens will be thoroughly cleaned over the semester break period. Please remove any food items from the refrigerators and any personal cooking utensils from the cupboards prior to the break. These items may be returned to the kitchens at the beginning of the spring semester.

Are quiet hours the same during finals week?

No, during finals to respect others needs for an atmosphere conducive to sleep and study, silent hours and extended quiet hours will be posted in your buildings. Resident Assistants are expected to be particularly sensitive to noise levels during finals.  Violations of University and Housing policy will result in judicial action which may include your immediate eviction, cancellation of your housing contract, and/or referral of your case to the Dean of Students Office.

What should I do with items I no longer need?

If you have personal belongings you no longer need, there will be a collection container in the Community Center where you may discard canned food items, clean clothing, and household items in good working condition.  These items will be donated to charitable organizations in the Green Bay community.  Please place items in plastic bags and separate food items from other donations.

What should I do with my bicycle over semester break?

You may want to take your bicycle home during the semester break.  Bicycles may be stored in your room or apartment providing you follow all guidelines including having consent of all roommates per your roommate agreement.  For more information about bicycle storage, please click here.


If you have any further questions, contact the Office of Residence Life at (920)465-2040 or Good luck on finals exams!

Holiday Decorating Policies

With the holiday season upon us, it is important to know and understand The Office of Residence Life Holiday Decorating Policies to avoid policy violation. Many of these policies come from University safety regulations and city/state fire codes. When “decking the halls” of your room or apartment, keep the following in mind:

1. Use light cords that are UL approved, safe, and free of cracks or other signs of wear.

2. Extension cords must be UL listed, 3 wire/3 prong cords, of a 16 gauge minimum weight.

3. Power strips must have an on/off switch and 15-20 amp circuit breaker/surge protector and a 3-prong grounded plug-in.

4. Electrical cords and light strings may not be placed under rugs, on bed frames, around metal furnishings such as door frames, hung from ceilings, over archways or taped to the floor.

5. Always unplug your lights when you are not in your room or apartment.

6. Candles are not permitted.

7. Fire regulations prohibit real leaves, trees or wreaths made from natural material in your room or apartment.

8. Never cover light fixtures, light bulbs, electrical outlets or electrical appliances with decorations.

9. Do not use spray “snow” on your windows, walls, doors, carpet or mirrors.

10. Decorations may not be suspended from the ceiling or across any portion of the ceiling or archway.

11. Tape (except for painter’s tape) is not permitted on walls, doors, frames, floors or covering any exit.

12. Please use poster putty or painter’s tape to adhere decorative items to walls or doors.

13. All of the above guidelines apply for decorations used in lounges or other community/public areas.

14. Decorations in community/public areas may not block building entrances/exits, hallways or room/apartment doorways.

15. Decorations in common areas must be removed immediately following the event.

16. Remove all decorations prior to your departure if you leave for an extended period during the semester break.

For full holiday decorating policies, visit Residence Life’s online Policies and Expectations guide. Contact the Office of Residence Life with any questions on policies.

Happy Holidays!

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