This week’s first Summer Staff Spotlight is on returning Summer Operations Assistant, Liz Brinks! Liz is going to be a junior here at UW-Green Bay studying Spanish with minors in Linguistics and Women and Gender Studies. Originally from Pardeeville, WI they are working their secondImage - Liz summer as one of our hardworking Summer Operations Assistants (SOAs). When asked what their favorite part about working with Residence Life is, they responded, “I absolutely love getting to be outside, on campus, interacting with summer people all summer-long. Our campus is beautiful and I love being able to work here, live here, and make new friends!”

When not working with Residence Life, Liz was a bilingual assistant intern through Eisenhower Elementary this past spring and worked at The Phoenix Bookstore for the past two years! Thank you for choosing to work with us a second time this summer, we cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer holds for you, and the rest of our amazing summer employees!

Fast Facts!

Name: Liz Brinks

Year in School: Junior

Major: Spanish

Minor: Linguistics and Women and Gender Studies

Hometown: Pardeeville, WI

Favorite Part about UWGB: The campus itself, because I think it’s beautiful. Also, the fact that when I came on a tour, they had a folder full of information specific to what I was interested in, and had clearly read over my application thoroughly. I visited like five colleges and Green bay was the only college that had that ready for me.

Favorite Class/Professor: Language and Society with Lorena Sainz-Maza Lecanda

Best Study Spot on Campus: I love going off campus to study, but the library is usually a good spot for me too. A nice quiet room with a window so I don’t feel like a hermit.

Favorite Movie: You need to see The Greatest Showman, I pinky promise it’s amazing

Current show you are binge watching on Netflix/Hulu: I like to watch Animal Rescue on Amazon Prime because it’s heartwarming and stressful.

Hidden Talent: I know the manual alphabet in American Sign Language, and I’ve got a green thumb. I’m pretty big into plants. And fish. I have a fish named Sushi, he’s been with me for almost two years!

Are you a cat or dog person: I don’t like to be choosy, but I think I’d like a dog first, and then maybe a cat-but we’ll see what kind of life I end up living-they require long-term stability.

Best piece of advice you ever received: “You need to get better at listening” because I talk fast and in long amounts, so I’m working on that.

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be: I would trade lives with each of my coworkers for a day just to see how they view the world, and also to see if Adrian and I look at colors differently because sometimes I think we might.

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three items, what would they be: A hat, some sunscreen, and a knife block from Liebl lounge.